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  1. Mind you, looking at the comments below the blog, that DonGorgon is a real charmer, isn't he?
  2. Watching the 'red button' post-match forums, I saw Dave Woods for the first time in quite a while. He's lost a bit of weight, no? In general, the BBC's coverage over the two semi-finals was pretty decent.
  3. Indeed. Try reading the following sentence without the commas: I helped my neighbour, Jack, off his horse yesterday. The Crusaders are looking good for the future, from what I've seen and read. Harlequins, on the other hand, do worry me, partly for the future of the club and partly for the gloating joy that will be expressed on here by many if Rugby League fails anywhere outside the 'heartlands'.
  4. Didn't the ARL have a 2 pool arrangement a few years back (in the Nineties?)? Or is my memory completely failing me? PS, whatever his faults, is at least mainly positive in outlook. His plan at the start if this thread is either total pie-in-the-sky or a very very long term possibility. But it is better than Andy 'Eeyore' Wislon's prophecies of doom or people endlessly trying to drag the game back down to 'the good old days'.
  5. Have you joined Dime? I only signed up yesterday afternoon, and there's been about three or four pages' worth added since then. Amazing.
  6. If it's half as entertaining as their last warm-up match, against Tonga, it'll be well worth seeing.
  7. Thanks to the excellent Dime a Dozen site, I've been enjoying various live stuff by John Prine, Morcheeba, The Staple Singers and Gil Scott-Heron. Life ain't so bad.
  8. Cook 'em like chicken legs, making sure they don't dry out. The flavour's nothing particularly special, but you will be able to say you've tried them.
  9. Maybe a poll is in order? It might turn out that someone, somewhere likes RHD.
  10. The first time I saw the teenage Jason Robinson in action. The years have lent familiarity to his style (and, of course he slowed and became a steadier player), but he was like something from another planet, back then. Barry 'Goal Machine' Ward landing a conversion from the touchline against the Kiwis. Just makes me laugh. The first half of Wales v the Kangaroos at the Millennium Stadium. Specifically, the huge grin on Lee Briers' face when he scored that try.
  11. Worth trying, although I suppose many fans will still be paying off their Christmas overspend.
  12. Most likely - the fans want him back, and they've offloaded Luke Patten, so they can probably afford him.
  13. Indeed - 4 CDs worth of ooh. Sound quality's not too bad for a bootleg either.
  14. Unless you subscribe to BARB, you can only access limited information; in this case, it is just the top ten ranking programmes. Which is why there isn't much data for the Guinness Premiership.
  15. You can't make it bigger as an attachment - you'd have to upload the picture to a site like Flickr or PhotoBucket and link it to here using the 'Insert Image' button.
  16. I think (not 100% certain) that her coach was Slovenian, so that would probably be down to him being persuasive.
  17. Quote from the lady herself: "There was this big fuss (in Jamaica) because people said 'you're too old' and I thought fine, if I'm too old I'll find another country where I'm appreciated"
  18. True; in the last FIFA world cup, the two Boateng bothers played against each other. One for Ghana and one for Germany. If Rugby League had done such a thing, can you imagine the jeering from the usual suspects?
  19. Technically she is a naturalised Slovenian, having lived there for many years and taken Slovenian citizenship. Taking an absolutist 'no' judgement, who should US citizen Martina Navratilova have played for? Czechoslovakia no longer exists.
  20. Free download from Big O - The Band - Live at the Watkins Glen racetrack. A mere 600,000 in the crowd...
  21. The agreement is that the BBC get one match. Last year, there was a second BBC match, as Sky chose not to show it (France v NZ or Aus, can't remember which) and the Beeb picked up the option. Given the time difference, I don't know if they will take a second match if offered this time, as it would disrupt their TV schedule.
  22. If both clubs push this as a real 'event' match and just market the hell out of it, especially to kids, this could be a very good opportunity indeed. Any Rugby League fans in the Everton squad?
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