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  1. Deserved winner, classy player and has made Salford tick for most of this season.
  2. Peet is a class act, I will hold my hands up and admit that I said Wigan had just gone for the cheap option, I was wrong, they obviously saw him as a real asset.
  3. He also sat in the commentary seat beyond his sell buy date.
  4. Terry and Baz where at Sky at the same time as Eddie and Stevo, and those two (E&S) a were slaughtered on this forum for years.
  5. Which is why making the punishment for attempts to stop try scoring even when it is unlikely that the punishment is at least increased to at least offer a two point (almost) guaranteed punishment. Thinking about it after the two points are taken it should then be a drop out from under the posts and not a half-way restart.
  6. I know he did, and in a post I made earlier I clearly stated that I didn't think he would score and therefore it was not a penalty try option. What I am saying is that it is obvious the players intention, as it was in this case, to stop any chance of the player scoring (even though it was obvious to the ref but not the miscreant that he wouldn't score) a half way option is a penalty is always given under the sticks.
  7. "would have scored" is key, it isn't, might, may possibly but the definite "would", maybe give the referee an option in this situation to offer a penalty under the posts, the intention was to make sure he couldn't score even though it was doubtful he would have.
  8. At the time I described it, jokingly, as a flying headbutt. I suspect he may get a letter warning him to be less wreckless with his tackling technique and that is the end of it.
  9. There is no way the ref or video ref could look at it and say he was definitely about to score and was obstructed and that prevented him from doing so.
  10. To be fair, the try was from a kick, most tries from kicks are sent to the VR to check on-side off-side, checking the grounding then becomes an automatic part of the VR process, would be a bit silly to check everything except the grounding only to find then that a TV replay shows a problem with the grounding.
  11. Wigan first half great at keeping Leeds in their own half, not capable of taking advantage of all the good field position due to some excellent Leeds defence and some poor Wigan attacking decisions. Second half Wigan's plan of give it to the fast lads came unstuck with French being knackered and bizarrely kept on, and the halves creating nothing, without Cust they seemed clueless. Leeds got from under Wigan's cosh in the second half and once they got a good lead it was all over , Wigan had no ideas in attack and Bateman's brain fart sealed it. Leeds worthy winners.
  12. And I said he should be punished, my post had no get out clauses. You are deliberately singling out one player from Wigan implying my view would be different for a Wigan player. Just grow up, if that is at all possible.
  13. I used to visit a company that needed printers at the end of the production line to produce certificates as the product came off the line. Instaed of having a cupboard full of ink cartridges they had a cupboard full of printers, they could buy a printer with a full set of cartridges cheaper than buying replacement cartridges. They ran the printers until the ink ran out, binned the printer and installed a new one.
  14. That's what I said. Quote: "Appealing for a penalty should be an immediate penalty against you." So what are you warbling on about.
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