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  1. We're a funny lot us Rugby League fans, we love to create all these 'artificial' barriers or reasons why we feel someone from outside of the 'heartlands' shouldn't be doing something. I mean, what wrong did this Valencia team really do? They completely underwrote the game, paid for Featherstone to fly across, covered the officials and Salford loan players, took the match to an area with very little Rugby League exposure and attracted a crowd of over 500, and will now prepare to take part in the upcoming Spanish Domestic season. Did they take money from the RFL or the game which could have been spent elsewhere? No Are they investing in Spanish Rugby League and continuing to do so after this game? Yes So what they lost by 88 points, Bradford beat Salford by 80 points back in 2000, don't remember reading anyone saying 'why are they bothering playing League in Salford?' back then. If the concern is whether they'll be able to compete in League One IF (and it is a big IF) they were suddenly granted a license for the 2021 season based upon a one off match, well thankfully if said scenario was likely to happen they will have played more games, their players will have developed, and as they have said all along, whilst there will be a significant local element in the team, they will buy players to complement their squad. They also won't be playing a team as strong as Featherstone or Featherstone A in L1. It is far better they play a one-off friendly, realise the gap between where they want to be and where they are, and have 12+ months to address it, than poor old West Wales, which didn't realise until Game One of their first season.
  2. They haven't confirmed, I think there is plans to have a national competition, with the regional competitions they ran last year (Liga Sur, Liga Centro, Liga Levante) to still operate. The number of teams in the Senior competition hasn't changed that dramatically from the last time they ran a multi-region competition (2018). In that season they only had 6 teams, with 5 from Valencia (Bufals Sedaví, Ontinyent, Torrent Tigers, Valencian Warriors and Xativa Roosters) and 1 from Madrid (Custodians Madrid). I believe the intention is to try and have a more geographically spread top competition, versus the 2017 & 2018 competitions which were pretty much Valencia focused.
  3. https://treizemondial.fr/la-federation-espagnole-cherche-des-joueurs-pour-son-championnat-dete/ Spanish 2020 Season to run from April to June with 5 teams. Breakdown from what I can understand is there will be 3 from Valencia, including the Huracanes, 1x from Madrid and 1x from Oviedo
  4. It's not always about money, but you need to offer some form of relationship / partnership to them, otherwise Google don't bother. In Australia, AFL & Super Rugby have the schedule shown, with official club logos, etc, whilst A-League has just shields instead of colours, NRL I think may have been shown previously, but currently no NRL schedule is shown when you search. AFL has definitely been proactive working with Google to ensure they come up on Google Search, work with Google Nest Home, etc, I'm sure one of SANZAAR has also. Super League's best bet would be to reach out, Google would possibly be happy to add it, provided SL did the work. For Google, generally the main reason a sport misses out on being highlighted is usually their site can't be indexed in an optimised way by Google (which is generally how a lot of this information is pulled together), the sport doesn't want to work with Google or they've never approached Google.
  5. Is that model really that different than say Amazon's model of buying products / content to get people to subscribe to Prime to then target those individuals to buy everything else? The core difference is Amazon doesn't have the same per household infrastructure costs that the likes of Sky had to incur and have a wider range of Products to sell, but it's the same principle of 'vendor buys content in hope of converting interested fans into customers / subscribers with the aim to maximise the amount of money they can get out of them'. As for viewing habits, live sport is one of the few Products that on TV that is immune to the consumer shift to 'On Demand' entertainment. The shift in expectation from fans is that they are just able to watch on any device when the match is on.
  6. Here's hoping that Mexico is able to resurrect their domestic competitions. They showed a lot of promise between 2013 - 2016, but the last couple of seasons have been a bit of a struggle. The lack of international opportunities has stalled growth a bit I feel.
  7. Main thing was they successfully ran a competition end to end. That is no small feat and credit to all those involved. Everything else, whilst nice and something all Leagues should strive to are nice to haves come the end of the day. Here's hoping most of the players and clubs involved this year want to have a runaround again next year.
