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  1. 6 minutes ago, whatmichaelsays said:

    It may have done back in the day, but there becomes a point where behaviours that died off 20 years ago stop becoming an excuse.

    That pub and club culture had died, those trips are gone and they aren't coming back - like VHS tapes or the Nokia 3210. The sport has had two decades to find a way to replace those attendees with new ones and, if the best that the sport can come up with in that time is "another cup competition" where smaller clubs are expected to ask part-time players to play even more, then I'd respectfully suggest that it isn't trying hard enough. 

    And I completely agree with you. I'm just pointing out that it was definitely a factor in crowds falling. I don't disagree that it was of it's time.

  2. 2 minutes ago, RugbyLeagueGeek said:

    I think you're describing one category of person.

    I fall in to the category of expansionists who are fed up of a common theme of every expansion attempt in this country being under-resourced, under-funded and not properly considered as part of a wider strategy. When these poorly-resourced expansion attempts fail it then adds more fuel to the fire for that category of people that you describe, who then have yet more ammunition to claim that the South/Wales/Canada (delete as appropriate) aren't interested in RL and that it's all a waste of time and money.

    Mate, I've been on here long enough - and been into RL long enough- to know that there are simply loads of moaning gits who just don't want RL to actually get anywhere.

    So whatever the reason for deriding something, it will be jumped on. All while ignoring the same things for established sides. 

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  3. On 09/12/2021 at 09:46, whatmichaelsays said:

    I agree with the aim, but I don't think the 1895 Cup really addresses the underlying issues as to why the CC Final isn't able to attract neutrals in the way that it once did (whether those are current RL fans of other clubs, or not). If anything, it just puts the burden of the RFL's poor marketing of the event onto smaller clubs and part time players, because I can't imagine the bulk of 1895 Cup games are particularly money-spinning. 

    After every CC Final crowd that falls below expectations, there will be someone on here mentioning the fact that pubs and clubs don't run trips like they used to as one reason why. That sort of pub and club culture ended more than 20 years ago, so it's not really relevant to why the CC Final struggles to sell out today. There are other, arguably more proactive and sustainable, ways to make the CC Final an event that people want to attend. 

    Out of interest, how do clubs / fans of clubs in the 1895 club feel about it? My recollection was that a lot of clubs weren't happy about the number of midweek games that the competition involved. 

    The pub and club trip did form a substantial number of attendees though, so it is absolutely a valid reason why CC Finals have less neutral attendees or even just people on a day out who know zero about RL. 

  4. 23 minutes ago, RugbyLeagueGeek said:

    I suspect there's a significant proportion of posters on this thread (myself included) who are pro-Cornwall, but just can't see it working (based on all of the available evidence of all of the game's recent expansion attempts).

    But the reality is, most of the sceptics apply this doom laden scenario to each and every new club that appears. It doesn't matter if they are in Toronto, Wales, London or even as far afield as Sheffield - it's all a drain on resources that should be spent on Keighley instead. 

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  5. 16 minutes ago, Kirmonds pouch said:

    You’ve made a classic error, you’re starting small with a business plan that might just work. So you’re a waste of space.

    Had you carried on with the ridiculous travesty that was Toronto they would still love you. It’s all about vanity, so long as it’s a big city, preferably in a country 5000 miles away with zero interest in the sport they are not interested.

    TBH I don’t think you’ll ever make SL but as a semi pro club I think you’ll do just fine and for once you’ll represent expansionism done the right way.

    It’s not always about big clubs it’s about spreading the game at all levels. So we’ll done from me.

    Zero interest? 

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  6. 47 minutes ago, JonM said:

    I had kids in my twenties, and was almost always the youngest parent at school, sports clubs etc - maybe that would be different if I'd lived somewhere a bit less middle class 🙂 

    I'd be delighted to have more children now, although I don't think my wife would be too impressed. I've got a lot more time and money than I did then, so I think it could even be easier in some respects.

    If you're a bloke having children in your late 50s, it pretty much means your other half is 20+ years younger. Certainly for the people I know, that's the case.


    I have more time (and definitely more money) but I'd rather enjoy it with my OH now. 

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  7. 1 minute ago, gingerjon said:

    One of Tiny Ginger's friends has a dad who is now north of 70 - so would have been Johnson's age or older when said friend was born. He (the son) absolutely hates it. He loves his dad but, out of nowhere, he (the dad) had a heart attack a year or so back and has been a lot, lot weaker since. 

    Yes that's the sort of angle that would worry me. It's not an issue of love or anything like that, more a 'would you be around to do X,Y &Z'? 

  8. With the news that Boris has just had another child at the age of 57, do we have anyone on here who has had a child later in life? I know a couple of lads who became fathers again in late 40's/early 50's and they loved it.

    Having had 3 grown up children, I couldn't imagine going through all that when half of me is knackered. Isn't that what grandchildren are for...ones you can hand back? Not something I'd like to do but each to their own. My namesake Des O'Connor had a child when he was very old... Late 70's? 

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  9. 1 hour ago, gingerjon said:

    I've not seen Squid Games but I know what it looks like. I suspect a sizeable chunk of the country do too.

    Not popular in the same way as nearly half the country watching Morecambe and Wise but it does show that some things do have the cut-through.

    But only in the sense that you've heard of it. I watched it and quite enjoyed it but I bet if I said to someone in the queue at the supermarket 'what about that Squid Games then?' there's a big chance they haven't seen it or maybe like you, just heard about it. 

    I'm not a giving a  critique of TV standards btw, it's just the way of the world now, everything is splintered and there's no need to watch something on Thursday at 9 0'Clock, hence that 'community' vibe is diminished. 

  10. 1 minute ago, CornwallRL said:

    When we had just 4 channels, programmes like this rose to the top, now, with Netflix, Disney+, Discovery+, the only way a programme will get those viewing figures would be by advertising on the BBC, like the Beatles doc on Disney. 

    Yep. Programmes can be popular today but still not hit most people. I mean I think Squid Games was apparently the most watched thing on Netflix so far but it doesn't translate into mainstream awareness like Triggers Broom or even the name Del Boy. 

    The same applies to modern music too.

  11. ‘Outlaws’ was great I thought. Why the writing was clever was that you had characters like the lefty black woman and the white Daily Mail type guy,who weren’t defined purely by their political views. Both said things that you could acknowledge had a point and both could look the other way when it suits. They were human and you saw both sides to them, which is a rarity today. 
    My only criticism is that I think the ending was a bit rushed? But overall really good.

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