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  1. Thanks. It seems they act as an agent for a Canadian company. Been very helpful.
  2. Anybody know anything about Divine Travel for Toronto Trips.
  3. Condolences to yourself and your family and friends.
  4. The effective of fines is dependant on income, fining Amazon/Google etc £5m is irrelevant, fining Salford/Widnes £5m is a business ender. All those that say that is how to treat them are clueless about the realities.
  5. Hugh Waddell was only 60 and Sean Day 56 Condolences to all their family and friends, no age at all for either of them.
  6. McGuire interviewed on the touchline today only talked about England. Watch a lot of old tour recordings and the Aussies only talk about England. GB means f'all and is pointless in the modern era.
  7. Roger McGough, Cat's Protection League.
  8. A Short Poem by Spike Milligan Po.
  9. I think you may have missed my point, Visconti over produced subsequent albums, Bolan was off his trolley and trying to ride his wave of T-rexctaciy for all it was worth. Slider would have been a far better album had not been over produced. Visconti did very subtle stuff on Electric Warrior, stuff that Bolan didn't even know he had done, when it came to Slider he pushed the subtle stuff to the front. Bolan was off his head by then but that is another story.
  10. I respect your opinion but couldn't care less as it is a trivial matter.
  11. Bolan lost it after Electric Warrior, it was probably too much influence from Tony Viscontie.
  12. Depends what you are looking for. This is the acist I am also big fan of Gregorian Chants, great for calming you down when stuck on a motorway.
  13. I haven't worn a watch or any form of jewelry for about 40 years.
  14. Great name for a pub in Preston, the pub has a music speciality the pubs name:--- Vinyl Tap* *Yes there are others around.
  15. Athletes and staff working for a non-Canadian employer Due to the fact that many foreign athletes and coaches earn their livelihood through sport, when they come to Canada for sporting events they are effectively working in Canada, technically making them foreign workers. Despite this designation, in the majority of cases, the rules and regulation of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program do not apply in the context of visiting athletes and coaches. To subject these individuals to the rules and procedures usually associated with foreign workers would be overly burdensome and would impede Canada from participating in sporting events/leagues that are international in scope. Therefore, as long these individuals are a member of a foreign-based team or an individual athlete representing a foreign country, a work permit is generally not required. The same goes for any of the foreign team or athlete’s essential personal and support staff. Non-Canadian employers, such as sports teams and governing bodies, who want to bring athletes and/or their staff to Canada may submit the form below. Please complete this short form to submit your work permit query directly to our specialists.Click to collapse Name* Email* Phone Company Location Please describe your Work Permit Inquiry* Please describe the nature of work to be performed by the foreign worker in Canada, and also include information about the foreign worker (e.g. qualifications, nationality) Do you have, or plan on having, a business presence in Canada? Yes No I am not sure
  16. Condolences to his family and all who knew him. Sad end for a man who brought so much to the game.
  17. This signing has been doing the rounds in Wigan for a few weeks, he is showing all the signs of being a troubled soul. The outpouring of sympathy has not gone unnoticed. Hope you all get the same sympathy when you struggle with life the universe and everything.
  18. Well yes you have in a roundabout way, you are just so blind prejudiced that you don't see it.
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