  8. You're stirring right? Nothing worked perfectly back in 1995, that is part of the problem the code has faced since then. It didn't help Oldham who went into liquidation two years after their 'cash injection', it didn't help Halifax who had to use all their funds from the sale of Thrum Hall to pay off debts in 98 or Workington who had significant debts by 96'. You could throw in Sheffield, Hull, Gateshead, PSG who all enjoyed anything but 'perfect' just years after their Financial windfalls.
  9. If Rugby League really is as unpopular as you state in the UK, why would the likes of Sky paid as much as they did last deal? Or BBC pay to take the World Cup and the recent Lions Tour? Or would Betfred pay significantly more for naming rights in their renewal? There is clearly a value associated with the sport in terms of subscribers at least, which any other subscription provider will seriously consider. Even if there is a drop in value, we're not suddenly going to drop to zero. As for the PE options, it's good to see the game at least looking into this. A sudden cash injection could significantly help the code boost its profile whilst also minimising the risk with the next TV deal. For me if SL did suddenly get a multi-million dollar cash injection, I would propose that the monies be held centrally and clubs need to put forward business cases and apply for grants. Just letting the clubs pay off existing debts and put it into overpriced marquees won't help the code long term, they need to invest in their brand, their venues and their off-field staff so much more.
  10. Selling Tonga v Samoa in Utah is easier than New Zealand v England in Denver. Firstly, one in every four Tongan's in the US lives in Utah, with the number of 'Tongan-Americans' over 15,000. You then have a similar number of Samoans with one in seven Samoan-Americans also living in Utah. So you have a sizeable community which has a direct association to the two teams playing right from the start, something the Denver match didn't have, before you start targeting just curious locals / etc. For me, so long as the right guarantees are put in place, I hope the match comes off. Tonga is helping the International game grow at an accelerated rate, and the opportunity to travel to the US in the off-season will appeal to a number of their players, which again helps build combinations, gets more players committing to Tonga versus says Australia or New Zealand, and just keeps the team playing regularly. Throw in, Tonga v Samoa is an amazing rivalry and one that we should be trying to play as often as possible.
  11. Bradford Bulls new Home is a quality design.
  12. I would argue the emergence of the Pacific Islands as real competitors to the Big 3 in International Rugby League has actually reduced the number of detractors talking about the code in dismissive style. Arguably I see a lot more positive stories now about the game, our eligibility rules, etc than there ever was before, and in my opinion a complete turnaround from the dark days of the early 2000's. One thing sport loves is an underdog story, and if somehow a Fiji or Tonga won, it would be a brave brave journalist to try and rain on that parade. Sure they might not bring the corporate dollars that a Canada could bring if they one day become a League powerhouse, but it would also create a story that a lot of sports networks, journalists, etc would run with it due to the underdog nature of it. Honestly for our sport, anyone other than the Kangaroos winning 2021 is a win for our sport... regardless of whether it is England or the Cook Islands.
  13. They don't this time around. The RFL / Championship + L1 clubs would need to agree to go all in with SLE for one deal to be done this time around. Now on SLE, if they are smart they should literally be testing the market for every possible scenario that the rights can be divided up. From 10 teams to 16 teams, exclusivity to having a different rights holder for each match, to the broadcaster covering broadcast costs, to Super League taking on these costs themselves and selling the 'feed' to third parties. In this market, it is unrealistic for Super League just to expect Sky to make a decent offer for arguably less (Championship & L1 did have a dollar value for Sky, even if they don't really use the rights, plus arguably they aren't guaranteed Catalans & Wolfpack home games anymore), we need to test to see what Sky considers valuable and then test out every other player to see what we can make work. Unfortunately I don't see us doing this, but I hope I'm wrong.
  14. No, generally only the Premiership. Sometimes they will be extended to the NSW & Queensland Cups, but most competitions play International rules.
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