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  1. In answer to the original question, I'm afraid it's a no from me thank god. Got brain frazzle just reading it
  2. An added bonus is the island teams are now backing themselves instead of getting cherry picked. A more robust international agenda will be a brilliant thing. If Australia don't come on board so be it.
  3. IMHO this series has been excellent, there ya go
  4. First women's game of RL I have seen. Absolutely loved it. Did watch the bbc2 documentary of the England team last night and it opened my eyes somewhat. Clare Balding just been on C5 news bigging the tournament up. All good from me
  5. People I know that generally dismiss RL are actually very positive about this world cup
  6. As mad as this sounds, give it a try. Through various things that have happened in my life over the years and more recently waking up for the midnight visit to the toilet I was in your position. Think not of counting sheep jumping over a fence but more of imagining that of one black faced creature coming towards you in a field. It works for me, no idea why other than it stops you overthinking and calms you. Please let me know if it works cos I will write a book about it and make a fortune
  7. I could be wrong here but if you pay for car insurance over 10/12 months it then becomes a credit agreement. Maybe that is the cause of the cancellation
  8. Not sure how deep they go but is scarifying an option?
  9. Don't start me, I'm monitoring the time daylight ends each day with dismay.
  10. As is your good self sir, always a pleasure to see you when we met up
  11. Thankyou very much and right back at yer Mr P, it was uncanny where we were sat just in front of you (not our ticketed seating) but you wouldn't have said I was looking so well in the second half. When we were scoring a try down at the south/east stand area my daughter shot up to see, so I did or rather shot up at a forward angle, overbalanced and faceplanted an empty row of seats below me, with legs waving in the air. A tad embarrassing alright, luckily missed by the sky cameras
  12. ok it should have read (url thingy, insert picture of hammer/close url thingy) I have lost the power wot i once had
  13. I had a fortnight in the late nineties. Late starts and early finishes with a two hour lunch break. I loved it but only got one case. The bad thing about it was when I went to this case they asked everyone left in the jurors room if anyone was interested in volunteering for a long (expected six month) case. It was a time share scam that was going on over christmas and new year (which I would have got off work). I tried to sign up but had missed the boat Can be boring at times but early darts are the norm once they know the court schedule. Don't believe everything you hear or see on tv either...like moi. The case I was on went to friday afternoon and we then got sent out for deliberation. I'm gonna get a weekend of all expenses at an hotel because we haven't reached a verdict thought I...........Na...see you all on monday morning said the usher ######
  14. I don't know, do they let anyone in here these days?
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