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  1. Let us all be honest here, Schofield is an utter and total w@n3r. He makes money from being an absolute t0$$er, don't give him oxygen* *yes I know I just did,
  2. The look on some bar staffs facies when you ask for a glass to go with your bottle of beer is often one of utter surprise.
  3. Just got home after another great day at the Grand Final. Great to meet up with TonyXIII al the way from Crete and Bob8 from the relatively short hop from Copenhagen. Great atmosphere, mainly due to the Salford support, Saints deserved their win but Salforford did make them work for it. The controversial refs decision, the ref backed himself, no problem, bit like the ref backed himself at Wembley, equally no problem,
  4. I once had a stand off in a "coffee shop", my wife drinks coffee, I drink tea. She sent me to order the drinks. Moi - "Could I have a tea and a white coffee" Staff - "What type of coffee" Moi - "I told you white" Staff - "Yes but what type of white coffee" Moi - "The type that comes in a cup" Staff - "But we have many different types of coffee" Moi - "It says on the sign, coffee shop, not the many different types of coffee shop" Staff - "But we do many different coffees" Moi - "Just give me a coffee, with milk, in a cup, the coffee it says above the door" Staff - "Do you mean a nescafe" Moi - "I don't care about the brand just give me a coffee" Wife - (appears from nowhere), "You go and sit down, I will sort it out" Wife - "I want the sort of coffee you would make at home with a kettle and a jar of coffee in the cupboard and some milk in the fridge" Staff - "Ok"
  5. More coffee shops than tea rooms, that signaled the end.
  6. An extremely talented woman, whose death was tragic and a travesty of justice.
  7. That was fast and furious, Leeds seemed to be getting on top but cannot score. Will those early scores be enough to see Cas edge it?
  8. Local brewery Hophurst, based in Hindley have just hit the jackpot at the SIBA awards. They won 4 Golds, 2 silvers and 2 bronze awards at the NW SIBA Independent Beer Awards.
  9. Not sure the RFL use it, they always have their own collection point on the outside concourse.
  10. Write machine code. Need to understand machine code. Hack machine code.
  11. Light a coal fire. Listen for the kettle to whistle. Chuck everything in one bin.
  12. Just been a nice piece on Toronto on BBC North West Tonight
  13. The RFL are good sorting out no show tickets. Ring the ticket office, they will arrange collection at the ground, they usually have their own temporary ticket office outside of the ground.
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