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  1. So who takes his place - Junior Sa'u? A very different physical specimen to Matai.
  2. She's a competent singer. But without the looks, she'd never have got a record deal. She's a fair bit better than most of those 'crossover classical' artists, though. Best ever, to my mind, was Edwin Starr. Absolutely superb!
  3. Three of Simon Cowell's worthless spawn. Whoopee.
  4. Excuse me while I pause to blow a thick layer of dust off a rotten old joke... ... ... ... ... ... ... I thought he was really good in 'Grange Hill'. I'll get me coat...
  5. Kiwis preliminary squad named. Obviously early days, and will be pruned down over the next few weeks, but there's a fair few new names included:Alex Glenn, Antonio Winterstein (Brisbane) Bryson Goodwin, Ben Roberts (Canterbury) Bronson Harrison (Canberra) Greg Eastwood (Leeds) Kieran Foran, Steve Matai, Tony Williams (Manly) Adam Blair, Sika Manu (Melbourne) Junior Sa'u, Zeb Taia (Newcastle) Krisnan Inu, Fuifui Moimoi (Parramatta) Sam McKendry, Frank Pritchard (Penrith) Nathan Fien, Jason Nightingale, Jeremy Smith (St George Illawarra) Roy Asotasi, Issac Luke, Eddy Pettybourne, Fetuli Talanoa (South Sydney) Shaun Kenny-Dowall, Joseph Leilua, Mose Masoe, Frank-Paul Nuuausala, Sam Perrett, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Sydney Roosters) Lewis Brown, Aaron Heremaia, Lance Hohaia, Kevin Locke, Simon Mannering, Ben Matulino, Russell Packer, Sam Rapira, Jerome Ropati, Ukuma Ta'ai, Manu Vatuvei (New Zealand Warriors) Benji Marshall (Wests Tigers) Thomas Leuluai (Wigan)
  6. An excellent idea, and one that should have been done long ago.
  7. As I posted elsewhere, I just have this hunch that we won't win it this year. The team's more than good enough, as are the other main contenders, but I just have this feeling. It has still been a superb season, whatever happens from now on.
  8. I have a hunch we won't win the GF, even if we make it to the Final. But I am still very proud, pleased and enthused by the way the team has raised their game and become a proper contender with the likes of Leeds and St Helens, after too many rather underwhelming seasons.
  9. While you're waiting, I assume you've already got Henri Garcia's excellent book on the same subject? And Cliff, rest assured that your contributions to the magazine and this website are always valued, appreciated and enjoyed. Don't be a stranger on the TRL forum, now!
  10. Regarding some of the above posts: Vatuvei still goofs every now and then, but his error rate is decreasing year on year, so don't expect to be able to just kick to him and watch him drop it. I like the guy; he plays such an exuberant game, with a smile on his face. Hohaia's chip-chase try against Brisbane was a good 'un, and he almost duplicated the feat later in the game, but was pulled back by a Broncos player. His speed off the mark also gets him close-range tries that you'd normally expect from a hooker. He is, however, still very questionable under a high bomb - a skill he'll probably never entirely master. When Issac Luke is on the pitch for Souths or the Kiwis, the team just seems to crank it up a bit more. Very tough for a little guy. In past years, it always seemed that the Australian NRL clubs were suspiciously keen to make Kiwi players unavailable for internationals for whatever reason, but (this is just my impression) that doesn't seem to be as common any more.
  11. Especially as the RFL had actually managed to hire a decent singer this year.
  12. You forgot to add "nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more".
  13. Check some of the advice on these sites. You might want to start looking into this right away, as you don't want to be frantically downloading/installing/setting up at the last minute, and some of these options may be complicated.
  14. Do any computer-savvy types on TRL know if the BBC iPlayer can be fooled as to one's location by the use of a proxy server? If so, this might be worth looking into.
  15. The Dime site has a Leon Russell gig from 1970, which includes the support act - some young lad by the name of Elton John. Timely, as Leon & Elton have just recorded an album together.
  16. There will be both pre- and post-match coverage on the red button, probably due to Formula 1 coverage taking up so much of the BBC's time. From the red button schedule: 1330-1405 Pre-match analysis ahead of the Rugby League Cup Challenge Cup Final between Leeds and Warrington. 1630-1700 Post-match forum following the Rugby League Cup Challenge Cup Final between Leeds and Warrington.
  17. This company announces a change of website address.
  18. The post-war era saw the last flowering of a truly world-class French international team, proper tours down under and a well-matched GB and Australia. And you can bet your last piastre that, back then, various familiar types were muttering and moaning about how "it's all rubbish these days, who let them foreign types take up the game" and reminiscing about a 'Golden Age' some time previously.
  19. Obviously an anonymous post from a certain Mr Gledhill.
  20. While I can sympathise somewhat with those who (rightly) defend SL's excitement and skill, doing so by rubbishing the NRL is wrongheaded. Whether it is intensity, depth of player pool, coaching or whatever, nobody can deny which hemisphere's main RL competition has produced the vast majority of players in every team to win the Ashes series, the Tri-and-Four Nations and the Rugby World Cup for the last few decades. They must be doing something right or SL must be doing something wrong. Otherwise, the results would read differently. Fobbing any complimentary comment about the NRL with a counterproductive and irrelevant quip about Kleenex is just ignoring reality. Having said that, I don't think this year's NRL season has been a vintage one. I've seen many more poor games this year than I'd expect. Ellis and Burgess are playing well, but in teams that must be very frustrating to support, due to their inconsistency.
  21. That would be another great option - the opportunity to upgrade your seat to the CW block (for a small premium) on the day, when it's obvious how many Club members have taken their seat.
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