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  1. I know a guy from Lincoln I'll get in touch see if he can help.
  2. Hot air balloon is great way to travel, only thing is you don't know where you will be going.
  3. I have travelled by foot, bicycle, motorbike, car, coach/bus, train (electric, diesel and steam), helicopter, airplane (prop and jet), hovercraft, hot air balloon and all manner of boats.
  4. Any reason for the name meandering bear?
  5. I've got my pitchfork, just say when. What they have done is utterly disgusting.
  6. Trembling Madness is another good real ale place, another of one of my favourites is The Maltings. York Camra branch do a good guide of city centre pubs. Follow the link below and scroll down for downloadable pdf. https://york.camra.org.uk/york-branch-pubs/
  7. We did pop into a couple of others who's names escape me and they were good. We said we need to go back and have a proper look around.
  8. And Manchester Lions could on occasions have an heritage game and play as Swinton Lions.
  9. The RNLI in Ireland was off bounds to the IRA.
  10. If you start at the York Tap on the station you will start on a winner.
  11. How do you know we haven't. The BBC would probably be willing to change the slot if we give them back some challenge cup monies. Tell me what your opening gambit to the BBC would be to get a better slot.
  12. Strange how so many of the little petals get injured the the two weeks before a big game.
  13. When have we not had a BBC presence. The BBC were never going to compete to have the coverage we have now but they have clung on the challenge cup, the new technologies had the money. Again technological change was the driving force. The same force that started a mega bucks SL war in Oz and forced the hand of rugby union to start paying tax on players earnings. We were not immune from all these changes, but we would have been a victim of them if we hadn't gone with them.
  14. Centralisation of print media and the eventual cost cutting decline of regional reporting and fast advances in technology leave us where we are. This has nothing to do with RL but a lot to do with industrial technology changes. If SL hadn't happened the changes still would have.
  15. I wonder how many Saints players had bets on as M. Mouse from Clock Face and the like as soon as they knew the team. It least they have learned not to use their own names.
  16. It used to be you must put out your strongest available team. Then coaches got sicknotes off club doctors so they could rest players. We know the rules are there, we know, the clubs and coaches kow what it means. Nail somebody with it stop this nonsense.
  17. But the rules are there, they are not enforced but they exist. Coaches weazle around them so I think the RFL have just given up. The last time I can think of them being applied was in the Long Gleeson fiasco when Saints put out the academy against the Bulls, oh dear Saints again.
  18. Sorry I thought you said you had looked at the op rules and couldn't find the relevant bit and therefore I presumed you had a link. https://www.rugby-league.com/flipbooks/2019-operational-rules-tiers-1-3/mobile/index.html
  19. I posted you the relevant sections earlier, you must have missed it. General Competition Rules Full Strength Squad Section B1:10 - 15 Squad Declaration System Section B1:21 - 22
  20. Holbrook got criticised for not using the squad system as a means of rotation and rest, which it is there for. Giving the odd player with a niggling injury recovery time and blooding youngsters is what should happen. Holbrook is guilty of going from one extreme go the other. The best example of a coach using his squad in recent years was Shaun Wane, but even then he fell foul when rampant gastroenteritis ran through the squad.
  21. My problem with is that he thinks rules don't exist to cover it and they do. It is like feeding scrums, it is ignored.
  22. If a clubs name is synonymous with the district in which they play then Swinton went out existence 20 odd years ago.
  23. Here you go look at theses sections. General Competition Rules Full Strength Squad Section B1:10 - 15 Squad Declaration System Section B1:21 - 22 Basically you run fall foul of the integrity of the competition clause in the rules, but coaches always argue that they put out a squad they thought were capable of winning the game. TheRFL have just about given up on trying to enforce it. Since the game comes under little media scrutiny the integrity only gets questioned by people like Smith within the game and supporters who will always see it from the viewpoint of their club. This was tightened up when coaches started producing 'sick notes' from club doctors declaring players unfit so they could rest them for a 'big game'. That is why the squad system came in I believe.
  24. I am on my phone. I will try and find it later when I have my pc at hand.
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