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  1. When they put this on a decent performing side they can have credit. At the moment they're battering Wath Brow under 12s.
  2. Laws of the game say that you cannot disallow a try because you didn't see it grounded. Decision correct to the laws.
  3. It is a defenders job to avoid contact with the head, if it happens in those circumstances he did not manage to avoid contact but did not intend the contact. Lesson learned is be careful when you throw yourself into an attempted big hit.
  4. No malice, falling player. Ref right to give him 10 and no more.
  5. There is a saying "taken them as far as he can", I think this may apply.
  6. Isaac Newton, then tell him about the theory of relativity and blow his mind.
  7. The frogs in our pond have also started giving us a dawn chorus, something we wouldn't normally expect in February.
  8. I listened (then watched) the episode of IMC that spawned this, it was a cracker.
  9. A couple of daffodils have flowered in our garden, a bit early to say the least.
  10. No, No, No, (that's a thrice No). What time do you leave for the game is a totally different question to how long does it take to walk to the stadium. How many times does the difference have to be explained.
  11. I think Lomax is being closely marshaled, that gives Farage space.
  12. They shouldn't have got themselves in that situation. The ref is on a loser there, if he allows Saints a quick tap and replays show it should be a drop out he gets pilloried, if he checks it and Saints could have had a quick tap, he gets pilloried. He may as well go for getting it right by using VR and get pilloried.
  13. In this country we think getting a quick the play the ball is about getting on the floor as fast as you can, in Australis you keep going until you are forced down and then you aim to get up and play it quickly.
  14. They've been doing it here for a while as well. I think they are going in to tell them to get on with it, saves the ref moving across.
  15. Old Frightful might be interested, but he has a nasty habit of being late at the DW.
  16. If you are so in the know, then, you would know it was the NatWest bank not the TSB that Wigan were dealing with and the bank was unhappy at what had been going on with shares changing hands before crucial voting and that the police investigating Robinson and Rathbone for their involvement. The bank demanded a change in board, they were not demanding their money back, quite the opposite they were willing to extend Wigan's overdraft facility if the dodgy two were moved on. 'Mo' had been gone from Wigan for years and was already at the RFL when Central Park was sold.
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