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  1. I don't visit here much anymore, but felt compelled to pass on some sad news that I just found out about a well-respected member of this board. http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/11830569.Inquest_opened_following_death_at_Carr_Mill_Dam/ I didn't know Ray personally, but know he put a lot of effort into the promotion of the RL cause. Apologies if this isn't the place to write this (feel free to delete/amend Mods), but thought most would want to hear, however shocking the news.
  2. Well, some of you may remember me from trl days gone by, particularly within this thread. Anyway, those who paid attention might remember my ramblings as I attempted to get through a surveying diploma and my attempts to avoid work whilst on here. Today, 5 years work suddenly became worthwhile, as I found out some imbecile has decided I'm worthy of being a Chartered Surveyor!! I've since displayed none of the professionalism expected and don't intend to until Monday at the least!!
  3. I'm sure if you go back far enough on this thread you'll find me berating Thai protesters for cancelling my holiday when the yellow-shirted little sods blockaded Bangkok airport. Guess which city I'm supposed to be flying into next Friday....?!
  4. Think I might start posting again, rather than just lurking in the shadows....
  5. South Africa isn't bad, but you do bump into the odd undesirable......
  6. Why does such an enjoyable thing, a holiday, have to be preceded by such a godawful thing - packing? I'm now checked on flights all the way to Sarf Afrika. As per my query on AOB, Manchester Terminal 3 will not be showing the footy today according to some miserable bint on the info hotline.
  7. I''ve just booked a trip to Robben Island. Getting very excited about my hols now. I depart this fair isle on sunday morning.
  8. Just managed to sort match tickets for the 3 Lions RU games whilst I'm in South Africa For a grand total of
  9. Hmmm... this must've been one of my last acts before falling asleep at the computer, leaving some chicken nuggets uneaten. I'm told I was woken up and seemed to think my bedroom was out of the back door. Seeing all the garden lights arranged in a neat circle on the lawn this morning merely confirmed I had far too much red wine last night. My throat is now sore from all the retching I've done.
  10. I'll be straight, I', ******. Just spent about an hour trying to calm down a female friend who'd just lost her phone. Jeebus, I nearly paid for my helpfulness with my life!
  11. Went to the hobble-in centre this morning. The nurse gave it a (firm!) cleaning and applied a dressing. I had a tetanus jab in November for my aborted trip to Thailand so I was alright on that score. Just got to keep an eye out for infection. Its nicely swollen and bruising is coming through now. My big toe is totally out of commission!
  12. I'm going to have to make a very embarrassing call to work tomorrow explaining my non-attendance. I simply can't put pressure on my left foot. Certainly can't drive.
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