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  1. What’s that? It’s the WC qualification, games like this are par for the course.
  2. Whilst I agree with you that they should have pulled their finger out and sorted it years ago (as should all other clubs in unfit stadiums) they often have packed crowds that, despite other things, looks good on TV. I’m not sure a sponsor or broadcaster would prefer they cover a 5K in a 25K situation.
  3. They still played them and didn’t say it was pointless like we do in RL.
  4. Bradford City lost 3-0 in the FA Cup at Exeter but the game was 0-0 after 90 minutes, so obviously they conceded 3 in ET. Now though Exeter are under investigation as they used too many substitutes (6 rather than 5) and one of those came on for ET. The game could either be forfeited or replayed.
  5. Apropos of that pic, the urban myth is that the guy who owned the house refused to budge, so they had to build around him. But the real reason was that the ground was too unstable to build on, so McAlpines Fusiliers went around it.
  6. It’s a serious dilemma because although we love to see the skilful parts, we also love to see the roughhouse stuff (I’m not talking about dirty play) It’s what sets RL apart from other sports IMO - war minus the bullets type thing. We can watch soccer if we want skilful players or basketball possibly for quick hands or something like that…..but they aren’t RL and I aren’t sure it would be the same game without the gladiatorial aspect. I say that as someone who doesn’t play and can totally respect anyone who didn’t want to do that for a living, I’m just pointing out what is possibly inevitable.
  7. Wheldon Rd may not exactly be sparkling new but I can't honestly say Cas are 'an embarrassment to the game'. In fact that's an embarrassing thing to say.
  8. I work close to Odsal so would pop in and use the free drinks machine. #winning
  9. Parking is pretty bad in Headingley. Yes there are some places but they are either residents only or occupied. All in my experience of course.
  10. No you must assume that a load of RL fans from out of town will be well versed in minutiae of local timetables. Get off at Headingley and it's a short walk up the hill (if you can call it a hill) Absolutely no dramas.
  11. I didn’t say it was impossible, just a bit awkward for newcomers to the area. But I would definitely say the majority of cricket fans either live fairly near-ish or have been there before so know the area a little.
  12. Yeah but I was specifically talking about the one called Headingley. If you were coming from Lancashire or my side of Bradford on a train -and didn't particularly know the area- you would probably get to that stop and get off. Unless you wanted to go to Burley Park. But then, who does? And I aren't from Leeds. Luckily enough.
  13. The train station within easy walking distance of the stadium as it happens.
  14. Yeah…. Perfectly true but that’s mostly people who know the area or live close enough to walk or bus/taxi. A load of non-locals looking for non-existent parking spots in Headingley could be a real problem. I know parking places within reasonable walking distance but not everyone will.
  15. Parking isn't exactly plentiful in Headingley though, so that could be a problem.
  16. Aye, he got me too. Pity I was convinced he was genuine.
  17. I did read a Nigerian prince is buying Bradford as he's got millions that need to be disposed of.
  18. Completely agree. Even though like you, I'm not a particular fan of the place (pleasure beach is good) it's much more likely you'll get people making the effort to go somewhere like this rather than Headingley. Headingley is a fine ground, it's not about slagging that place, it's just that it's not the answer to this particular problem.
  19. Beyond the sea front, it's grotty as hell. Run down boarded houses or empty pubs/cafes. That's no crime but glamorous it ain't. Nearby Lytham St Annes is quite posh I seem to remember. Perhaps it's a personal thing as I'm so familiar with Headingley - my mum ended her days there and my daughter currently lives there and I could walk there if desperate but as a summer event thing? Nah, I wouldn't think so.
  20. This is totally pointless exercise. Headingley has quite a few pubs that are perfectly fine for a few or after a game but it’s nothing special. Blackpool is dire but at least is a change of scenery. Pointless
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