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  1. If you would love to see a strong club in Cornwall, how would you suggest we go from having no club to a strong club? It might involve starting in a very modest way and take time. What would you suggest?
  2. Did it only take 23 pages for Bradford to get mentioned or was there an earlier reference that I missed?
  3. I seem to remember Slater coming off second best from that try? Or at least a similar incident. Worst decision had to be the none sending off of Tony Williams for his 'tackle' on Westwood.
  4. Yeah was a double header with Wales-NZ. I watched the first half of that game in a pub in Baker Street.
  5. Surely the most far fetched thing about this whole thing is the notion that Gary Schofield eats cornflakes for breakfast?
  6. 10 years ago, at this very moment actually, I was heading to Wembley to watch England v Australia in the 2011 4N. With an England side that (purely from memory) contained Sam Tomkins, Ryan Hall, Kev Sinfield, Jack Reed and Chris Heighinton. The crowd was around 42K and England lost 20-36(?). A great day out nonetheless and it seems like an impossible dream at the moment. Good times….will they ever come back?
  7. Absolutely loads of sports clubs do this sort of thing though. And as worthy as it is, it doesn't entitle those clubs to a preservation order.
  8. Ah that clears that up then. Much obliged.
  9. Oh fair enough then, we'll plan the future of RL based on them, Liversedge and Broughton Rangers.
  10. I think the beer you are referring to might be Tetley Falstaff? That was a dark style of beer but wasn't even available in most Tetley pubs. I remember being in Birmingham around 1983 and noticing the Ansell logo on the pub logos or ashtrays in the pubs were very similar if not identical to the ones on our local pubs.
  11. After the split in 1906, the soccer side of Bradford FC, Bradford Park Avenue applied -and got- membership of the Southern League (after Fulham joined the Football League) This was before cars or even coaches were widely available. So it's nothing new.....
  12. Tetley's was a fine Pale Ale in the olden days. But not the keg versions of it, the proper tackle. A bit like Boddys was pretty sound before being took over by Whitbread or something.
  13. Let's phrase that another way. Why do clubs who have achieved pretty much nothing since the formation of the Northern Union and bring very little to the table apart from sentimentality, have the power to drag the game down to their level?
  14. He can't have realised you come from West Yorkshire.
  15. Good points and I am as realistic as they come. But I don't think dismissing somebody out of hand is caution, it's pretty unreasonable. Perez could have an easier life not involved in RL, I'm sure if he didn't love the game and want to see it spread he would be doing something else. I remember seeing him on BBC 1 breakfast TV (wearing The Who t-shirt) and it was like a breath of fresh air. Maybe not everything went smoothly but that's no reason to label him some sort of conman. (Not you)
  16. Scubster, I don't see anyone getting carried away and claiming Cornwall will be winning the GF in 5 years. Pretty much everyone is just saying "good luck and welcome and let's see how it goes". It isn't costing me or you a cent, so I don't see why the need to pee on their parade. If it doesn't work out, so be it.
  17. I totally agree. But it doesn't mean that this one is automatically corrupt or doomed to fail. Nobody is pretending that it's anything other than a start up club, the sort of thing that used to happen in Wales or London in the 1930's. I think you're a bit tainted by London being so poor for so long.
  18. If Rugby League lacks credibility in the eyes of the wider sporting public, it's down to being so restricted geography wise for so long, not because someone might start a club in Cornwall. Some people reach for the 'northern comfort blanket' as soon as outsiders approach.
  19. I have no more idea than anyone else whether this will work or not. But some people on here and in RL in general, are just way too snidey and negative about *anyone* coming into RL. Actually, make that everyone. Wether it's the Hearn geezer who definitely shouldn't be involved as he isn't brilliant at everything or Perez - who's generated more publicity for RL than all of us here ever will but isn't to be trusted. Absolutely not. To use a well worn George Burns saying...."it's a pity all the guys who are passionate about RL and know how to start new clubs are posting on TRL instead of doing it" I'm not the first one to say this but trying nothing new and hoping that Wigan and St Helens get to the finals every year is not a good long term plan for the future. It could well be that something apparently off the wall is what works well. That's not to say it will of course but this constant suspicion and dismissive attitude is totally boring
  20. This could be the best thing to happen to RL in Cornwall since King Alfred the Unready burnt his cakes while preparing to fight the Romans at Stonehenge. Bring it on.
  21. I wish I was 7 hours from Keighley.
  22. Surely it has to be Pirates of Penzance?
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