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  1. Or just have 2-3 weeks break in early August and play in the best weather either side of that? Especially considering that winter teams will play friendlies at the back end of August anyway.
  2. That's dead right. Our league had several gap weeks last year and the players said it worked really well for them. Interesting reading an article in the latest 40-20 where David Gent says the RFL's stats are showing that August is the worst month for player unavailability. Our experience of early August every year would support this.
  3. You couldn't have scripted that better. I love Rugby League!
  4. You've got predominantly blue kit with some amber on it, and a predominantly amber kit with some blue on it. The psychic kit designers at Leeds weren't to know that Warrington would move away from their predominantly white shirt of last year to a kit that would clash with both. Yep you're right - it's all Leeds' fault. I'm sure they'll be consulting with Warrington in the future before they confirm any kit designs... Bottom line - it ain't that important. Yes it wasn't the clearest distinction between the two teams, but I've seen worse. Hopefully common sense will prevail next time. And the Leeds kit designers will be burned at the stake...
  5. Mate, if you don't think that these shirts look massively different then you need your eyes testing! Are you seriously implying you could confuse the two?
  6. Quite easily - Warrington have alot of blue and yellow on their home shirt. Leeds have a predominantly blue home shirt, and a predominantly yellow away shirt, so they both clash with Warrington's home shirt. But to say that Leeds' home and away kits clash with each other would be ludicrous. Say for example Leeds decide to have a predominantly red away kit one year, but then for that season Wakefield's home kit is red and blue. Leeds' blue home kit and red away kit would both clash with Wakefield's home shirt. Sometimes it just happens that way. The sensible thing would've been to have Warrington wear red and green or force Leeds to use a different colour for the final. But you can hardly blame Leeds when they were designing their kits at the start of the year for not accounting for what Warrington may or may not wear.
  7. To be fair, Leeds' away kit is massively different from their home kit. It just happened that Warrington's home kit this season clashes with both.
  8. I thought it was a saucy wrestling move
  9. I think this was part of the problem last time. David Waite oversaw the whole thing, and instead of having two separate squads with their own ideas and tactics etc, it looked like a pre-season trial game with players coming off to allow Waite to have a look at different combinations. This meant that the intensity dropped off in spells and it came across to the public. I can't imagine Queensland or NSW allowing a coach to oversee and provide input to both squads.
  10. I remember that game. Lancs still had their 'star' players playing. Problem was that come the internationals at the end of the year, all of the usual suspects were still in the team* and few of the Yorkshire players made the squad. This made the concept of Yorks v Lancs being used as a test trial completely redundant. *and we still got beat by the Aussies...
  11. Only in Rugby League. The year before potentially the biggest international tournament in the game's history and instead of drumming up interest by playing some high profile fixtures, the biggest team decide to take a year off...
  12. QUOTE (Jimmy B @ Jul 4 2010, 01:34 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just what has the Professional game got to show for the money they have received from Sky over the last 15 years ? I've enjoyed watching it
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