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  1. 12 hours ago, sweaty craiq said:

    We can cover Hood but with no props on for 30 mins and only one for the last 60 available was taking too much out of the pack. Thaler had a field day pinging us on a big ten all second half, a bench with a half back, a hooker and two seconds was always going to be a worry. Wigan will have an awesome grunt in a couple of years

    Is having “an awesome grunt” a good thing or a bad thing? You might be saying that Havard, Smithies, Partington, Shorrocks and Smith (and maybe Byrne?) will only get better. If so, I agree, and I think they represent the finest collection of home grown talent I have seen in my 40 plus years watching us. Shorrocks is very unheralded, but he has something of the O’Loughlin about his handling skills (still, a poor man’s Harry Pinner, but you take what you can these days). 

  2. 14 hours ago, Alan Robertson said:

    Leading average metres, for a centre, in the NRL. The stats must be wrong, they don't align with Exiled Wiganer's observations 🤣 

    (Next - "They've been the 'wrong' type of metres.")

    I really don’t mean to offend the Farnworth fan club. You love him, I get that. I am sure there are still annual reunions of the Reed and Heighington fan clubs as well, where they can swap stats all day. As I don’t pick the side, you will be pleased to know, whether he is selected or does well for England is out of my hands. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Old Frightful said:

    Not sure if I've seen Danny Houghton's name mentioned on here but I thought he was terrific. Everyone knows his defensive capabilities but it looks like Hodgson has him pinching easy yards up the middle again when the markers aren't quite square. He used to do this regularly but seems only to have carried on in the last couple of games.

    And I recall posting on here that I never wanted to see Adam Swift in a Hull shirt again some time back. 

    As usual, somebody proves me wrong again.

    Proved happily wrong, I am sure. I have a hooped top from the Kelvin Skerrett era somewhere which I will try and dig out for the semi, and hope that will be a higher point than yesterday. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, MZH said:

    Wasn't the most exciting game. Very attritional with neither team wanting to throw it about much. I'm thrilled with the standard of our defence this year though. Night and day from the last few seasons. Our pack and Satae in particular bullied Wigan. There wasn't a moment in that game were I felt we were not in control.

    Oddly enough, I was happy enough for the first 25 minutes, and it was only when we went 2 scores behind I thought we were toast. In every other game - including the one we won against FC last week - we have not dominated in the forwards, and relied on resilience, greater mobility and fitness from having 8 second rowers to pull away. Today, our errors, the many interruptions and the balance of possession mitigated against that approach. Youth, speed of the game, being slightly off and FC won the day - there wasn’t much between the sides over the 2 games. I don’t think bullied is the right word, but to the victor the spoils. 

  5. Hats off the FC, they were far better on the day. With a team as light and young as ours, there will be days like this - happily we don’t have to play at a damp Headingley every week... FC could go a long way, as they are well balanced, and look well coached. I am not sure I would want to watch many more FC - Wigan matches.

    Having been lucky enough to watch all of our matches this year, the last 2 have been a difficult watch, with the odd ray of sunlight. From what I have seen so far, there is very little between the teams left in the competition. 

    Great to see Manfredi back, God willing he will keep fit and well. 

    Good luck to FC, hope they kick on. 

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  6. 13 minutes ago, Jim Prendle said:

    I’m not surprised that Clubb is now being pilloried for not coming out and making a grovelling apology. It was the next logical bandwagon for everyone to jump on, and I wasn’t disappointed.

    Maybe he has already apologised in private, and doesn’t now feel the need to apologise to everyone else in the world individually?

    He’s not being pilloried, a number of people have commented that’s all. I would have like there to be a higher fixed tariff for this sort of thing, but we have had a QC quickly look at it, and I can live with the result. It’s one of those things - if you ask 10 people you would get 10 different views as to the level of punishment and public regret that would be considered appropriate. 

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  7. 30 minutes ago, daz39 said:

    I've no idea as i am thinking about the bigger picture in the sport and society and not just the player involved.

    Something to make the news and make others think that we're not scared as a sport to stand up for what we have been trying to get thorugh for the last 12 months, it's no good launching campaigns and kneeling/standing for 13 seconds and boycotting social media if we are just going to dish out the minimum punishment available when someone is caught doing it, it's double standards and at the moment seems to me that all the stuff we do is just for show.

    I have been reflecting on this, and on balance I think I agree with you. Having initially thought that his character ought to be a factor in the sentence, I have changed my mind. The point is not “does a lot of good work for chariddy, doesn’t like to talk about it...”, the point should be looked at entirely from the recipient’s perspective - and, indeed, any other potential recipient. The RFL may have had felt its hands were tied by precedent, but I think that there should be a very long fixed tariff - say a 20 game ban. No messing, no “it’s a one off, he’s not sort of player”. People are responsible for what comes out of their mouths. 

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