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  1. Pretty sure that heritage players born in or descended from Yugoslavia(ns) are eligible for any of the successor nations. Not that it makes them best mates though.
  2. I find it odd that in 8 years existance, this is the first new non-founder nation from the APRLC region. What do the half dozen Asian and Pacific nations looking for recognition have to do?
  3. The first repeat on Free sport on Friday night was another washout to add insult to injury. I know I can watch in other ways but its getting tiresome.
  4. What time did the damn thing start? I recorded it with it being a game day and now have an hour of presumably overrunning hockey. Not amused.
  5. England Knights. Still don't get it.
  6. Its still wrong though, the team was England. Obviously GB would be more accurate but as repeatedly posted, GB came in for 1948. Probably Lions came I at the same time.k
  7. Is 'nt that the whole point. I guess its for promos for the season, using individual segments at a time. Could work.
  8. Bringing In a different dimension, the women's and wheelchair cups are under the umbrella of the organising committee are presumably expected to contribute to the overall total. Given the short timescale and total dominance of Australia and NZ, the women look hard to sell but the wheelchair game could have legs. It looks far more open and both Ireland and France could play a part. France is a major player and presumably has the the audience. Belfast, along with Cardiff and a few others have major ice hockey teams and have the stadia and a fanbase which should be targetable. The games should be promoted early and venue.s booked as stadia are under constant use for concerts.
  9. Now I'm totally confused. I get both arguments 100%.
  10. U Unbelievable. NRL and ARL are meeting to decide if England can play New Zealand in USA. Excuse me while I bristle.
  11. I hated the introduction of groups with 3 qualifiers but have to admit its worked well for the last 3 World Cups. I suspect something similar with 2 contrived groups qualifying 3 and 2 qualifying 1. You still need to kick off with England v Australia to maximise attendance's, media attention and Big Bang opening.
  12. OK, it arrived Saturday, 7th October. I. I must be the last, I haven't even opened it yet.
  13. I still have not had my copy. I'll give it until tomorrow.
  14. Its some kind of result but I think Sale got away lightly.
  15. Living in Montreal, I had a kettle.
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