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  1. Sainsbury’s highland malt. £20. Where have you been all my life.
  2. No, cas are flush and about to announce a multi million pound surplus. Calderdale might be a little tomfoolery though
  3. I’ve heard cas are in dire financial straights. Calderdale trinity tiger rovers are on the way back
  4. Thinking ahead to post scoxit bought bottle of cotswolds. Sadly has a bit of a washing up liquid flavour.
  5. it says on this website that the new vaccine may contain a microchip so the government can read your mind. - you enjoy craft beer and miniature railways timothy. i bet MI5 can’t wait to get into your ###### head...
  6. Oopsie. Poor game apart from the last 10 seconds. Shame there’s wasn’t 25k wiganer’s facial expressions to savour.
  7. Switched off after 20 mins. Was pretty obvious what cats tactics were.
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