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  1. Surely the nearest thing would be the Varsity match or Oxford Cambridge boat race?
  2. This is the "Any Other Business" forum and has a sub heading that says The place to talk about anything other than Rugby League, whatever else occupies your thoughts. so if it had anything to do with Rugby League it would be in the wrong place. Hope this helps
  3. Yes but you'd have been left with the oil stained wall, so not all win win
  4. It's great how the british can find humour in these things. We are very self depreciating.
  5. I think a petition is needed to ask him to wear his Starfleet uniform when he goes.
  6. Remember there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothes
  7. Is that Long haired friends of jesus in a Chartreus Micro-bus? To my shame, "Convoy" C W McCall Everybody's gonna jump for joy
  8. My Google-Fu skills suggest The Cocteau Twins and a ditty named Ella Megablast Burls forever. No, me neither.
  9. Jilted John, Jilted John We're going down the pub
  10. Misplaced space. Mainsail is one word, as we should all be aware this close to Talk a Pirate day. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mainsail
  11. We have a veg patch of around 10sq metres, this year we grew Courgettes, (a) Pumpkin, Sweetcorn, Carrots, Beetroot, Shallotts, Artichokes, Beans and Potatoes. We also have a green house where we grew Tomatoes, Chillis and peppers. The problem we find with growing our own veg is that you get gluts of crops as they all get planted together and all ripen together so we have a freezer filled with beans and tomatoes and pickled courgettes stashed in cupboards. If I wanted to be self sufficient in anything I'd probably grow just beans and potatoes, but it's in no way a money saving plan, unless you disregard the time cost involved in the process. With the amount of maintenance needed, as @JonM said, it makes more sense economically to buy your veg and put the saved time to something more productive. I would add that it took a couple of years effort to get the veg garden to a level where we could get reliable crops from it, some was our learning curve some was improving the plot, either way you aren't going to get an allotment and turn into Tom and Barbara Good overnight. That's a reference for anyone over the age of forty.
  12. Yaar Ive been a plannin’ me holidays fer next year. we be off to ye Camarrrrrrgue
  13. I disagree, intensely. It has extremely questionable sexual /consent / relationship based issues. There's no attempt to rationalise the artifact, they just go straight to "Its Magic" On at least two ocasions she "Remembers" a new power or ability that saves the day, with no earlier reference. The magic flying suit has no previous reference in either film, but just appears in her apartment. Chris Pine may be Captain Kirk in another life but even he would struggle to fly a modern fighter jet after being trained on a sopwith camel. The same modern fighter jet carries enough fuel to fly from the US to Egypt and back again. The Moral ending relies on the entire world being altruistic enough to go back to the way it was and working together for the good of everyone. If there's anything we've learned from the past 5 or 6 years it's that the human race is at least 50% selfish arrisholes who would happily see the world burn if it meant everyone else didn't get something they aren't in the opinion of the previously mentioed 50% entitled to. I hated it
  14. https://news.sky.com/story/michael-jefferson-king-ex-gladiators-star-shadow-jailed-for-role-in-blackmail-plot-12392175 The significance being, around 1994 I went on a Rugby Tour to Belgium a month or two after joining a new club. Tour theme was "Gladiators" with the usual rules about only answering to your Gladiator name, must always be wearing lycra, whenever the tour judge called "Gladiators ready" we all had to do the Wolf attack pose. My tour name was "Shadow" which, because most people didn't know who I was stuck with me for the rest of my time with the club, which is ongoing. I now realise the enormous harm I was doing by popularising the name and allowing this villain to go about his wrong doing safe in the knowledge that when the name "Shadow" was bandied about the expectation would be of a super fit, highly skilled athlete. Not some second rate entertainer and TV performer.
  15. Last night I watched this on Amazon All I will say is I've seen it, now you don't have to.
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