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  1. Bloody warm in the beer garden this evening. Resorting to Ouzo over ice since the Greeks won't have anything to do with us, l'll bring a little bit of Greece here.
  2. Get well soon Rod, hope to see you back before long.
  3. A friend of mine took a hit in this, it's been on the cards a while and the company was in trouble before Covid hit, but like many who have underlying problems Covid was the last straw.
  4. Starlings are the teenagers of the bird world, hang around in gangs squabbling and making an annoying racket. They have beautiful plumage though.
  5. So I don't have to keep my member private.
  6. Has this turned into a private members club?
  7. Starlings coming in to land on our garden feeder this afternoon.
  8. They are in the articles of association on the RFL website.
  9. Timing is everything, the man talks sense.
  10. This occured before the £16m was offered.
  11. Home town rule great in theory, diabolical in practice. Who decides the boundaries. What are they based on. Why should a team be disadvantaged because the area they are based in is rubbish at producing top class players or is having a drought at a particular time. Why should top class players have opportunities limited because a team has to have a bunch of no hopers in the side to make up a quota.
  12. Tests applied for and tests carried out are two different metrics. The government is basically lying by pretending one metric is the other. They should give the figure of how many tests have hit the labs.
  13. That will get massivley increased as the looney right get their way and destroy lockdown. I fear the USA could see hundreds of thousands dead unless they get a real grip. Hopefully the victims will be the religious fruitcakes who insist that mass church gatherings are protected by prayer and not just the poor buggers who can't afford to protect themselves or are not able to afford the ridiculous costs of the USA health system.
  14. Don't get me wrong it is a classic moment and, given the circumstances, deserves to be. However to think it is a burning arrow in the heart of Wigan supporters is over egging it. In fact few under thirty would have a clue what you are talking about.
  15. I think you are elevating this to a higher level than it deserves, it is treated with amusement these days in Wigan.
  16. WIgan's defence had totally switched off.
  17. I don't think he is considered a villain in Wigan, he was a player that took advantage of the position he had and played what was in front of him. Wigan seemed to be heading for a close win until Paddy Fekin Kerwan turned the tables.
  18. Paddy Kerwin has a middle name in Wigan. Fekin.
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