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  1. If you're looking at cutting teams from around Sydney and looking to only keeping the 'essential' sides, there really isn't any metric in which the Bulldogs would come into play, and there are very few when it comes to the Roosters. Bulldogs have a huge supporter base, traditionally have had good membership and merchandise sales, rate extremely well on TV, have strong community connections as well have strong connections to community groups which are important to Rugby League's success in Sydney, as well have solid juniors and of course a long proud history, etc. They also have plenty of financial clout behind them, with Canterbury League's having well over 200m worth of assets. Roosters, whilst they may lack in Junior numbers, are one of the richer clubs in the league, have a lot of influence in the 'money making circles' in Sydney, and actually have quite strong membership numbers and crowd averages. They also hold a strategically important position in Sydney, especially if the Rabbitohs keep playing out West. Unfortunately clubs like Manly and Sharks would be in the firing line before those two, and you can argue that Manly is strategically important due to the lack of teams on Sydney's northside.
  2. England should play someone before the Ashes, if simply for no other reason than the best way to build combinations between players and to test game plans is to play matches together. No amount of training or opposed sessions can replicate this. Now I imagine that Wane will pick a different squad than what Bennett previously did, and have a different game plan, so it would be worthwhile testing it out on the field. The Kangaroos are likely to have played two matches prior to the first Ashes game with NZ locked in and the likes of Jamaica being looked at. Whether France is an appropriate opponent, I don't know, but they'd be better having a run against anyone versus no one.
  3. Why would Sky pay if no content is provided? If Sky isn't able to broadcast something, then they'll too have their own financial hardship as why would their subscribers, many of which will need to go through their own belt tightening, keep paying for something they are not getting value from? For a number of clubs they maybe doomed either way, as their costs aren't going to completely disappear if they're not playing (they'll still be expected to pay staff, players, etc) but at the same time Sky and their respective partners, could rightfully say they're not going to pay a cent until they get what they paid for. Arguably, the compromise might be that the league continues to fulfil its broadcast commitments, with all other games postponed. What games are broadcasted would need to be mixed up, but it could see teams playing only once a fortnight (or longer gaps) with matches possibly played at smaller venues to reduce costs. This would help minimise the risk for players, or at least provide them adequate recovery windows if they got the virus, whilst still ensuring that some sort of money keeps coming in, especially if this drags on for months.
  4. Liverpool was picked because Visit Liverpool is one of the sponsors of the NYC team, that's why it selected for the UK launch.
  5. I guess we'll find out over the next month or two how serious the NYC side is... The launch next Monday in New York will be significant, and will provide a lot of insight into how seriously are they looking to crack the US market and engage audiences on that side of the Atlantic, as will the supposed coach announcement in the first week of April. The fact the RFL is flying the Challenge Cup over and will do the sixth round draw (https://www.rugby-league.com/challengecup/article/56500/new-york-to-stage-coral-challenge-cup-sixth-round-draw) from New York, makes me feel like this is more than just a 'token bid' to join L1 or just sell merchandise. I mean there are far less expensive ways doing this, and really how much money is there in jersey's and other apparel for a team that doesn't exist? Anyway, hopefully we will start to get some of our questions answered soon.
  6. Everyone seems to forget what the Warriors also have below the Telstra Premiership side, which is also a near full-time NSW Cup squad and a Jersey Flegg team (previously NRL U20s). So straight away you have a squad of 90 players associated with just one club that is in NZ. Throw in the fact it is far more natural from Kiwis to migrate to Australia than from France to England, there are no language barriers this has lead to a greater prevalence of NZ players in the Australian based clubs as well. NZ has also stuck to a regular International calendar since 1995, playing Australia at least once every year, plus regular matches against the likes of England / GB. France firstly can't even guarantee they'll play England each year and they lack some of the pathways that NZ has. Honestly if both Catalans and Toulouse both had teams in the Academy and Reserve Grade, in addition to their first teams, it would actually significantly boost the playing depth for France in just a few years which is what they need to be competitive. If they could also get the team management to be a bit more professional, that would just be icing on the cake.
  7. Ratings from the last Four Nations in the UK, including Peak & Average: The reason why League can't get big money for Internationals is because of the following: - We can't guarantee what will be played, when it will be played or who is in it. We are slowly improving with the regional tournaments, like Euro, MEA, Oceania & Americas Championships, having them every 2 years in even years, but there is still no confirmation if the likes of NZ, Australia & England will take part in any of them, or when they will. - We don't play in the same timezones or times year in, year out. For the 6 Nations, Rugby Championship, etc, as a broadcaster I know how many games are going to be played, how many are at 'home' or in favourable timeslots and roughly when games will take place. - It's often sold off as a value add by the RFL and NRL to boost the overall value of their rights. If England played a tournament, at home, every year, they would get TV monies for it. Even if it was just England, France & Wales. They don't, and thus there is no regular product for TV to buy. We are our own worse enemies when it comes to this because we don't know how to create value, or a perception of value, as a sport.
