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  1. Just spotted this BTL comment on the Grauniad's match report: "Just watched someone in a Wigan shirt, pretending to be a chicken, running around a Waitrose in South London. A bet forfeit?"
  2. 5pm to 5:45pm, BBC2. Just after today's French game finishes live streaming, conveniently.
  3. 3pm UK time. So it won't clash with the GF highlights if you want to watch both.
  4. Okay, the season's over. Now what? The usual twelvety squillion league restructure threads? The players tonight have excelled themselves, so can we do better too?
  5. Plus those young Wigan forwards will be starting the season with a year's more experience than they had at the start of 2020. I think there's a lot more to come from those kids too.
  6. Oh dear, all it took was a pat on the shoulder from LMS to pass on the potty-mouth virus to Walmsley.
  7. Well done St Helens. I was wishing for a different result, but I won't forget this final soon. Incredible.
  8. Can't wait 'til 2021, when he gets to play the ur-Bateman. Could be tasty.
  9. It is no more of a fluke than a reliable kicker like Don Fox missing an easy conversion. This is what sport comes down to sometimes. If it was predictable, who'd bother watching?
  10. Imagine if the RFL had listened to all the dismal fun-sponges who said this season wasn't worth playing and that the title would be devalued.
  11. Twitter is full of people simultaneously thrilled and aghast at the physical contest.
  12. Incredible end to an incredible final. Both sides ran their blood to water for the trophy, and that's as it should be. Congratulations to James Graham and St Helens.
  13. Wow x 100. If that's the winner, it'll be in every highlights reel for years!
  14. And somehow, whatever you think of the penalty*, it is kind of fitting that the scores are level again. *Warrington fans calling for the death penalty excepted, naturally.
  15. Out off the bar for Hardaker's conversion attempt. In a game this tight, that could be vital.
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