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  1. At Wigan, one had "O'Neill" on his shirt and the other one had "Jules". I think it was only for a season.
  2. Good try, even better conversion, given the weather. Full Time - Salford 6:26 Wigan
  3. I don't think he expected Nsemba to get the ball, like his team-mate who tackled French, who looked the more likely target. If you're not set to tackle a big guy, you're going to get bounced.
  4. After quite a lot of searching, I have acquired PDFs of the first two of Steve Bruce's three crime novels, Striker! and Sweeper! Yes, this is the same Steve Bruce who was a long-time mainstay of Manchester United's defence before joining the managerial merry-go-round, during which latter career he penned these masterpieces. Actual print copies are rarer and more expensive than Don Estelle's autobiography, so PM me if you're interested...
  5. A shame Da Costa went off so early, as the Catalans' attack might have been a bit more potent.
  6. That could be the game. Ashton on the end of a pass that was probably supposed to be for a team-mate.
  7. Warrington are defusing the high balls with the sun in their eyes really well so far.
  8. Dressed crab is one of my very favourite things to eat.
  9. The winning factor looks likely to be heat and fatigue, because both sides have given a lot in that first half.
  10. Worth saying that Penrith were absolutely on fire in the first half, when most of the scoring happened. Half time in the third match of the day, and Souths lead Parra 22:12 but Mitchell's been binned for a hip-drop tackle.
  11. Barnestoneworth Sharks 0:42 Penrith Panthers at FT!
  12. Try given and converted. The visitors have had the occasional flash of form like that, but follow it up with a bombed chance by Reynolds.
  13. I have to say it has been quite entertaining so far! The second try was very nice indeed.
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