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  1. Outside of matches against St Helens, Wigan hasn't draw a home crowd much above 13K in quite a few years, so not sure where your 18K-20K is coming from, especially as this is the third time the teams have met this year and Wigan is having an average season. Arguably if Wigan was having a good year the crowd at Anfield would have been greater than 30K as well. Wakefield's best against Catalans recently is 5,065, whilst outside of last year's season opener against the Giants, Hull usually gets around 9K-10K. As for your comments about Catalans, I don't name the Catalans because Magic is clearly being held in the UK, not France or even Spain or Italy where it is easier for their fans to travel to. This isn't like the other 5 clubs who took part who all had fans who could do the round trip in the day by car quite easily. Even if we take Catalans most recent home crowd against Wakefield, the combined aggregate isn't much above 30K (Wakefield gets around 8K in Perpignan).
  2. Two years at a venue is possibly the ideal. It is usually not too difficult to get a YoY increase from Y1 to Y2 (provided Y1 isn't a complete stuff up), but for a lot of RL Events we plateau in Y3 and go backwards from then. NRL should just lock in the next 6 years giving each venue 2. They could even mix it up so a venue gets it one year and then again 3 years later.
  3. We really lose perspective sometimes and let our biases really affect our judgement at times as fans of our code. Whilst I don't think I've read anyone say they would rather go to Liverpool than Newcastle, even with a poorer fixture line-up, we: - Drew a crowd average of over 10K for each game which is significantly above the season average. - We drew an aggregate which is larger than what these matches would have got combined at Wigan, Hull and Wakefield (and more if you swap with Warrington and Huddersfield). - Had a significant increase in media coverage YoY. If Sunday is a comparable crowd to Saturday, we should be still looking at the event as being successful, especially if we look at the criteria of: - Drawing crowds / boosting the average - Getting more media coverage
  4. Crowd starting to move in more than 40 minutes before kick off, venue looks amazing. Here's hoping for a decent turnout for both days and a successful event! Super League has been enjoying some positive momentum, let's not have Magic de-rail that
  5. Completely agree that we don't want to diminish the sport, and the intention of doing Double Headers for the GF and CC Final was all about raising the profile of the Women's game by: - Giving the Women an opportunity to play in front of a bigger crowd. - Exposing the media and fans that will already be there to the highly talented women in our sport. - Use it as a way to help raise the profile of the Men's event and help fill seats (if Cas v Fev can get over 1100 for a round game, how many fans might turn out to see the Cas Women at Old Trafford?) - Try and get the games on TV. One of the biggest costs for broadcasting is around bump in, bump out (time it takes, people involved, etc), it certainly is a lot bigger then getting a camera crew to stick around for an extra 2 hours. As such it is far more likely either Sky and BBC would pick up the matches, which is only a positive for all involved.
  6. We can't expect the media to take the Women's Super League more seriously until we as a sport do it ourselves. Whilst the Our League Livestreams are good, we don't even maintain the RFL Women's Social Channels and the other channels (including web and email) we control the updates are mixed in and often hidden by the Championship and everything else. Playing their major games seperate to the Men's is a real missed opportunity for the sport. The Grand Finals last year was a classic example of this, both in Manchester, but one was at Manchester Regional Arena, one at Old Trafford both on the same day. If we want Sky to broadcast the Women's Final, we either have to play them on seperate days or play them as a Double Header, with I'm sure the later being the preference from a cost perspective to Sky.
  7. Funny you use that comparison, when the CFL actually did try that approach, they did actually have some success with the Baltimore side averaging 37,347 compared to the Canadian Avg of 22,740 in 1994 and 30,111 v 24,406 in 1995. Anyway regardless completely agree that you can't just put a team in a city and expect it to work, or for fans of other teams nearby just to change sides. That said, I feel we do ourselves no favours when we actually have people with money wanting to try these ventures, by making it difficult for them.
  8. If it's gone from £2.7m for 3 years to around £5m for 2 years (which is what they are suggesting) that is definitely very impressive and credit to Elstone and the team for being able to drive up that value (which even 12 months ago you would argue wouldn't have been there). Anyway, it must be alright, as the Engage deal (which this is said is bigger), was over £1.5m a year towards the end of their relationship.
