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  1. Someone was observed trying to steal the village sign over the weekend. it quite frequently disappears, local wisdom suggests it’s in the back of some grockle’s caravan
  2. Is this why the Coronavirus politics and nice tories threads have been shut? Is there a chalk outline of a large waterfowl and ckn is being told “ok, yah got twenny four Hours before your in front of intoinal affairs” have I been watching too much Forces TV ?
  3. I remember in 1997 trying to persuade my IT manager to upgrade my hard drive to 1Gb. He refused on the grounds that I would never fill a whole gig
  4. It sounds like a range of mountains ”going away this year?” “Though we might try for some skiing later in the Catamites” ”I’ve heard they’re quite hard to get up” ”how about going down?”
  5. Except it’s not Dirty Harry, it’s Sudden Impact
  6. I can confirm all of the above, The Lamb is a very nice local pub, as is the other local coincidentally named the Cuckoo. If Narnia had a pub it would look like the Cuckoo. Sadly the Cuckoo has only limited catering facilities so is shut completely. Fritham is an area I know well, it's a favourite running route and if I'm feeling really energetic I can run there from home. There is a great pub there as well, The Royal Oak. In the spirit of the thread, the Village of Nomansland is in Wiltshire but the Village Cricket ground opposite the Lamb is in Hampshire. The county line used to go through the Pub putting one bar in Hampshire and one in Wiltshire which meant they kept one bar open an extra half an hour.
  7. I don't know him but I think I've spoken to his wife on the village facebook page Mrs Shadow and I were out for a walk on Sunday across the open area behind the sign in my post and heard a cuckoo.
  8. Shipping all the sh#t from Bradford to Leeds presumably improves the conditions on both cities
  9. Be fair, Facebook friends aren’t like real friends
  10. My village name has featured in virtually every land battle of the 20th and 21st centuries
  11. 06-Apr 15-Apr 29-Apr 18-May Week Gain/Loss Total Gain/Loss Shadow 87.2 87 86.8 87.7 -0.9 0.3 Bedford Roughyed 154.5 155.1 157.1 TBA TBA Moose 69.9 69.9 69.9 TBA TBA Gingerjon 81.5 81 81 81 0 -1.5 Tim2 80.5 80 81.5 TBA TBA Wiltshire Rhino 135.26 135.26 135.26 TBA TBA Bobbruce 86 86 87.7 TBA TBA Niels 70.76 70.76 70.76 TBA TBA Matt Santos 117 118 118 0 0 Damien 106.1 106.1 105.5 104.78 0.72 -3.17 Bob8 79.3 80.8 80.3 TBA TBA Saint 1 85 85 85 TBA TBA CanaBull 73.57 74.84 73.48 73.48 0 -1.45 @bobbrucewhen you said was the 92 your weight?
  12. Mrs Shadow got the clippers out on Saturday, I now have a grade two all over, which is not a massive difference from my normal cut. I offered to have a go on hers, she politely declined.
  13. This is me on the beach in WA proving that business travel is no fun at all
  14. Invictus Chariots of Fire Le Mans 66 Rush Fast Girls TT Closer to the edge Fighting with my family
  15. We watched "Never Surrender" last night, it's a documentary about the making of the best Star Trek film never made, Galaxy Quest It's Great.
  16. http://www.jesusdressup.com/ Dress up Jesus
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