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  1. And I completely agree with you. I'm just pointing out that it was definitely a factor in crowds falling. I don't disagree that it was of it's time.
  2. Mate, I've been on here long enough - and been into RL long enough- to know that there are simply loads of moaning gits who just don't want RL to actually get anywhere. So whatever the reason for deriding something, it will be jumped on. All while ignoring the same things for established sides.
  3. The pub and club trip did form a substantial number of attendees though, so it is absolutely a valid reason why CC Finals have less neutral attendees or even just people on a day out who know zero about RL.
  4. But the reality is, most of the sceptics apply this doom laden scenario to each and every new club that appears. It doesn't matter if they are in Toronto, Wales, London or even as far afield as Sheffield - it's all a drain on resources that should be spent on Keighley instead.
  5. I have more time (and definitely more money) but I'd rather enjoy it with my OH now.
  6. Yes that's the sort of angle that would worry me. It's not an issue of love or anything like that, more a 'would you be around to do X,Y &Z'?
  7. With the news that Boris has just had another child at the age of 57, do we have anyone on here who has had a child later in life? I know a couple of lads who became fathers again in late 40's/early 50's and they loved it. Having had 3 grown up children, I couldn't imagine going through all that when half of me is knackered. Isn't that what grandchildren are for...ones you can hand back? Not something I'd like to do but each to their own. My namesake Des O'Connor had a child when he was very old... Late 70's?
  8. That sounds good. But I think ideally we need 76+ league/cup/international games there.
  9. Interesting that John Bishop was presenting it.
  10. Would loved to have seen The Animals in their prime. Quality band.
  11. I'm not a doctor but think you need to get that checked out sooner rather than later. It sounds pretty serious, so get it sorted. Your fellow pinkos on here need your support
  12. I once had a tooth abscess for about 4 days. Couldn't sleep or anything, I would have gladly cut my head off by the end just to make it stop. Absolute agony.
  13. My lad supports Newcastle, well both of them do. But one of them went to SJP last night. I didn't realise they hadn't won a game all season! He thought they would hang on. Supposedly no side has not won by this stage and not get relegated.
  14. But only in the sense that you've heard of it. I watched it and quite enjoyed it but I bet if I said to someone in the queue at the supermarket 'what about that Squid Games then?' there's a big chance they haven't seen it or maybe like you, just heard about it. I'm not a giving a critique of TV standards btw, it's just the way of the world now, everything is splintered and there's no need to watch something on Thursday at 9 0'Clock, hence that 'community' vibe is diminished.
  15. Yep. Programmes can be popular today but still not hit most people. I mean I think Squid Games was apparently the most watched thing on Netflix so far but it doesn't translate into mainstream awareness like Triggers Broom or even the name Del Boy. The same applies to modern music too.
  16. I very much doubt that it will ever happen, TV/entertainment is too splintered now to have the same effect.
  17. ‘Outlaws’ was great I thought. Why the writing was clever was that you had characters like the lefty black woman and the white Daily Mail type guy,who weren’t defined purely by their political views. Both said things that you could acknowledge had a point and both could look the other way when it suits. They were human and you saw both sides to them, which is a rarity today. My only criticism is that I think the ending was a bit rushed? But overall really good.
  18. Fair comment. But I was actually referring to whatever it was that might be causing Leeds to miss so many home games. I’m still none the wiser
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