  8. The full list of NRL properties are: All Stars, NRL Nines, State of Origin, Women's State of Origin, NRLW standalone matches, Final Series, Grand Final and Kangaroo Home Tests. Pacific Tests were handed over to the Asia Pacific Rugby League last year.
  9. The furthest abroad it would ever again would be New Zealand or maybe into South-East Asia. As already mentioned, it is such an important property to the NRL and Channel 9, that if it suddenly wasn't in a TV friendly time-slot or was too far 'out of sight, out of mind' it could do significant damage to the concept and the profitability of both bodies. South-East Asia would only be considered as the timezones in say Singapore, Japan or Hong Kong aren't significantly different than what Perth or Adelaide are (or in some cases they are the same). NZ's downside is that it is a couple of hours ahead of Sydney, so either it's played really late, or Nine has to let the match move ahead an hour or two. I can't see there being much appetite to play it in London at like 11am....
  10. So Valencia continues to lock in (and underwrite) additional fixtures. So far announced: May 2020: Valencia v Keighley Cougars : Keighley, UK June 2020: Valencia v Rochdale Hornets : Rochdale, UK July 2020 : Valencia v North Luzon Headhunters : Manila, Philippines Jan 2021 : Valencia v Featherstone Rovers : Valencia, Spain This is in addition to them taking part in the upcoming Spanish domestic season.
  11. There are a few factors which have seen Greece and Albania withdraw from the Balkan Super League. Firstly, when Greece first took part (2018), they only had 4 active clubs and were struggling to build a competitive season for their teams. As such the BSL was a life saver for them and really kick started some major growth with 3 of the 4 clubs taking part. Last year only one Greek team took part, Ari's Eagles, with the main reasons being: - Desire to keep building the local competition - Significant costs taking part in the tournament - Issues around ground availabilities and when teams can play (having a team visiting from another country being forced to play a midnight isn't ideal) Since then, Greece has grown to have now 7 domestic clubs in its Senior league, but also still hasn't resolved all its domestic issues. Albania has decided that the BSL doesn't give them the regularity of matches they need and thus are putting their focus on joining the Greek 2020/21 domestic season Anyway whilst on paper it looks like the BSL has shrunk, the reality is, it is doing exactly what it was designed to do, which is grow the code across the region and help establish better foundations in more countries. It has also seen our tournaments appear off the back of it, like the Balkan 9s and Balkans Championship, which are both expected to operate again this year.
  12. I'm confused... I never mentioned Toronto, never said the league's below SL should be feeder clubs, and as for funding, well Leigh will survive longer than many without it, but yes all Leagues should have funding, I've never said anything to the contrary to that, in fact, I'm amazed, especially for the L1 clubs, that they survive on the pittance they get now.
  13. I honestly don't understand this attack? How am I being disrespectful? There are multiple people on here and who are quoted in papers around the proposed name changes for Swinton and Salford who said they'd stop supporting their clubs if they changed their names to Manchester and it clearly upset people enough that there were death threats made to the former Swinton management. Are you arguing that people did in-fact say that? Or that people have put up strong resistance to entertaining mergers? There was a reason why all the mergers proposed back in the mid-90's didn't happen and why outside of the 'takeovers' by Hull and Huddersfield, there hasn't been any mergers since. As for my comments around most clubs not having the money and expertise to grow their brands or take advantage of any name change, how is that incorrect? Your club of Leigh is a lot better off than a number of other teams in the Championship and L1, it actually has money and decent crowds, so has a lot more to work with than a number of clubs. Again, not sure how I am being disrespectful, etc, all I was doing is adding my opinion to the questions asked in Robthegasman's post.
  14. Changing from Newton Heath to Manchester United or St Mark's to Manchester City didn't seem to hurt those club's ability to grow... Honestly though, considering people's affiliation's to sporting teams aren't often for logical reasons, there would be a backlash (even if those same fans are happy to watch United or City) and it would most likely hurt the club's attendances for a few years... That said, they would possibly find a lot of those fans would eventually come back, especially if off the back of changing the name they were able to be successful. The problem is, Salford doesn't have the money to take such a gamble, and as others have said, they wouldn't know how to capitalise on the new name either to try and attract new fans.... You could possibly argue that if they had the backing like a Manchester United, they possibly wouldn't need to change their name as they would suddenly be able to heavily promote their brand and grow audiences through increased awareness and success.
  15. Unfortunately it feels like many of the supporters of these clubs would rather let their club die that stomach a name change or a merger.... Especially if you can take the recent examples with Swinton and Salford both entertaining adding 'Manchester' to their name... The sad reality is, most of the clubs neither have the money or expertise to 'grow their brand' tied to the old naming or even if they did eventually change, know how to take advantage of the larger region they now represent.
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