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  1. Since the last World Cup, Australia has won 2 out of 4 Tests they've played, so they are by far the same dominant side as they were back in 2017. Of that NSW team that played, both Jarome Luai and Brian To'o have said that they want to play for Samoa at the 2021 World Cup and Junior Paulo has previously played for Toa whilst Tariq Sims and Daniel Saifiti have previously played for Fiji. Playing on the dry track of Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville is also nothing like playing at any of the fields in the UK, except for Leigh... but I don't think they'll get a match there.
  2. They've named the squad, it's Jackson Hastings. Sheens felt he didn't need anyone else when deciding who should play for the Combined Rest of the World Other Nationalities All Stars Invitational XIII, although I hear Blake Austin is an outside chance of either Wing, Fullback or Prop forward.
  3. It's great to see the Edinburgh Eagles actively seeking additional games to play and for the North East Rugby League to help accommodate them. Also great to see that newcomers, the Forth Valley Vikings, have already launched a juniors program for ages 13 - 18 as well.
  4. For those claiming the Brazil team is just made up of 'Australians posing as heritage players', this is the make up the 18-man squad: 10 players qualify for Brazil as they were born and grew up in the country 5 players qualify for Brazil as both their parents were born and grew up in the country 3 players qualify for Brazil because one of their parents were born and grew up in the country 1 player qualifies under the grandparent rule Further, the Brasil Rugby League did apply to try and bring over 3 players from Brazil for the match, however this request was, un
  5. I have to admit I've never quite understood the reluctance from the RFL to try a match between England and Ireland outside of a World Cup in England. In the two times the two nations have faced off (2000 and 2013) both matches have been sell outs, from a player pool perspective they have always had a larger pool of eligible players than a lot of other European nations and even from a historic migration perspective, there is a significant Irish community / connection in the RL Heartlands. Understandably playing a match in Ireland would possibly not be a huge success, simply because li
  6. Honestly if that was happening, it would mean we are doing something right in Scotland and would mean that we had established some good junior pathways. The reality is, we are a long way from that being an issue and if it does become one, getting the investment to create an L1 team in Scotland would actually be significantly easier. If we had to create some sort of team in Scotland, we'd be better off trying to get a side into the Academy system, luring across some talented athletes and then hoping that some get signed by RL teams and others decide to play in the local league.
  7. USARL has formally extended the olive branch to NARL teams and players to take part in the 2021 season. https://www.rugbyleagueplanet.com/2021/06/08/usa-rugby-league-extends-olive-branch-to-narl-teams/ Hopefully they all take it up.
  8. Having Australia involved in any future tournaments is nice, but as the last Four Nations showed, New Zealand and even Scotland attract strong audiences. In fact, you could arguably say any RL international not relegated to the Red Button can pretty comfortably draw 800K and above on BBC, with those involving England of course drawing larger audiences.
  9. In fairness to Oxen, I feel they did as well as they could with the limited design scope they had available to them. I mean, they couldn't do hoops cause that's too close to Wigan, they couldn't do a red V because that is too close to St Helens, blue seems to be a no go, especially with fans on this forum, and they couldn't do a plain white kit for a range of reasons including it doesn't sell as well and contractually they had to provide something different than what Hummel did. Considering England has had the St George cross in every RLWC kit since 95 (even in 2013 we had a light gr
  10. It's not bigger than the logo on the Hummel England or GB kits. The fact the horizontal line on the St George cross is only slightly taller does give a bit of an optical illusion.
  11. I guess the fortunate / unfortunate thing with how League does international events is brands like BritVic can come on close to tournament kick off and arguably not have missed many of the marketing opportunities. It's not like say FIFA World Cup or the Olympics where there are often years of build up events for brands to cash in on. Now I'm not sure if BritVic's relationship with PepsiCo is a bit like Coca Cola Amatil (Now CCEP) and The Coca Cola Company, but if it is, then PepsiCo will have had visibility and buy into this deal, and arguably if they are going to do anything like br
  12. Having the rights and being contractually obliged are two very different things though.
  13. Is the BBC under any contractual obligations to create this show? And do they do the same for other sports with roughly the same profile as League? From an outsider perspective, it seems weird that they invest in a show which has on screen talent for a competition they don't actually have the rights to, which predominantly just shows highlights, which are now accessible on multiple websites and platforms shortly after full-time. It also seems weird that neither the RFL or Super League acknowledge or promote even the existence of the show. It really creates a cycle of meh-ness where t
  14. Just two more being added to an already impressive list of sponsors signing on for the RLWC: Cazoo : Paid 7 figure sum to be principal partner and have shown they have plenty of cash to splash, through their sponsorships of Aston Villa F.C. and Everton F.C Kuehne + Nagel : Just a small transport & logistics company that averages around 17bn in revenue per year. Kappa : Multinational sports brand. Averages around 300m per year in revenue. New Era : Possibly the largest sports cap brand in the world, average over $1bn in revenue per year, has licensing agreements w
  15. The Barracudas are a California RL club, not an NARL club, they still intend on playing this year.
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