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  1. On 11/10/2019 at 23:56, bazzzz65 said:

    Good pub crawl tonight in Manchester . Here for tomorrow's  final from London. Crown and Kettle,Marble Arch,Angel, Smithfield Market Tavern then the Castle.  I 've lived in London for 27 years and Manchester used to be cheap for beer but Now it is almost as expensive!!Come on Salford!!!!!

    Prices in Manchester are ridiculous, I can get a pint in The Anvil in Wigan for £2.40, 15 miles up the road and you are looking at £3.75 for a similar beer.

    We had all our pre-match drinks in The Angel on Saturday and post match went to City Arms and then back to The Angel to await our taxi.


  2. Just got home after another great day at the Grand Final.

    Great to meet up with TonyXIII al the way from Crete and Bob8 from the relatively short hop from Copenhagen.

    Great atmosphere, mainly due to the Salford support, Saints deserved their win  but Salforford did make them work for it.

    The controversial refs decision, the ref backed himself, no problem, bit like the ref backed himself at Wembley, equally no problem,

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  3. 7 minutes ago, ckn said:

    Greasy spoons where you can’t order standard coffee, it has to be a specific that you hadn’t heard of 10 years ago. I want a black coffee, not an Americano

    I once had a stand off in a "coffee shop", my wife drinks coffee, I drink tea. She sent me to order the drinks.

    Moi - "Could I have a tea and a white coffee"

    Staff - "What type of coffee"

    Moi - "I told you white"

    Staff - "Yes but what type of white coffee"

    Moi - "The type that comes in a cup"

    Staff - "But we have many different types of coffee"

    Moi - "It says on the sign, coffee shop, not the many different types of coffee shop"

    Staff - "But we do many different coffees"

    Moi - "Just give me a coffee, with milk, in a cup, the coffee it says above the door"

    Staff - "Do you mean a nescafe"

    Moi - "I don't care about the brand just give me a coffee"

    Wife -  (appears from nowhere), "You go and sit down, I will sort it out"

    Wife - "I want the sort of coffee you would make at home with a kettle and a jar of coffee in the cupboard and some milk in the fridge"

    Staff - "Ok"



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