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  1. Mitchell is off with a hamstring problem. Taafe is on at FB, and looking lively.
  2. Same here; I might get the radio commentary on for the second half of Canberra/Melbourne, but that's still pretty early.
  3. Except all those years when ITV had the rights.
  4. Sorry; accidental plural. Just a single gigantic stupid rule.
  5. Saturday the 9th of April 19:00 - Albi v Saint-Gaudens (YouTube) Sunday the 10th of April 15:00 - Villeneuve v St-Esteve Catalan (YouTube) 15:30 - Lezignan v Avignon (Facebook) 16:00 - Carcassonne v Limoux (Facebook)
  6. Almost as idiotic and self-damaging as RU's rules against RL "contamination" during their shamateurism era.
  7. Frantic finish! Two penalties against the Roosters in the final 10 seconds, but they held on to win. Very entertaining.
  8. Hat-trick for Oates! But he's incurred a legular injury in the process of celebrating. But Reynolds slices a straightforward-looking conversion wide - 20:24 with just over a minute left.
  9. That's it, game over! Tupouniua with a try, following the Broncos' failed attempt at a short kick-off. Converted for 16:24.
  10. Sam Walker's conversion attempt makes it 16:18 with five minute left for the Broncos to at least get to Golden Point.
  11. Joey Manu's effort being sent up as no try. Bunker says... TRY!
  12. Ooh, Oates picks Naiqama's pocket for a Broncos try!
  13. Joey Manu levels the scores with ktc. Brisbane fans have seen this before, many times.
  14. Sam Walker with the Roosters' first try. The start of their comeback/a Broncos collapse?
  15. Wow! The Broncos are 10:0 up against the Roosters.
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