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  1. Just downloading Matthew Sweet & Susannah Hoffs - Under the Covers Vol.2 - I didn't realise this had been released. I really liked Vol.1, and there are, once again, some interesting song choices here.
  2. A song Danny Baker played on his show the other day; 'Roscoe' by Midlake. Very laid-back, with Fleetwood Mac Mk.2-style vocal harmonies.
  3. Recently: Minnie Riperton - Best of Best of Mountain Stage - Vol.4 John Zorn - The Big Gundown Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady P.M.Dawn - The Bliss Album Masters of Reality - The Blue Garden Mike Keneally - Hat
  4. Mitch Hedberg - Do you believe in Gosh? An American stand-up comedian who died young, after releasing only two albums. Random gags and observations - a lot of fun.
  5. Digitising some vinyl over the weekend for portable use, including 'The Man: the Ultimate Isaac Hayes 1969-1977'. An 18 minute version of 'By the Time I get to Phoenix'? Hell yeah! Also, Bowie's 'Hunky Dory' and 'Ziggy Stardust', plus 'The Best of Blondie' and Jack Bruce's 'A Question of Time'.
  6. Various Artists - Bearded Ladies Vol.1 A bunch of pretty much unknown performers - mainly folk-influenced, some with a kind of psychedelic edge. Six tracks in so far, and it's really pretty good.
  7. Careful now - remember Rod Hull. A mere inch or two here on the Essex/Herts border. Not actually snowing at the moment, but has been all morning.
  8. It has become a tradition with our family to have Thomas Beecham's orchestration of Handel's 'Messiah' playing during Christmas lunch. Gets you in the mood.
  9. What I've been listening to. Not festive but whatcha gonna go about it? John Kay - Forgotten Songs and Unsung Heroes Manitoba's Wild Kingdom (a.k.a. the Dictators) - And you...? Buffy Sainte-Marie - Coincidence and likely Stories Sly & Robbie - Rhythm Killers ("BASS... the final frontier") Paul Kelly & the Messengers - Under the Sun
  10. Recent aural pleasures* chez Futtocks. Buckwheat Zydeco - Where there's Smoke, there's Fire. Includes a excellent cover of the Stones' 'Beast of Burden'. Ian Hunter - Ian Hunter The Leisure Society - A Product of the Ego Drain Harry Nillson - Nilsson Schmillson. Ronnie Montrose - The Diva Station. Colin James - Colin James. His first album, a wild and cocky blues/rock'n'roll debut. Touches of Brian Setzer in the swingier tracks. *leave it!
  11. I've been downloading stuff from this blog - Awesome Tapes from Africa. There's some very good stuff on there.
  12. David Quantick - The Blagger's Guide to Jazz. And, for spods of a certain age, BBC Radio 7 are repeating 'Earthsearch'.
  13. Harry Shearer, who played Derek Smalls, tagged along with the band for a tour. I don't know if he actually roadied for them. He's now just as famous for doing several voices on 'The Simpsons'.
  14. Their bass player was the inspiration behind Spinal Tap's Derek Smalls, trivia fans. One of his piece of advice was to play a lot of open string stuff, as this leaves the left hand free for punching the air.
  15. Great album, that Mudcrutch one. Currently having the old gob soundly smacked by Art Tatum - Piano starts here. Check out the preview clips, especially 'Tiger Rag' - before the age of guitar heroes, Art was shredding on the piano.
  16. Psychedelic grooviness, from the internet radio station The Technicolor Web of Sound.
  17. The Leisure Society - A Product of the Ego Drain. I'm liking this band a lot - good tunes, intelligent arrangements, great harmonies.
  18. A free download from BigOZine: the late, great Isaac Hayes, live. It includes a stonking rendition of 'Chocolate salty Balls' which nobody of taste and discernment can afford to be without.
  19. Spotted in today's Metro - some of the landscape for the new Pixar animation 'Up' is based on a place in Venezuala. Do an image search on "Mount Roraima" for some really mindblowing pictures.
  20. The Four Tops - Meeting of the Minds. An LP I haven't played in nearly 20 years. Great stuff.
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