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  1. Amazing place is the Waca, got to see the last ashes test there (2017). Now the optus stadium will host it, not sure if it will work for atmosphere, certainly no MCG
  2. Get yerself a box of dried marrowfat peas and go through the process of soaking. Let them cook a bit longer and then you've got mushy peas from heaven. P.s. Corned beef n chips formtea tomorrow
  3. On a percentage basis how far are you into the light now RL/RU wise. I think you was 55/45% RL last time I was around. Hope you are fully aware now
  4. Hahaha, nice that my technical abilities have been remembered. How you doing Mr Shadow sir?
  5. To be fair I, like others are waiting for the sad news on the rlwc outcome. Have booked tickets for various games and hotels. Thought I would look here cos the suspense is not good
  6. hope someone has been keeping up my end ooer
  7. Hahaha, first time back mate and I clocked this. Wonderful How are you doing?
  8. oops, how very dare me. Forgot init. Have to change my vote to Honor Blackman now, something about her voice
  9. ok, Diana rigg, linda thorston (sp) or joanna lumley..................go on, a desert island scenario and you get to pick one.........which one? not ruling out patrick mcnee or gareth hunt if that's what you wish. Linda thorsen for mine
  10. yeah, still do, right after mash. Acting and storylines to die for
  11. Easy fellas, am just getting reacquainted. So many I haven't seen and they aren't in order but it takes me back and I am enjoying them.
  12. I'm not sure, been a while snce I seen the movie. Alan Aldas biting wit gets me every comment
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