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  1. Signed by the dolphins as Bennett’s assistant for the next 2 years
  2. Having watched Parramatta vs Rooster’s on Saturday morning I don’t fancy Englands chances.
  3. I see Cas have got a new sound system. Baby steps an’ all that.
  4. I reckon this thread peaked here. Not going to bother reading any further
  5. Agent Lam is a legend. Give him a new. Long term contract. radlinski seems to be a natural as well. Player retention and recruitment is right where it should be for Wigan. keep us the good work lads.
  6. Sniffing dirty sheets and not you’re own would be more worrying
  7. My old man always said I’d have bee shot into space if he hadn’t been 3 sheets to the wind.
  8. Loch Lomand 10yr was special offer at Waitrose £25. Not bad at all. Don’t think I’d pay full price though.
  9. Sainsbury’s highland malt. £20. Where have you been all my life.
  10. No, cas are flush and about to announce a multi million pound surplus. Calderdale might be a little tomfoolery though
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