  9. With Ottawa coming in either next year or the year after, there should be a plan (I know, almost unheard of in RL) to try and fast track Canada, at least, over the next 5 years from an International perspective. Between Ottawa looking to draft local talent, the existing player base between the Canadian Rugby League and Rugby Unions, the many eligible players plying their trades already in Australia or the UK, and those who will eventually qualify based upon residency after 5 years, there is a path to making a competitive team, provided a framework is put in place. If a proper calendar was put together over the next 5-10 years for Canada, starting with first the likes of the Knights, France or other Home Nations visiting regularly (or Canada travelling over to play them), then relatively quickly the Wolverines could be turned into a competitive side. Naturally of course, we'd actually have to put into action a plan and stick to it... maybe if we had some more foresight, we could have gotten the Wolfpack and Ottawa to help underwrite it (ie. Condition of your License, is you must underwrite one home international for Canada at your venue, including travel costs for a Tier 2 opponent outside of the Americas)
  10. I feel like there is room for both, or at least, I don't feel like Sky is going to let Super League just get rid of Magic Weekend anytime soon. Anyway, it would be great if every Super League team could play at least one game a season at a bigger venue and try and turn it into a blockbuster. Potentially it could be a shared match between both teams, ie. Wigan v Saints will be played 3x times this year, you have one at Totally Wicked, one at DW Stadium and then the third could be taken somewhere else and made into its own unique event, not just the same fixture again and again. Where that is, and whether it is close enough for fans to be prepared to travel, or whether the clubs involved can engage the local community is another matter, however, if the match is a joint promotion from both clubs, it means you can consider doing things like this: Giving all members of both clubs tickets to the game Sharing all promotion costs, venue hire, etc but also sharing then any revenues Using say Wigan and St Helens again, you would potentially be starting with what 15-20K before you actually have to go and sell a ticket? Provides a good basis for selling it as an 'event' Anyway, if Magic is kept, then Magic also needs to be moved away from where these 'big matches' could take place. ie. There is no point playing Magic at Anfield, when arguably Warrington v St Helens could be played there that same year (or in the same vicinity). Firstly it reduces the neutrals who might attend either 'event' as they'd possibly only go to one game at Anfield in the year and secondly it can arguably create embarrassment for the sport if single club game draws the same or more than one of the days for Magic.
  11. BBC talking up that the crowd will be at least 30K https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-league/48301695 All other reports now talking 25K+ at least, so I things looking promising for a new Super League record.
  12. So the corner between the Wigan and Catalan fans has been put on General Sale, and there is less than 50-odd tickets available. On the Grandstand side, all of the second level is now sold out (Bays 201 - 210) whilst there is really strong sales on the third Level between Bays 302 - 308. On the opposite side, around 50% of the available tickets have been moved between Bays 228 - 234, whilst there are also some reasonable sales on Level 3 on that side, although also a number of Bays on that Level which look like they'll be covered and thus are not on sale. Behind Wigan's end, there is around 40% of available tickets sold between 241 - 248, whilst the other end of the field, about a third of the lower bowl tickets between 116 - 123 have been moved... If that's only 23,500 tickets, then it is going to look alright on TV as there will be a decent number of people in the lower bowl, plus then people up to Level 3 near the halfway points on the sidelines, with the lower bowl in both those seconds packed and one end of the ground packed.
  13. I wonder if they are understating sales or if that figure doesn't include all sales. The match has had days where it has moved over 900 tickets in 24 hours and they announced over 22,000 sold almost a week ago, so the figures don't add up. Same, if you look at ticket sales there has even been strong sales onto the third level between the 10 - 10 and behind the ingoals, so unless they're all freebies or they are just randomly taking small groups of seats off sale everywhere, then I can't see how only 23K has been moved.
  14. I know the report from L'Independent stated that only 22K had been sold, but having a look at the sales movement, I feel like that number is understated... Since even my last update a couple of weeks ago, there has been some really sold ticket sales moment. In the Grandstand, 201 - 210 is now down to single seats, where even a week ago you could easily still buy blocks of seats, on the other side, 228 - 235, significant blocks have now moved. Behind the south goal there is actually a really sold amount of sales now, and just above the Wigan area on the North Goal is selling strongly as well. There also could be more sales in the sections of the ground which have been held for Catalans and Wigan... I haven't increased them, despite many feeling like the Wigan area is a lot larger than what is being depicted (and arguably is supported by people buying into the section above). Anyway, I would have thought we were closer to the 30K mark.... this certainly isn't like a Denver scenario, the ticket sales are quite obvious and you can see clear day by day movement... it's really rather encouraging.
  15. They've done a few Instagram Stories as well (FC Barcelona) which have gone out to their 70m followers and I believe actually did something at their last home game on the weekend
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