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  1. The twisting of the “Public interest” line to include sordid gossip like the Giggs saga and Wagnarok have contributed to the decline of journalistic integrity in this country and others. There is a massive difference between “in the public interest” and “the public is interested in….”
  2. The Wetherspoons in Salisbury offers free coffee and tea refills. £1 for hot drinks all day
  3. To answer my own question https://www.arc.id.au/Calendar.html It would seem that in France it was 12th September as they'd already adopted the Gregorian Calendar.
  4. So did the Great Fire start on 2nd September by the Julian or Gregorian Calendar?
  5. Ravil Maganov, chairman of Russia's second largest Oil Company. Accidentally fell from a hospital window. Nothing to see here, move on
  6. I had 2 weeks off over Christmas, most of which was me alone in the house. I knew it was time to go back to work when I realised I was sitting on the sofa in my pyjamas at 2 in the afternoon watching Top Gear drinking Baileys from a pint glass.
  7. I've got an expensive motorcycle habit to support.
  8. I wish. No, I've got at least 5 years to go.
  9. I'm in my last two weeks, finding motivation in short supply as I tie off as many loose ends as possible.
  10. Happy Birthday to Percy Bysshe Shelley 1792, Louis Vuitton 1821, John Venn 1834 (Insert your own joke) Harry Lauder 1870, Elizabeth Bowes Lyon - later Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother 1900, Louis Armstrong 1901, Martin Jarvis 1941, Billy Bob Thornton 1955 and Kate Silverton 1970 Sad farewells to Peter De Montfort, Henry De Montfort, and Simon De Montfort all in the Battle of Evesham 1265 in a variety of nasty ways, Marilyn Monroe 1962 and Victor Mature 1999
  11. Happy Birthday to: Stanley Baldwin 1867, Rupert Brooke 1887, Clifford D. Simak 1904, P.D. James 1920, Leon Uris 1924, Tony Bennett 1926, Steven Berkoff 1937, Terry Wogan 1938, Martin Sheen 1940, Martha Stewart 1941, Jack Straw 1946, John Landis 1950, Ossie Ardiles 1952, John C. McGinley 1959, Frano Botica 1963, Tom Brady 1977 and Sonny Bill WIlliams 1985. RIP Lenny Bruce 1966, Archbishop Makarios 1977, Ida Lupino 1995, 'Bubba' Smith 2011 and John Hume 2020
  12. That's pretty much the view in the Shadow household as well
  13. Celebrating their birthday today: Emperor Claudius, or as those of us who remember the TV series would have it Clavdivs 10BC, herman Melville 1819, Lionel Bart 1930, Dom DeLuise 1933, Yves SainyLaurent 1936, Jerry Garcia 1942 Sad departures for: Mark Anthony 30 BC, Martha Jane Cannary "Calamity Jane" 1903, Gary Powers 1977, Mike Smith 2014, and Cilla Black 2015 Today in 1759 Infantry first defeated Cavalry in the Battle of Minden, amongst the British regiments present were the 37th of Foot, forerunners to the Royal Hampshires who merged with the Queen's Regiment in 1992 to form the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment thus joining my regular and reserve regiments into one. I will tonight raise a glass or two to the regiment(s) and will buy mrs Shadow some roses in celebration.
  14. Happy Birthday to Gerard Manley Hopkins 1889, Beatrix Potter 1866, Jacquie Onassis 1929, Garfield Sobers 1936, Cher Lloyd and Harry Kane both 1993. RIP Robert Blackadder (Bishop of Glasgow) 1508, Francis Crick 2004, And of course Bernard Cribbins 2022.
  15. Yes, but it was funny watching them try to do interviews over the sound of the crowd singing it at Bramall Lane last night
  16. Happy Birthday to Alexadre Dumas 1824, Hilaire Belloc 1870, Geoffrey De Haviland 1880, Jack Higgins 1929, Shirley WIlliams 1930, Yahoo Serious 1953, Christopher Dean 1958, Jo Durie 1960, Jonty Rhodes 1969, Matty Johns 1971, and Gordon Tallis 1973 RIP James Mason 1984 and Bob Hope 2003,
  17. Strap in, this is a biggie Happy Birthday to George Bernard Shaw 1856, Carl Jung 1875, Aldous Huxley 1894, Gracie Allen 1895, Blake Edwards 1922, Jan Berenstain 1923, Stanley Kubrick 1928, Mick Jagger 1943, Helen Mirren 1945, Roger Taylor 1949, Susan George 1950, Kevin Spacey 1959, Sandra Bullock 1964, Jason Statham 1967, Tanni Grey-Thompson 1969, Kate Beckinsale 1973, Liz Truss 1975, Jacinda Ardern 1980, And my Daughter in Law (to be) 1991. Passed away on this day, Pope Paul II 1471, Eva Peron 1952, Mary Wells 1992, Olivia De Haviland 2020
  18. Happy Birthday, Adnan Khashoggi 1935, Rita Marley 1946, Iman 1955, Matt LeBlanc 1967 RIP Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1834, Charles Macintosh 1843, John Schlesinger 2003
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