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  1. When is darts and dominoes night in this dump.
  2. China doesn't just make them up, they have a committee meeting, pass the thoughts of the meeting to the 'government' and then get told what the figures are based on the figures they were given but adjusted for the 'truth'. It's a complicated process.
  3. How will Trump blame someone else for a second spike, well he will say I wanted to control coming off lockdown, but, the states insisted they wanted control of it. He has already played the not my fault card.
  4. Phah, stop using facts to ruin good conspiracy theories. This is typical of the white coat wearing lizards that are out to control our minds by pedaling science and facts, we can see through you, Karen knows best, she went to school once, I mean just the once.
  5. Could the Norman Hunter appreciation society retire to the Football Thread.
  6. Tell you what, I'll get my own, could be here all night waiting for you lot to go to the bar. "Barman, a pint of 9 Hop Sahara Desert if you please" that should help me work up an even bigger thirst.
  7. Flounce is a great word. Should be used more often.
  8. Are those tam-o-shanters that you can open for ventilation on hot days.
  9. I think we should paint the bogs Tartan.
  10. It was made perfectly clear on BBC news that Isaw what the relaxations were in Spain and Italy, there was absolutely nothing said that even implied they were coming off lockdown only that some small shops in Italy were being allowed to open and that some construction work was being allowed in Spain along with some manufacturing.
  11. A large number of vulnerable, health workers and others, have a flu jab each year which provides immunity.
  12. Are all players officials and backroom staff going to be tested prior to each game?
  13. Johnson discharged from hospital
  14. Cheers Bob8, I'll have two of what he ^ is having.
  15. No, the game here was about to switch to summer regardless, that would have put a stop to Kangaroo tours, notwithstanding player power in Oz forcing a reduction in playing time for the players.
  16. I was trying to figure out who had a red and white painted stadium that was along that sort of layout.
  17. I only came in late but that fence looks like the Boulevarde's perimeter fence if memory serves. I'm sticking I think that is the curve ball.
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