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  1. I would go. You’ll have leaguies to the left and right of you.
  2. I have read your post above, and can’t work out what you’ve decided to do. Are you going to any games or not? If not because of web site issues, why didn’t you pick up the phone? We won’t have a World Cup over here for another 11 years.
  3. Given Hull’s “support” for our World Cup, I am not sure how much that “of course” is a given…
  4. My opinion is that he does the job allotted to him and he does it well. And that your accusation of one eyed bias is misplaced.
  5. I know it’s stating the obvious but we have had no games for 2 years for a very good reason. If people don’t feel a connection to the team because of a lack of games then that may be why.
  6. McIllorum has a job to do to enable the Tomkins, Williams, Welsby, Radley spine to work effectively on the front foot. In a different spine a running 9 would be more important.
  7. I can’t wait till we get to see England play France. The greatest game!
  8. OK - thanks for that - in that case people can carry on kicking the organisers for failing to sell that number of tickets. It’s their own fault.
  9. Thanks for going to the trouble of doing that. I agree that I have found the 750k “target” very confusing. It was clearly always impossible. It has become another stick to beat the organisers with on here, but I do wonder how that came about.
  10. If it seems fine and dandy to me, then I can write that it seems fine and dandy. Oh and the fine and dandy comment was my ability to watch games at the Etihad and the Copper Box. All of which will be brilliant. As to what the 750k “target” was, as noted elsewhere, this was always impossible - I have no idea what they meant but they couldn’t ever have got to 750k.
  11. I was trying to understand why you excluded one of the best events we have had in one of the 3 tournaments in a post about not taking games to London. Because then it becomes “if you ignore what they’ve done, they’ve done nothing” doesn’t it? Isn’t that insulting to the wheelchair tournament? Unless you were making some other point. I don’t particularly care, but I am interested in why you excluded those games. The event was bid for as a Northern powerhouse bid, so the answer to the spread of events is, I suspect, wrapped up in the bid. We down southers get a brilliant semi final and the copper box jamborees. That seems fine and dandy to me.
  12. Who stole the copper box and put it in Pontefract? If not, that’s more than a bit insulting.
  13. Your second prediction will almost certainly be wrong, if that’s any help.
  14. They have done this so late in the day that no one can benefit, but they can take a day’s pay? That’s good of them.
  15. You have absolutely no idea what you’re writing about.
  16. This week has been unlike any other for me. I had watched bits and pieces of women’s and wheelchair games, but I am now completely hooked. There is no better sport for athletic women and viking sports wheelchair maniacs. Our games are perfectly tailored for everyone. I would like to have commented on the PDSL (not even sure I have spelt that right), but I missed those games.
  17. By way of comparison the QF attendances at the 5 previous multi team World Cups: 13 - 22, 16, 13, 6 (57) 00 - 15, 5, 5, 5 (30) 08 - 8, 8, 6 (22 for 3: whose cheese dream lead to that format? I was there and I had blocked out the memory as to how convoluted it was…) 17 - 13, 13, 11, 8 (45) 95 - none! So, we’re likely to be between 13 and 17 if Gledhill is to be believed. Which is as big a caveat in these parts as you can put on a statement.
  18. Though they do have spare stands most weeks. Just sayin’
  19. Indeed. Mea culpa. I just feel uncomfortable when the criticism seems (to me, and this may well be my inference rather than being the writers’ intent) to be too personal.
  20. Not at all, it was wrong of me. I have sort of “fixed” it to the extent I was able. I know it’s been rubbish and I know we have failed to get ticketing and pricing right. But I think it was done by decent people in circumstances more challenging than is the norm in that world (and I would argue that the level of logistical rigour in the events industry at the best of times is not SAS/JCB level, so there are a lot of things that you and I would shake our heads at even in “well run” events.) Ultimately, we all want the same things.
  21. On your last point, I will try and edit my post to remove it. If I can’t I will remove my post in its entirety. What began as a point on something you had written changed as I went along. I would argue that this CEO of this team, for this World Cup, with Pandemic pressure and a last minute cancellation, has a very tough job indeed.
  22. Deleted, in large part because one of the main points of my post was completely unrelated to anything written by the person quoted. It was a bit of a ramble, tbh, and so its deletion does not leave the world any worse off.
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