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  1. I think we could genuinely finish anywhere between (and including) 1st and last. No one has the foggiest notion how good the NRL recruits will be, whether and when the injured/recovering players will be fully fit, whether the young lads will kick on and whether the new head coach is any good.
  2. Penrith were the first club in the queue to destroy this year’s World Cup, so there was never any chance of their coming over here. The ball was always in Saints’ court because the NRL winner this year was off the scale even among the other blinkered parochial cowards. South’s would have come over here no worries…
  3. I know Wigan are a far bigger draw than Saints, but we got a very good crowd for our Roosters game, and decent crowds when we had our mini tour there. We lost some money, but we perceived some wider benefits. If Saints back themselves, then they should go.
  4. Cust and Mago look the best bets for me. Who can tell though - KPP came from nowhere to be a proper first team threat. A lot of in’s so far, in order of decency: Good additions: Cust and Mago (plus I suppose French and Field being fit “like new players” blah blah) Squad/17: Ellis, Thornley Potential: Miski, Silva Out’s: Hastings (a miss), Gildart (MIA for the last 3 years), Manfredi (MIA for even longer), Clubb (thank God), Bullock (on the outer under Lam but seemed to have potential), Clark (never played) So, it wouldn’t take much, such as O’Neill developing into an attacking 9, for next season to be better than this one. If we actually under performed because of Lam rather than lack of talent, Peet knows what he’s doing and we keep Field and French fit, then we could be much much stronger.
  5. More exciting than last season is setting a very low bar. Of our signings, Mago and Cust have clearly got the best pedigree, and you can certainly argue that spotting potential in players with first grade NRL experience is the best value for money approach. I will defer to my Manly supporting contacts who are all certain he will “kill” it over here.
  6. God rest his soul. Good player. Far far too soon.
  7. There is no need for that level of snide. There is plenty of aspiration. They spend millions on developing players, and in the community, though, when they could be putting all their cash into marquee contracts. I think it is misplaced to prioritise that sort of work to the extent we do, but that’s the way they want to go. Catalans’ recruitment strategy and priorities appear to take entirely the opposite approach, which is a shame for promoting the French national team.
  8. I thought at the time that the organisers were making life more difficult for themselves than they needed to by not playing in Wigan. There is a very strong history of people watching these games in big numbers when staged in Wigan. These games will need far less time and energy to sell, leaving the organisers more resources to look at pushing other games. I think one big game in London is sufficient - we southern based lot will turn out in our 10s of thousands, don’t worry - and that the organisers should use any resources spared from this decision to target Newcastle and Middlesbrough. I think the north east is much the best option for expansion we have in the country, and am thrilled we have so many games in the region.
  9. From what I have heard from Manly fans Cust is electric and a great ball player.
  10. Why would you distrust NW? From one step removed, it looks to me like he is putting in the effort with a view to restoring the Bulls. I can’t see any personal upside for him from this...
  11. I am sure most people pick him because they know his name is a trigger for you, Harry.
  12. Now he’s back in big league, I would pencil in Bretherton as a bolter.
  13. It is very unusual for me to agree with what you write, but that was my reaction. It seems to be getting easier and easier to avoid knowing anything about the Vichies.
  14. Insofar as he is saying that we don’t have household names any more, he is right. We all know that we won’t see an Offiah, or a Davies or an Ellery play in SL for more than 10 minutes. We can’t attract the best and we can’t keep the best. He was playing before the option of playing a much easier form of rugby paid more, when we played with seasons which overlapped between NH and SH, and the gap between the NRL and our league was much smaller. If we had to keep the cap, which I would abolish, as the downsides far outweigh any upsides that I can detect, then we could link it to revenues. In that way it would stop teams paying players so much they go into oblivion.
  15. I enjoyed it. I was worried after 20 minutes, but relaxed after 30 minutes. France showed bags of promise. The problem with our game, though, is that the better team will win very often. You only 2/3 weak links, and you will find yourself shipping 30 points. I am not sure how many more France can add to their team, but if they are slightly stronger then there is no excuse for England’s not playing them much more frequently.
  16. I disagree. Our game has a long tradition of considering international competition to be the pinnacle of the game. We have never before been in a position where one competition has such financial power and influence it can take anybody from anywhere. We have never before been in a position in which a league can dictate if and when any internationals are played. The scenario of doom for the game outside Australia is one in which they sign up any talented youngsters and all of the top talent, play them or hoard them (and they will soon have 18 clubs, so the potential for both is clearly there), while the world outside is left with the scraps. Having successfully gone “nah, don’t fancy it” to this year’s World Cup, next time it will be even easier. Give them a couple of years and they will have their own international calendar, with England and France “allowed” to arrange their own fixtures not including any NRL players. As a sport, we will have become the NFL. Which might be sort of ok as far as long time fans like us are concerned, as we can sell tickets, and pay some decent quality players, but we can forget anyone ever seeing a Hanley or Schofield, a Boston or a Myler playing most of their careers over here. Losing our quality youngsters is even more pernicious than our top players being cherry picked. But we better get used to it, because they have the money and, like the former President used to say to inspire his fans, they will use it to build a wall around themselves.
  17. A young player drain adds to the senior player drain to a competition whose strategy is to place itself first, above the rest of the sport, with no interest in the wider game. Hence no World Cup, and no 2022 WCC. They are a threat to everybody looking to play or watch the game anywhere outside the NRL.
  18. Penrith will not play a WCC. They are front and centre of the game starts and stops with the NRL Brigade.
  19. This has turned into thick Thick Troll Central.
  20. If and only if they arrive here next October will I give them the “benefit” of my attention. 4 minutes notice.
  21. I hesitate to suggest this, but perhaps they could sign a union player or even 2? I assume there are some good players who played proper rugby growing up but were lured over the the Dark Side, who could be rehabilitated. Of course, we’d have a job getting them fit, but maybe that could work? One thing I would say is that, as a place, Toulouse is a very serious proposition if we do thins right. Big city, love their sport.
  22. Penrith, like most of the NRLers, has no interest in the rest of the world. Given that we have lost Bennett, we may now have no one that wants to see the game get anywhere outside its M62.
  23. I tell you what, the reactions of the Fev fans on here to their defeat have been fantastically dignified and positive. It’s like reading Just Browny after a controversial last minute loss at the DW. They are a breath of fresh air.
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