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  1. Canada could be sooner rather than later... I mean the 5 year residency rule does make it a bit harder for a nation who suddenly gets a Professional Franchise to have a star studded team overnight, but with Toronto now in Super League and Ottawa set to join in 2021, maybe in 3-5 years time they might be able to pull together a more than competitive side between players who have qualified via residency, plus heritage players like Ryley Jacks (Gold Coast Titans), Rhys Jacks (Easts Tigers), Louis Robinson (London Skolars) and Cain Southernwood (Hunslet) in the mix. If Ottawa does take a more 'home grown' approach as indicated, this could suddenly fast track a few guys, plus considering World Rugby appears to have forgotten all about Canada in their international plan, there is a lot of very talented Canadian Rugby Union players who could be very easily lured across to the code if we start providing the right opportunities.
  2. One of those, the blue and grey one, is their training jersey, so outside of maybe trials, it won't appear in any match, whilst the first is their Nines jersey, with all clubs set to have a 'unique' ones of these. So they really only have 5 they'll wear during the NRL season. The yellow and black 'bush shirt' will only be worn once for their Wellington home game (hence the colours) whilst the second from the left is their Indigenous Round jersey.
  3. For those interested, there is highlights from this match on the International Rugby League YouTube page:
  4. There are, but they are generally small in capacity or similar to Goroka. Some of the venues they play at in the Digicel Cup. Muthuvel Stadium - Kimbe, West New Britain Kalabond Oval - Kokopo, East New Britain Joseph Keviame Oval - Mendi Johnson Siki Aipus Oval - Wabag Lae League Oval - Lae
  5. Some action shots. Looks like a capacity crowd there. Would have been a great atmosphere for both teams.
  6. True, I only didn't include them as they don't appear to be as progressed or in as much of a rush as the others. There is of course the likes of Avignon and Villenueve from Elite One who have also expressed an interest, plus Rugby League Ireland have said they want to enter a side. Will any of them happen? Who knows, but it's certainly better our sport is attracting even these types of conversations than if we weren't.
  7. In fairness, the average organic reach of a social post on Facebook these days is less than 5%... Most brands get around 1.8% - 2.4% for a non-promoted post, as such you can follow a brand and completely miss their stuff. Twitter is of course has such a volume and is very time specific, again it is very easy for people to miss, whilst Instagram isn't quite the platform for pushing event attendance. For me, all Saturday's crowd shows, is what is true for so many many many Leagues... They have no budget to market and of what little funds they generally have, they don't know how to maximise it or effectively use it. Beyond the NRL, RFL/SL, FFRXIII and PNGRFL, none of the other leagues run regular events each year that draw crowds of 5K or more... NZ when they do get a Test, often get a promoter or the NRL to help, simply because they don't have the resources to effectively promote, yet they have a TV deal, multiple FT staff in place and are in a country that follows League a lot more than Scotland. As such, why did we expect there to be big crowds in Glasgow? I'm sure if most people on this forum had to promote a League match in their own town, with just some social pages and word of mouth, they wouldn't get much more than 300-odd... Anyway as for whether we should be sticking with Scotland from an international perspective... Whilst it has frustrated me in the past the 'favourable' decisions the SRL has had over some other leagues, the reality is today, they are self-funding, able to attract professional players and also are growing their domestic structures, so they deserve to be in the mix as much as anyone else really.
  8. The game can cross that bridge if / when we get to a scenario where suddenly there are too many teams for Super League. Honestly at this point the game has said there will be a minimum of 10 spots reserved for UK teams, currently we only have 3 non-UK teams in the mix, and whilst this number could swell to 6 by 2021 (Ottawa, NYC, Valencia), there will still only be 3 foreign clubs fighting for an SL spot until 2023 anyway, so it's not something that has to be sorted immediately, nor do we need to put up unnecessary barriers for new clubs in the short term over 'what ifs'. Maybe SL breaks into conferences, maybe all the non-English clubs break away to form their own competition, maybe enough Continental teams come into the mix and become SL Europe, whilst the current SL becomes SL UK or something... All on all if there is the support and monies for the game to concern itself with needing to tackle that problem, that is a good issue for the game to be having.
