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  1. Minimum standards are set out in the operational rules freely available on the RFL website. Happy to help.
  2. Ah but you have the costs of going to Canada, the lack of away support dah de dah de dah, so it isn't a one number formulae.
  3. They aren't entitled to anything, they signed away their rights in 1995, a lot of people continue to forget that. What they have been getting recently is a hand out they didn't have to be given.
  4. Fev fans should protest against going up as they don't want anything to do with being amongst the elite and having to be in Super League as opposed to being outside super greed. Will they turn down the money?
  5. It is odd that it was mentioned in the book but nobody can find where he got it from. I really find the whole thing puzzling. The one place I haven't checked is the Australian press and there is a good open Austrlian news archive site that may be worth looking at.
  6. It may have been newsworthy, I was stating what I was told by a professional researcher. Being newsworthy doesn't mean it was reported though. You have to take into account what newspapers at the time would decide was worth reporting and if Wigan Rugby were a big advertiser in the local press it may be better to brush it under the carpet. By the way Martyn I am not saying Sunderland was a racist and we should rename the trophy, I am saying what my experience was in trying to find out if there was anything to back up the assertion that he was. I found nothing, I was just explaining possibilities why as put to me.
  7. I think it was more the point she was making was that it was so common as to be not newsworthy if someone had been sacked because of their race. Equally if a new boss came in at any workplace you could be sacked with little comeback for having a beard.
  8. I spent a lot of time looking into this when it was brought up some time back, I trawled through loads of articles from around that period and could find nothing to back it up. A research assistant at Wigan museum/library asked me what I was researching, when I explained it she had a wry smile and said something along the lines of "racism was that rife at the time it wouldn't warrant a mention anywhere, it was just not unusual at all".
  9. Great performance from Saints, tactically early on Wigan were naive, they seemed to expect a typical play-off slug-o-thon and didn't adapt to Saints fast defensive challenge and speeding attack. There was no cautious lets suss them out tactics from Saints, it was what they have done all season and go for the throat in the first twenty.
  10. Cas fans point to idiot who threw it, fair play to them if they allow the idiot to be nailed.
  11. We are regular visitors to Lancaster for a bit of a pub crawl, great place with lots of great pubs. There is also The White Cross on the canal but I would say Waterwitch is the better of the two.
  12. Just visited the Swan & Railway after its refurb (mentioned earlier), absolutely stunning. The Syd Abram lounge has some great stuff in there. Includes Syd Abrams original shirt and shorts worn when he scored the first ever try at Wembley. If you are into rugby league history get your backside in there.
  13. It looks like we got back just in time as at 2:00am Thomas Cook went bust.
  14. Is the sportsman's the one around the corner from the station after you go under the railway bridge, if that's the one you mean its a cracker.
  15. Just flown back into the UK from Greece on a Thomas Cook flight. Under the circumstance the staff were absolutely superb and profesional, one steward seemed to be on a one man PR campaign, answering as many questions as possible with the very limited information he had and reassuring people who had other holidays already booked and explaining how ATOL worked. When we got back to Manchester the Head Stewardess thanked her crew for working professionally under difficult circumstances, a spontaneous round of applause broke out. Amongst the £billion headlines there are human beings trying their best to do their best in circumstances where in 7 days time they could be grounded and out of a job. Hats off to the Thomas Cook staff.
  16. Maybe it should be Who Wants to be a Rugby Millionaire and get Chris Tarrent to ref it.
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