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  1. Conviction quashed: https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/12250302/sam-burgess-former-england-rugby-league-captain-has-intimidation-conviction-quashed-by-australian-court?fbclid=IwAR0e9L36LS8dWJXYRCDceprsvqEdTsiNdk8TO9hfIIMnoYvKRbDyevjgCs0
  2. I didn't realise it was on the game thread - sorry. I did read the bit about goals - but goals and drop goals are defined separately in the rules, and there is no similar restriction on the drop goal definition.
  3. Maybe that is the answer. But all I could find was Maybe the rules on the RFL website are dumbed down!
  4. When Makinson made his drop goal attempt, it bounced off the posts, onto the floor, and then appeared to bounce over the crossbar. The laws of the game say: So it's fine for the ball to touch an opposing player and be counted, it's fine to go in off the posts and be counted etc, If Tommy Makinson correctly executed a drop kick (which he did) and it went over the crossbar, with no 'help' from a teammate or anyone else, why doesn't it stand as drop goal? Where does it say in the rules it can't also bounce off the floor? Tommy Makinson won the Grand Final for Saints, not Jack Welsby!
  5. But we don't have to accept other people's criticism of the video, do we? I've seen none of the criticism and I'm not terribly bothered to go looking for it, as I'm quite capable of judging the messages the video conveys myself. I love Rugby League's history of inclusiveness. We've not always got it right, but we have a much better record than most sports. I think the comments from commentators on Fox are incorrect - maybe they're just playing to a particular audience? Maybe there's a reason why they're just employed as commentators and are not employed to develop the game? I don't know who the Aussie commentators are, but here in the UK we have many commentators and 'experts' who are clearly not not the sharpest knife in the drawer. They're not necessarily people from whom we should seek guidance ? Yes, a two minute advert is probably too long for TV. But who said it was designed for TV? Maybe this variant was produced for the considerable online audiences. It certainly wasn't too long for me. I've watched it more than once!
  6. I think it's inspirational. Love how the cycle begins again (at the end)
  7. It says here http://www.sportinglife.com/rugby-league/news/article/480/8805376/steve-menzies-announces-retirement "Menzies, who won the first of his 15 caps for the Kangaroos in 1994, spent 16 seasons with Manly Sea Eagles before coming to Super League with Bradford in 2009 and is expected to return to the club to embark on a new career off the field." Does this mean he is expected to return to Bradford or Manly?
  8. Yeah, I noticed the lack of coverage too. I emailed the Editor the following, a couple of days ago, if more people did maybe something will happen? I do apologise for the opening bull****, but I didn't want to appear too narrow minded..... lysanne@bskyb.com dateWed, Sep 29, 2010 at 8:01 PM subjectSky magazine mailed-bygmail.com hide details Sep 29 (2 days ago) Hi Lysanne, I've just received my Sky magazine, as usual a reasonably good read. I was a bit surprised though when scanning through the sports 'October highlights' section on page 12, that one of your keynote sports events in October doesn't even merit a mention, namely the engage Superleague Grand Final on October 2nd. Instead, the recommended sports viewing on that day is Hearts Vs Rangers - I understand that soccer is our 'national sport' (much to my dismay) but I cannot understand why such a fixture (Hearts' average home gate barely scrapes over the 10,000 mark) would be in the 'highlights' over the dramatic climax to the rugby season to see which team will be crowned champions in front of 75,000 plus sell-out crowd at Old Trafford. And, later on in the month, I don't see any mention of the four nations tournament either!! I presume that Sky have at least some of the rights to the four nations tournament, though the deafening silence in October highlights would appear to indicate otherwise. I think my preferred sport needs a fair crack of the whip! Yours disappointedly, Rob
  9. How about ones you've been to since they've demised? I'll start off with... Quay Meadow (You'll have to be a real RL geek to know this one)
  10. I'm with you on this one Mick, with VAUX as the sponsor. The home one from the same era was good too..
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