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  1. 45 minutes ago, Phil said:

    Yeah, so? The guy gets a rent allowance and £400 a month, and you’re screaming about it ffs 

    It's not so much that I think. I think it's more the complaining tone of the original poster. I too got sweet FA during a period of unemployment and still had to pay all my bills. All he was saying (IMO) was he could be a bit less ungrateful. 


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  2. 20 minutes ago, CornwallRL said:

    So that £580 is all yours then? Bills excepted. OK, after my rent I have £300 bills excepted. I usually shop at Lidl, or Aldi, & as a luxury I might buy a bag of m&m's or a multi bag of crisps.

    Do you think his mortgage magically disappeared? 

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  3. 6 hours ago, Phil said:

    My brother and his wife split up a few months ago, it was a marriage in name only but he’s taking it really badly and I’m worried about him, happily he’s agreed to come to ours on Christmas Day, hopefully we’ll just act like the silly so and so’s we always have done 

    I had a similar scenario with my brother. Except he was drinking way too much whilst unhappily married. (I know, me saying someone drinks to much... "pot, meet kettle" )

    But once out of it, he's ended up better. So you never know. 👍🏻

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  4. 7 hours ago, Mumby Magic said:

    For those that are struggling at any time. I'm happy to have a personal or general WhatsApp group where we can talk things thru deal with things with almost instant access. I'm open to it people can pm me tis fine. Don't be scared to say yes. 

    Let's hope it contains less porn clips than most of the WhatsApp groups I am involved with. 😆😆😆

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  5. 2 hours ago, CornwallRL said:

    How? My HB only covers 2/3 of my rent, the other £200 I pay myself, that leaves £225 to cover bills & food FOR A MONTH!

    You get £825 whatever you call it. That's how.

    A minimum wage job gives you approximately £1200 per month. Not that great a difference and you have to pay pretty much everything. 


  6. 1 hour ago, CornwallRL said:

    I got my Universal Credit on Friday, after paying my phone & Internet bill, a must for job searches these days, paid £25 electric, £15 Gas, £22 H20, £18 TV Licence, £11.25, back council tax, £6.75 for a bottle of plonk for Xmas day, £600 rent, £40 credit card, I had £35 to spend on food until January 17th. Good job I had been putting £10pcm in a jam jar for Christmas. I still ended up £18o/d. Thank you DWP for the £10 Christmas bonus.

    So you get around £800 per month on UC? 

  7. 8 hours ago, Futtocks said:

    Having worked in a charity shop, the prices for records are always insanely optimistic. Although the money went to a good cause, I always felt a bit guilty when people bought LPs and singles at unrealistic mark-ups.

    What happens is that someone in the back office looks up the album on eBay and uses the first price they see. And thus every high street has a Charity shop with a copy of Paul Young's No Parlez at £10.

    That's perfectly true and I generally find Oxfam to be the worst 'offenders' here. On the other side of the coin, I've asked some old dear behind the counter "how much is this white label DJ copy of Abbey Road"? and she'll say, "oh 50p love" so I've had to put them right a few times myself. 😆

  8. 1 hour ago, JonM said:

    My wife works with homeless people here in Cambridge, for a charity. I asked her which charity I should give money to this Christmas and she named a homelessness charity - Centrepoint. Which is not the one she works for 🙂

    I think they work more with young people and getting them temporary accommodation? Either way, a great cause. Young people being homeless is tragic but especially so for young girls. 

  9. 7 minutes ago, Gerrumonside ref said:

    I’m sure like most on here, I’m no different in supporting a few national charities on a regular monthly donation basis.  Shelter is one of those for me too and I’ve also done voluntary work for Erasmus housing doing redecorating bits and bobs.

    Got some involvement with the local volunteer Lions group where I live which perform a very longstanding Christmas toy appeal to ensure the most disadvantaged/vulnerable children get some toys.  They get referrals from schools, GPs, special needs schools, social services, battered wives respite care places etc to make sure the toys are going to the right place.  I can tell you that this year the demand for toys has been through the roof and I’m sure that’s a pattern reflected elsewhere.

    I know charitable giving is a personal thing, but I’d just thought I’d give a bit of insight into the work that our local volunteer groups do and face.

