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  1. And you sound like you are one of the followers that believes everything that comes out of Carters mouth. You really shouldn’t. And i say that from personal experience of the man.
  2. Sky have us on 4. Think the rule change was only for the lower leagues.
  3. Problem is those championship quality players know they are never going to get a payday like this one again though so they aren't walking away from their contracts for nothing. They would require a payoff to make up the shortfall in any contract offered by another club and that settlement money would count on Toronto's cap, so the reality is it would likely only free up enough cap space to sign an equally average championship-level player or at best a couple of lower-end short term loans. And in any case it sounds like they need to release a couple of those players just to be able to play one of their current players in Chase Stanley in the first instance. So yes they are likely stuck with what they have got which will probably see them go straight back down. It's a fair old mess.
  4. Averagely coached Leeds to nick it against a poorly coached Warrington. Leeds by 4.
  5. Yes it does. But given it is only a months salary then the club will likely have enough wiggle room. If he was to sign permanently after 4 weeks then his whole annual salary would then count which may be more of a problem if someone doesn’t move on.
  6. A coach ain’t getting sacked one game into the season, half a dozen at least before the conversation should be had. But it won’t happen. Carter & Chester are big mates so unless Chester quits he is safe.
  7. Decent enough shirt but ruined by the excessive sponsorship. 5/10 at best.
  8. If this deal requires Yorkcourt paying the loan off then forget it because it won’t happen. I can see a fair bit of opposition to this in the district, i doubt it’s cut and dried yet.
  9. The council will initially reject it but it will be over-turned in court. Yorkcourts solictors know they have this in the bag on technical grounds, it’s all part of the long game. Pains me to say it but unless we accept a low scale Belle Vue upgrade the club is done.
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