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  1. The best show this season by a country mile. Everyone on their game and Greenwood in particular a natural.
  2. Expat Aussies have been known to have Asian heritage.
  3. Has nobody else picked up that Brad Fash is named in both the Hull Squad to play Wakefield and the Toronto one to play Batley.?
  4. bird

    Emmitt to Leigh

    Brad Fash is named in the Hull squad to play Wakefield.
  5. Come on guys, he has some great moments and always an enthusiat. Happy retirement Eddie
  6. When do we get to see a game on tv?
  7. So was I. It happened a lot with Premier and other channels when a recorded game overran and was chopped but I thought it wasn't supposed to happen with Sky. Unless its Rugby League and a morning show.
  8. Always had a problem with Ray, maybe its me. He's done more for the game than almost anyone, knows it backwards and is passionate. But I find his voice just a boring drone with no character. Reverse the above for Davis.
  9. France already have the 2023 RUWC and the 2024 Olympics.
  10. Before Super League but did Patrick Entat not win with Hull, about early nineties?
  11. Congratulations Chris and good luck in your new post.
  12. O'Brien wins it with a drop goal again. Heres to you Kayakman, you've callled this for 2 years. Smell the Rhino.
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