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  1. A bit unfair to say he was shuffled off as soon as he started to forget things. It seemed more of a case that the BBC persisted for years after it became apparent that he was ill and these were the years he copped the most criticism and the game got the flack. Maybe it was misplaced loyalty, maybe they wanted the stereotype. In his prime, Waring was light years ahead of his time.

  2. Thanks for the feedback.


    The text should obviously be readable throughout and we are disappointed to note that some readers have found this not to be the case. We will investigate the problem with our printers and resolve it in time for the next issue.


    Please stick with us! :)


    Sorry John but why blame the printers for what is obviously a design decision?. The light print on a white background for all paragraphs but the first is unreadable. The previous format when entire articles were in black print on a dark solid coloured background was unreadable. Worryingly, the Art Director is listed as the same person as the Editor and in my opinion both content and appearance are going in the wrong direction. I can only stick around for one more issue before renewal is due. Decision time.

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