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  1. With the price of fuel today, that's not difficult.
  2. Yes that's a fair call. It might have worked out better if not for Covid.
  3. But for the record, I hope Salford are pushing 5K crowds and in a year or two looking to expand. I hope.
  4. But Salford were first into that stadium, they really should be calling the shots. Not being evicted by a bunch of knobs like Sale and a tinpot football club.
  5. But history shows they have never had big crowds, so why is it going to happen now?
  6. Admirable sentiments but if Salford couldn’t even come close to filling the AJ Bell when they *were* performing well on the pitch, why would they need to take games to bigger stadia in a year or two? The time to step back, move to a smaller ground and regroup is maybe after a relegation, not while you are still in the top flight.
  7. Well that certainly wasn't Salford's fault. They were trying to do the right thing and it has ended up costing them. But the fault here lies with the inconsistency in applying the rules, which is just totally RL.
  8. Yeah exactly. It's not as if Salford played at the Etihad and had 3k rattling around in there. A 12K stadium is pretty modest and if a club can't even half fill it, then it's not out of order to ask why this consistently happens. Most of all though, as you point out, there should be other clubs waiting to knock them off their perch.... sadly there isn't.
  9. The second series of Guilt is brilliant and easily as good as the first. A1
  10. I think people are deliberately ignoring the fact that SL began in 1996 with the purpose of having an elite division with clubs growing and getting bigger. After 25 years, having one of those clubs - regardless of who it is- playing in a 5K stadium is a failure. Some clubs have got new stadiums and expanded, some haven’t succeeded and some haven’t really tried. But whatever, it clearly makes no difference.
  11. Of course they would mate - the grounds would be full and a better atmosphere.
  12. Are Bournemouth planning to move to a smaller stadium any time soon? Is any elite division football team planning to downsize? St Johnstone V Hibs in a 3000 stadium would generate a good atmosphere and probably be a great event…..but it doesn’t scream elite level sport. You seem to assume that Salford will now be getting 5000 in a 5000 stadium (or even close) when there’s little evidence to suggest they will get anything close to that. This move seems to have little to back it up apart from panic mode and a stroppy response about the AJ Bell being too big. Which to be fair, it is a bit cavernous.
  13. Ok let's not bother with any standards then. What's the point? All you have to do is ignore them and when it becomes an issue just say that you're definitely trying now because reasons A, B & C. Job done.
  14. This is the whole point. It's not because it's Salford, it's because we shouldn't have clubs in our supposedly elite division playing in such small grounds. And I'd say the same if it was Bradford moving to Bradford Park Avenue because it would be more packed than Odsal.
  15. Las Ramblas is notorious for pick pockets. Huge queues for Sagrada Familia too but is awesome. There were also buskers on the trains/trams actually playing as it moved. Which was nice.
  16. £413 garage bill/mot and £210 tax. I doubt the bloody car is worth that.
  17. Prague. It’s immense and the beer is first rate. Just don’t go drinking in Wenceslas Square, especially if with the Mrs. That said, I did actually……but watch it, a lot of dodgy rip off joints.
  18. The first line of the OP states "Give Cornwall a chance".......... maybe not
  19. As positive as those things are, I don't think they negate all the downsides or mean they get away from criticism. They are going backwards and are going to play in a ground with approx a 5K capacity - and this in a supposedly elite competition. Put whatever spin you like on this, but it's not a positive development. That said, I wish them all the best and hope their fortunes improve.
  20. I absolutely agree that a good international programme is essential for engaging more casual sports fans. But we seem to be having this conversation since Adam was a lad and nothing changes.
  21. Not from me as I am purely working from my own experience. I've seen many games where I think 'FFS just let it go.' and I've also watched games with other people who find the reffing a bit nit picking. This isn't especially a dig at the refs, I'm sure they are working to directives. It's a bit like the recent disallowed try for France in the England game. I'm sure someone can (and probably will) produce a rule book to prove that it was a genuine obstruction. But my argument was that it had no bearing on the try being scored and ultimately only resulted in France losing impetus. And thus another defeat. I don't think we should disregard the rules..... I just think there is a danger of RL being too pedantic for the sake of 'following the rules'. Which may be harsh but there it is.
  22. Agree with you mostly but I don't think the point @unapologetic pedant made is a minor bugbear. It has the potential to ruin the game if the refs are blowing non stop for perceived errors that ultimately only serve to stifle creative attacking play. We will actually end up with the 'five drives and a kick' that others lampoon us for.
  23. Well I'll personally disagree with you on the last point because I think repetition in sport is extremely boring. But where did I say RL isn't good enough? I'm pointing out that it's not that obscure and many many people have been exposed to it without it really taking off in a big way. So something isn't connecting with enough people.
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