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  1. Trinity won the Academy championship last year so they clearly develop excellent young players. Plus when they have a star English player another team buys them. Anyway this is an opportunity to give Hudds and Quins a pat on the back. As pats are few and far between for the Mighty Quins this wants framing.

    Well done Quins! It softens the weekly blows when we get to see our home grown losing as opposed to overseas mercenaries losing.

  2. These games have produced so many classics over the years that it may be asking too much to hope for another. Leeds are a better side, and so if they play to their full potential Wigan will lose. One thing which may tip the balance Wigan's way is having Wane in charge again after MM's sad family bereavement. He is likely to get the boys fired up, and as we have a week off we need hold nothing back. So looking forward to this - let's invoke the spirit of Brian Carney and win against the odds.

  3. Leaving aside history, I cannot see beyond Wire for this. They are simply better equipped up front than Saints, and Saints have been relying on their younger players too much and for too long. Plus, I am gueesing that the semi will loom larger on Saints' minds (given that they like the cash and have a tougher game next week), which must be a factor here, as at Headingley.

    Against that, though, we have the Saints' hoodoo over the Wire. I don't believe that teams bottle it. Any player that runs out to face Graham/Morley has more courage than sense. Wire's results are so anomolous statistically that, rather than say "it must end sometime" it bears closer analysis. I have no answers but I wonder whether it could be something to do with Briars under-performing, as he is pretty much the only player on Wire's side involved in the games. Particularly when Long was around, maybe Briars was conscious of having been shown the door by Saints. All groups look to their leaders, and if Briars is cowed, maybe that communicates itself to teh rest of the team? Not much of a theory but you have to start somewhere.

  4. This isn't do or die for either team now.

    I was interested to read that Leeds have a full team out. Given the importance of the semi final the week after, and that Leeds should make 4th win or lose, I am puzzled by that, as I would have thought if ever there was a chance to rest players it would be Friday. Each team that has beaten Wigan this year has lost 1 of their next 2 games, which suggests to me that beating us takes a lot out of a team.

    Really looking forward to the game, and hoping it is relatively dry. Wigan looked much better balanced with Deacon at 7 and Sam alternating between 1 and 6, and with 4 props to take on the battle up front.

    Leeds are a classy club and a classy team, and are a better team than Wigan, so would ordinarily win. Given the proximity of the semi I think Wigan will win. If Leeds do win they will need to put a lot in and they are likely to suffer next week.

  5. This isn't bad news, but you can look at this both ways. We made money because we won the Cup/we only made money because we won the Cup. As with all these figures, they can only be made sense of in full when the ownership structure and the owner's capacity to pay is taken into account. With rich owners committed to the club avoiding making big losses is key. Without that, then the figures could look really worrying. In Wire's case, their crowds are incomparably better than in Wilderspool days, as they are in Hull, which is very good news.

    I have looked for the obligatory anti-Wigan dig, but it is too sor me.

    I did enjoy the emphasis on the wonder of the Cup. This time last week, the Cup was merely one part of an inevitible treble.

  6. I agree with your analysis, save only that I think Bradford will lose all their games apart from the Cats one (I'm assuming Cats will rest everyone). That would still leave Cas in the 8, which is a great achievement again given how bad they have been at times. Is there improved form simply because they got their key men back?

  7. I thought the Bulls' turn over had dropped significantly, hence their being unable to spend up to the cap? I think SL without the Bulls would be awful and an injustice, but if they get 1 point for abiding by the rules (which everyone will get), and 1 for junior development, which I had not particularly seen the evidence for, but am happy to concede, then I still can't see where the rest of their points would come from if everyone got new grounds. Of course that is v unlikely, but I could see 2014 being a nervous year.

  8. If Cas, Wakey and Salford score new stadia points, and Cru and Quins/London/sarf stay in as expansion clubs, isn't Bradford the bottom club - old ground, crowds less than 10k, youth development no better than anyone else, turnover low, not finishing above 8th on average. Would they score any points?

  9. Perhaps this might be no bad thing for the Wire. For so long as finishing top was a real prospect, they could have been playing to win every week. Now that seems a remote prospect they could target next week, to leave themselves second, the Cup semi and final without bothering too much about the other 3 games. Indeed, if Saints finish 3rd and Leeds 4th finishing top would leave that team with probably (depending on Saints' injuries) a harder first game in the play offs. Better to lose tonight and adjust accordingly than lose the following 2 games and be out of the Cup and nervous about finishing 3rd.

    I simply cannot see Wire losing either of the next 2 games now, and when people are booking their Wembley tickets a defeat far from home will barely raise a frown.

  10. I think that is a superb idea and one that we should embrace with enthusiasm. I like the idea of a heritage round and I am sure the kits would fly off the shelves. We sort of have a local derby round over Easter, but another one at another time would be good. Women in league also sounds good to me. There should also be community rounds, where all the clubs have a game that celebrates the schools and clubs that play the game. We can leave moneybags Wood to come up with a few more...

  11. Quoting something written 3 years ago (and god knows what the context was) is really creepy.

    3 years later we are top of the league having made it to within 80 minutes of OT in the last 2 years. That represents fantastic progress from the DV era. If the point was to illustrate how perspicacious I was thanks for that. Given the psycho tendencies of the quoter it must presmably serve some other point.

    Perhaps we could have every quote in the last 3 years about how Wigan were going to sell all their young players, so we can do a compare and contrast with the 15 home grown players on our books who have played SL this year?

  12. I wouldn't like to read a post where you did attempt to undermine Wigan, bw. There are blow out scores even in the NRL. As regards FC's prospects, and to give bw and 3tools a lift by allowing them to reminisce about sadder times for Wigan, in the same year Wigan lost 75-0 to Saints and 70-0 to Leeds they also beat those teams. At full strength either team would hold their own in the NRL.

  13. I long for the day there are no more average Aussies. Phelps or Charnley? Sam or Tim Smith? That level of recruit makes my blood literally boil. Watching Jamie Lyon from behind a pillow on the sofa is something that lifts the heart - we should have more of those (not that there are many).

    I wish more teams had entertainer type players - Willie Manus, Fecas (though he is overall a liability, he certainly provides brief bursts of entertainment). Let's have more Fijians and razzle dazzle players to supplement our own increasing numbers of talented yoofs.

  14. If the test is the extent to which a team's performance exceeds my expectations, as opposed to which team would win if everyone had all their players fit (Leeds), then it would be Wigan for mine, as I would have placed their first 17 around 5th in the competition. Our one chance of glory is the Minor Premiership, but even if we don't win that the level of performance MM has got from the same squad as lost as many as it won last year has been superb. Crusaders actually have a good squad with plenty of players with pedigree - as has been noted they have played a surprisingly open style though. I thought Cas would be right at the bottom, and their recent form, and scintillating attack has impressed me greatly.

  15. I think PS is making a reasonable point insofar as these are proven performers, and winners, in positions where Wigan are weak, replacing worse players and thus improving the top team in the league. Equally, any predictions at this stage as to others strengths are hostages to fortune. At this point, they look like excellent no risk signings. 2012 was always going to be a big year for us with Fielden and Feca's money largely off the wage bill.

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