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  1. Reading some articles at the time in the Aussie press there is a suspicion he stayed put to avoid conscription in Australia.
  2. I just did a quick search of newspapers for 1935 and the topic was widely discussed in national and local papers, I would say the man in the street was well aware.
  3. Hitler had set his stall in 1935, he was passing racial Puritanism laws well before the start of WWII, the Sunderland article was published two weeks before the start of the war. In September 1935 at Nuremburg a rally titled “Party Rally of Freedom,” at which a special session of the Reichstag passed, by acclamation, legislation that disqualified Jews as Reich citizens with political rights, forbade them to marry or have sex with persons identified as racial Germans, and prohibited any display by Jews of national colors or the new national flag, a banner with a swastika.Just eight days after the Reich Citizenship Law, the Law on the Protection of German Blood and German Honor, and the Reich Flag Law were formally proclaimed by Adolf Hitler.
  4. Harry Sunderland's own words as published. All credit to Tony Collins who unearthed this little gem. The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld.) Mon 21 Aug 1939 INSIDE GERMANY by HARRY SUNDERLAND Page 18 "Beethoven ! Hitler ! Rontgen ! Diesel !Wagner ! How sad it is that there are not more Germans like them."
  5. You have mis-understood my post from this morning. If you set the racism against Roy Francis to one side, there are other attributes of Sunderland's persona that many will find loathsome along with who he looked up to in Europe. I have always kept an open mind on this, but all the traffic is only heading in one direction and I think it has now reached its destination. Edit to add: I found the article in under 10 minutes.
  6. The Lance Todd and Harry Sunderland Trophies are Rugby League Writers Association Trophies, Lance Todd was a different altogether to Sunderland. Todd signed for Wigan after the 1907/08 tour and remained in this country after retiring from playing and managed Salford. When Todd took over Salford were a failing club, he turned them around and they became a force to be reckoned with when several championships under his guidance. Sunderland was primarily a journalist who had a sideline in administration. He took Wigan from a club that had lost around £1.5k pounds to a club that lost around £2.5k pounds in one season. Todd went on to become the voice of Rugby League on the Radio and presented many RL dedicated programs. Todd was also the first (we know of) to propose switching the game to summer. The quote is from an article he wrote in the Aussie press just before the start of WWII it is apparently openly available in Aussie newspaper archives. Tony had a newspaper clipping up on the projector of the actual piece and quote. I wasn't taking notes so I won't attempt to repeat the quote until I have the actual quote myself. It was however enlightening. According to Tony when I spoke to him afterward it would not be difficult to find, especially for a well trained investigative journalist.
  7. I am against knee jerk of the moment changes, but I am now convinced that the Harry Sunderland Trophy should be put to rest. The Trophy is an award by the Rugby League Writers Association and it is up to them to make the change, I don't know if they have a diversity board. At their next annual dinner maybe they should perhaps have a discussion about the topic.
  8. The club mix, distribution and fan profile is the sponsor driver. The sponsor take up and willingness to pay is a big TV deal financial driver.
  9. What drives modern TV figures is hype, over hype and nonsense. The product has little to do with it. Pot Noodles sell in vast numbers not because it is gourmet food but because they spend millions on ensuring people think it is.
  10. The money went in in a bidding war for players when the split occurred in Australia. If that hadn't happened the game in this country could have moved on enormously. Clubs were left with a choice, lose top players, match the Aussies to keep them or spend the money on infrastructure but have no team of worth. Control of what happened to the money was lost once it became apparent that we would be asset stripped by the Aussies desperate for players.
  11. Went to this today, and as ever Tony was entertaining and thorough in his research. He covered a lot, but he has unearthed a quote that nails Harry Sunderland as someone who we do not really want being honoured in the game. I won't steal Tony's thunder, but we may as well call it the Oswald Moseley Trophy.
  12. I was merely pointing out that the use of the terms professional and amateur have been incorrectly used, particularly by one sporting body. The terms should be unpaid amateur, paid amateur and professional, but we are were we are.
  13. Amateur comes from "for the love of" and there is no semi-pro. Someone's profession is where their main income is derived, a professional draughtsman can be an amateur artist, being an amateur artist doesn't mean you don't sell paintings it just means you do it for the love it and not to earn your living. Before the early mid-eighties rugby league players were amateurs by definition as they would have other employment that provided their main income, even if they got paid for turning out, by definition they were still amateur.
  14. If billionaires want to visit strange new worlds they could visit a tax office.
  15. Define ' definitely would have done', as I see it , it is your opinion that he would have, other opinions are available. Not saying you are right or wrong in your assessment just pointing out your's is one of many possible views.
  16. None, we have Laws not rules.
  17. The French will support Toulouse and the Catalonians will support Les Dracs. Just a guess.
  18. That's the problem, if you search population of Wigan you will get a figure around 350K, that will include Leigh though. Wigan town is around 130k and Leigh around 110k with other places like Hindley, Atherton and Tyldesley making up for the rest. Quoting populations isn't easily done accurately.
  19. I am sick of hearing that Fev are part time, that is a club choice not a RFL restriction.
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