    Great stuff. 

    I perhaps should also mention my charitable work whereby I go around various charity shops and buy old vinyl LPs. 😎 (to be fair, I always pay more than the asking price)

  10. On 17/12/2021 at 22:23, Josef K said:

    I enjoyed “Down The Line” on Radio 4, and i enjoyed it when it went on tv as “Bellamy’s People”. 

    Mr Khan was effing hilarious on DTL but less so on TV. They removed most of the edgy (ie funny) stuff. 

    ‘The Nugget’ was also a great one

  11. So I was buying some booze in the supermarket yesterday and the guy in front was paying for his stuff. Bit of a hold up….me drumming fingers….turns out his shopping came to £11.49 and he didn’t have enough money in his account to pay for it so was deciding what to put back. He wasn’t creating a scene and was clearly embarrassed by the situation, ie genuine. I told him to put them back on the till and I’d pay for them (it was only about £2). He was ridiculously grateful and I had to tell him it wasn’t really a big deal. As I left, he tried to shake my hand but thought again, what with covid around. I gave him another fiver and told him to have a good Christmas and to do the same for someone else one day. (I know, I know, philanthropist is my middle name)

     It sort of blew my mind that you wouldn’t have enough money in your account but I’d forgotten that I was once in that boat too. Moral is, if you can help someone do so. 

    But I still don’t give to those jokers tapping on your car window at the lights. 😆

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  12. Just a quick reminder to not forget to give a few quid to a few charities of your choice this Christmas. I know this might get a proper RL fan choking on their breakfast at the thought of giving away a couple of quid but they are probably struggling more than ever. 
    For me, it’s been homeless causes, Salvation Army and Shelter have got the bulk of it so far. But a charity that looks after refugee kids in places like Yemen too. And a few other minor ones thrown in for good measure.

    So, shake off the mothballs and spare a few quid. You know it makes sense. 

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  13. 8 hours ago, unapologetic pedant said:

    All my knowledge of mental health services comes directly or indirectly via my late mother, who suffered from schizophrenia throughout her adult life. A concern I have about politicians and celebs "opening up" about these matters is that it can conflate primary and secondary mental health conditions.

    Someone plagued by auditory hallucinations will become agitated and/or depressed as a result. Hearing voices is apt to bring on a vicious spiral. Greater agitation intensifies the frequency and volume of the voices. Deeper depression turns the person inward, thus more prey to the voices. Beyond a certain point, hospitalization is the only recourse. Most schizophrenics are trapped in the "revolving door syndrome".

    Forgive the presumption but, for the sake of argument, and given that you`ve had positive experiences of therapy, I`m guessing your problems would fall into the category of secondary symptoms for a schizophrenic. I say this because I never saw anyone be successfully treated for their primary symptoms. The initial neurological damage that precipitates the voices seems to be permanent.

    Psychiatrists prescribe treatments based on what level of "insight" the patient has. Most of those who hear voices succumb to the superstition that they are in contact with the spirit world. Such a patient is less likely to be referred to a psychologist.

    Chemical or talking treatments are essentially palliative for schizophrenics, designed to stabilize and contain the consequences of hearing voices. They don`t stop the voices. Procedures intended for that purpose, like ECT, are in my view crude and dangerous.

    I`m with @Johnoco on the politics. I no longer have any faith in anyone who claims to be on the Left. They don`t have a monopoly of saying one thing and doing another. But the hypocrisy on the Right tends to be financial (used to be sexual as well).

    I have "little patience" with the assumptions of moral superiority that suffuse the modern Left. Hence, after a few fractious encounters, I decided contributing to the TRL politics forum was a waste of time.

    Thanks for your post and sharing such personal stuff. My mother had a breakdown in the early 80’s and was given ECT. I didn’t really understand what was going on tbh but it sounded like a good thing. A bit of a short sharp shock, to use a terrible pun. But I think it did more harm than good in the end and she wasn’t really ‘cured’…..(ever, if I’m honest) Possibly this is where I get a slight mistrust of medical experts from.

    From time to time, I think “surely I’ll go the same way?” and sometimes feel as if I am. Which begs another question, does ‘madness’ run in families? 

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