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  1. The agreement is that the BBC get one match. Last year, there was a second BBC match, as Sky chose not to show it (France v NZ or Aus, can't remember which) and the Beeb picked up the option. Given the time difference, I don't know if they will take a second match if offered this time, as it would disrupt their TV schedule.
  2. If both clubs push this as a real 'event' match and just market the hell out of it, especially to kids, this could be a very good opportunity indeed. Any Rugby League fans in the Everton squad?
  3. Since Sky get first choice, the BBC match will probably be the one against PNG. Which I wouldn't mind, actually.
  4. Just announced on Radio 5. KC to take up coaching post.
  5. In the case of the France match, I believe it was relegated to The Superleague Show. As for the last 4N, they showed the highlights in the weekend afternoons, which is when most sofa spuds would expect to see BBC sports coverage. So no problem there.
  6. forgot another thing - the continuing presence of George Riley on the airwaves. I'd argue that it is probably helping Sky too. If more people are able to see Rugby League, more people will become sufficiently interested to take out a Sky Sports subscription.
  7. The RFL might have got more money, but the sport would have lost a major chunk of national FTA coverage. So it is sort of bad, sort of good. We seem to be doing better by the BBC these days; I posted somewhere else (a while back) on this subject that they are showing more Rugby League these days than they have in ages, if ever. Challenge Cup - several rounds and the final - live Superleague Show - okay, the national broadcast is at insulting o'clock, but it is shown and can be recorded or watched via iPlayer Playoffs & Grand Final - highlights Internationals - 1 live match per year, plus highlights of the others World Club Challenge - highlights
  8. He definitely seems to be enjoying himself, and that always makes a difference to performance in any walk of life. Also, like Ellis, he was on good form right from the start, so his confidence was always high.
  9. Of course, there is no way that this thread will degenerate into tedious name-calling and listing of all forwards in one's main rival club. Nope, absolutely no way. Not ever.
  10. Thanks to a radio archive website, I'm working my way through all of David Quantick's 'Blaggers Guide' programmes. Very funny.
  11. He's still a bit over-eager with offloads, but he, like Ellis at Wests, has quickly become a crowd favourite. And the Aussie pundits are being forced to admit that the British can play Rugby.
  12. Dear God, imagine those two out on the lash!
  13. Unfortunately, that's not an uncommon mindset. There are those who think that only born-and-bred Northerners deserve Rugby League and that nobody else can possibly be a 'true' fan or hold a valid opinion on the sport. The whole wording of this petition could not be better designed to be ignored by the RFL. It comes across as paranoid, backward-looking and entirely negative.
  14. I got my copy yesterday - a bit late, but it takes a lot to make me visit Brent Cross, even for such an august publication. Someone had hidden the RLWs again, BTW. I've only dipped in to a couple of articles so far, but it, once again, looks very good. I hadn't got to Cliff's exemplary diary, so the news in this thread was a shock. He will be missed by everyone, I'm sure.
  15. I listened to this match on Radio 5 and reckoned Warrington were going to win after Wigan didn't make enough of their opponents' appalling ball retention in the first half. I suppose it keeps the top of the table close, but still a bit disappointing.
  16. Although he seems to have already returned to RU, signing for the new Melbourne Rebels franchise.
  17. I've had crocodile burgers, purchased from OsGrow Online, which were nice. White meat, and a mild flavour, by the way.
  18. 11 years of magnanimity, as Wigan let the little teams win for a change.
  19. A discussion and phone-in programme, presented by George Riley and featuring Ian Millward, Luke Dorn and Stewart Pyke. 9:30 'til 10:30. LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION
  20. Snails can be very rubbery, from personal experience. They need plenty of cooking time to soften them up.
  21. Hey, my post was tongue-in-cheek, okay? From what I remember of the story Garry was stitched up more than a bit in his first foray into coaching. Let's hope he can bring the South Africans along a bit.
  22. Surely it'd be more like "Right, hands up anyone from Lancashire or Yorkshire! What, none of you? You shouldn't be playing Rugby League, then. I'd advise you to give up, 'cause it'll never work out."
  23. Reason enough, in that one post, why a time machine absolutely must be invented. That'd be one hell of a team to watch if you assembled them in their prime. Interesting that none of the Wigan selections so far have included Brett Kenny. I remember 2GB had a phone-in on all-time best selections. One guy rang in with his selection for the Hunter Mariners.
  24. Cowboy Junkies - To lay me down Mike Keneally - Lightnin' Roy Dillard & Clark - Don't let me down Danny Gatton - Quiet Village Willie Nelson - Somebody pick up my Pieces Leon Russell - Mystery Train Phish - Swept away Bobby Purify - Nobody's home By the way, there's a fair amount of free Amazon downloads available at the moment.
  25. You can tell he's been doing commentary, can't you?
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