  9. Technically a 2019 Shirt. This is Scotland's 25 year anniversary kit 
  10. Their plans to have 50% local players in their squad from day dot and to be in L1 by 2021 are definitely more on the ambitious side of things, especially after the difficulties Ottawa and NYC have had, but still this is a positive thing. Firstly, the trial match, if there is a market there, this is a good first step to understanding what that looks like. It is also a good way for all concerned to get a feel for costs, etc, as if they join L1, they'll arguably be hosting more than 10 of these a season. Secondly, the fact they'll be playing in the local league will provide a boost there in the short term and if this can help Spanish RL turn things around a bit, that's a positive for all. All in all we should welcome these types of ventures. If they don't turn into anything, so be it, but if they do they can provide a significant boost to the game. It's not like they are taking away from monies which otherwise would be going to the game in the UK.
  11. If you are only looking at a single sponsorship, and not the overall sponsorship portfolio or the impact on the brand of the company, then yes you are right that the value should be one of the more important aspects of any deal. However you shouldn't, in my opinion and from being involved in selling Sporting Corporate sponsorship in the past, looking at the deals in purely isolation and only on dollar values can be very dangerous, especially as certain partners can help attract other partners. Comparing a billion dollar company against a billion dollar company with 5x difference in offering isn't a realistic scenario a club would be seeing. If your scenario was true, for most businesses you'd be able to spin a more than positive story about signing the multinational brand that is Taco Bell, and there is too much of a dollar difference. However let's just say the scenario was one of Salford's other sponsors - Steadfast Expoy Flooring and they offered 700K versus Morson would say only offered 500K, you would seriously still look at Morson and possibly still go with that deal because: Better for the Salford Brand - Recognisable company versus not recognisable, makes the club look larger, more impressive on first impression as they can attract dollars from a company like Morson. Greater opportunity for revenue from Morson - There is potential upsell in Corporate Hospitality, contract renewals, etc as they are a bigger company. Opportunity to attract other larger partners - Firstly Morson's is a recruiter, so they have in's for 100's of companies, which if Salford is smart, will try and take advantage of by encouraging Morson to 'invite' these other groups to AJ Bell Stadium. Secondly other big brands don't want to be mixed with no name brands. Other Services / Promotions - Look at Dacia versus Kingstone Press Cider for England. Both did promotions for England down under... one was only able to get on-product pushes, the other got back page of The Telegraph...
  12. They are only expected to be in the Ron Massey Cup for 1 season, at the most 2. It is conditional on the Government funding and in the NRL Strategic plan that they need to be in the Canterbury Cup (NRL requires 2021, Government gives them until 2022). The Canterbury Cup is actually televised on both Fox Sports and Channel 9, so they get 2 live games a week, plus FBC has already expressed interest in covering the Silktails, so it's not like they won't have coverage moving forward.
  13. How many seats does the lower bowl fill versus the upper tiers? Provided this graphic that was put out yesterday is correct, then all the lower is full, and over 50% of the upper is gone. Assuming it's like 50K lower, and 26K upper, that would be roughly 63K sold as of yesterday.
  14. Have to love how people take a few quotes (and not even the whole quote) from McDermott and use it to either be 'anti-Toronto' and 'big city teams' or use it the other way and suddenly call for existing teams to die / merge or what not. It's not what he was saying, nor is it the path the game needs to take. There is room for existing 'Northern Towns', however the game also, it order to grow, needs to have a presence in some larger centres to make it more appealing to sponsors and investors. That's not to say League needs to do things drastically differently... We already have a pretty decent presence in areas like Bradford, Newcastle, York, Toulouse plus a foothold in say Sheffield, Coventry and so on, which if supported and tied with a serious plan over the next decade could do wonders to the marketability of the competition, especially if the likes of Ottawa, New York join the fold. There is also an opportunity, if a team wants it, to become more of a 'Manchester' team or 'Liverpool' team without needing to merge or rename.... I mean it's longer from the centre of London to Walton than it is from the centre of Liverpool to St Helens, yet it doesn't stop Everton being labelled as a 'London' team.
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