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  1. 11 minutes ago, Saintslass said:

    I heard on the local BBC news tonight that Shearings the coach travel company has been liquidated (along with other companies in the group - Wallace Arnold, another coach travel company, being one of them) because its parent company has gone into administration .  The company's demise is as a result of the Covid lockdown.  2,500 people have lost their jobs in Wigan where Shearings is based (I don't know about the other companies) and 65,000 holidays have been cancelled.  The company was 100 years old I believe and born in Oldham.  I suspect there are going to be many similar casualties of this virus.

    A friend of mine took a hit in this, it's been on the cards a while and the company was in trouble before Covid hit, but like many who have underlying problems Covid was the last straw.


  2. 8 minutes ago, Hela Wigmen said:

    Given the effect this is going to have/had on sport clubs, I cannot see any sport waiting till Football finishes again to start up again. The last thing you want as a business having been "away" for an extended period is to choose to continue to be away for even longer as a result of your own decision making.


    Timing is everything, the man talks sense.

  3. Home town rule great in theory, diabolical in practice.

    Who decides the boundaries. What are they based on.

    Why should a team be disadvantaged because the area they are based in is rubbish at producing top class players or is having a drought at a particular time.

    Why should top class players have opportunities limited because a team has to have a bunch of no hopers in the side to make up a quota.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, RL does what Sky says said:

    Well I suppose it can be with all Wigan's success since then but it's moments such as these that are still talked about years after even when some moments of success have faded in the memory.

    Don't get me wrong it is a classic moment and, given the circumstances, deserves to be. However to think it is a burning arrow in the heart of Wigan supporters is over egging it.

    In fact few under thirty would have a clue what you are talking about.


  5. 2 minutes ago, RL does what Sky says said:

    Yes and although you've had your revenge many times over since then, I understand how that one moment still hurts.

    I think you are elevating this to a higher level than it deserves, it is treated with amusement these days in Wigan.

  6. 26 minutes ago, RL does what Sky says said:

    Maybe more like a pantomome villian ... the one people always want to boo at.

    To be honest Paddy Kirwan should never have been given that chance of glory; Wigan should have been winning easily by then.

    WIgan's defence had totally switched off.

  7. 2 hours ago, RL does what Sky says said:

    It shows how just one moment can define someone's career. Whether as a villian in Wigan or as the legend he has become in Oldham he will always be remembered for that moment irrespective of anything else he did. I always remember Paddy Kirwan playing in a trial match for the Lancashire amateur under-18s' county side in 1978 at the Pilkingtons' ground in St.Helens - he was one scrum-half and Andy Gregory the other. That day he totally outplayed Andy Gregory but yet didn't get selected because Gregory had already become "a name". In that case why bother with a trial ?

    I suppose it's like Don Fox ... no matter whatever else he achieved, he is always remembered for just one moment in time.

    I don't think he is considered a villain in Wigan, he was a player that took advantage of the position he had and played what was in front of him. Wigan seemed to be heading for a close win until Paddy Fekin Kerwan turned the tables.


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