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  1. That’s my thing for this.. we can get business interest, journalists etc because they are the people coming out of uni and have rl as a background.. ru exploits this, I don’t believe we do properly, because the powers that be don’t rate it maybe, or just don’t have the ability to leverage this sort of thing (basically work out who has a background like this and talking to them about support)
  2. I was a wing or fullback back then, then stand off in the 2s, so you probably ran at me (over most likely!)
  3. Almost certainly.. played against cov a few times!
  4. Where were you and when? I was at Birmingham from 97-00 and similar there in that my first year was the first year it restarted there.
  5. you already gave the answer to why it is never taken up just before!
  6. Paul is now a "source".. scary! a Wales v France match would be amazing to have midseason.. keep it going too and build it, could be brilliant!
  7. I didnt realise that the championship had a different standard to League 1, i thought it was only Super League that were demanding things (and even then you could get round it..)
  8. I often find in grounds i can hear the tannoy i just cant make out what anyone is saying on it!
  9. problem of relying on people to read... those that tend to shout that sort of stuff tend not to be the ones paying attention to nice flyers... stewarding/policing sadly is the only way to solve it, and tannoy announcements reminding people..
  10. was just coming on to post this.. Back home!!!! back in the city properly for the first time in god knows how long. The squad is looking quite nice with some nice signings.. I am hoping to get to the first game back home and hope it will be a really good occasion.
  11. agree.. i think there are a few clubs now really committing to "doing it the right way" and they will be happy ending up wherever they are by doing that, it sure beats the hell out of going bust. It also means if they can get things right off the pitch they can build nicely on it but with some form of confidence that by building off it they have a "fall back" if things on the pitch dont work out.. not quite the case if you have a massively wealthy backer who just pulls the plug while you still have the wage bill and no income. Super League is certainly somewhere these clubs can get to as the weaker clubs are "gettable" and if they can get in then the business should grow with the extra income from sponsorship etc.. they just need to stick to their guns and not rush IMHO
  12. oh dear... you've opened yourself up now to the whole "you'll end up with games called off" ..
  13. i know people who get it for less!! my eyes are already pretty bad and the circulation in my right hand is terrible.. left is fine.. cant quite work out why
  14. w*nker.. (right, thats a disorder box ticked.. can i claim some form of benefit???... worth a try..)
  15. I support 2 if that helps.. Warrington as it was where my maternal grandparents were from which was one of the reasons for me switching codes when I had the chance.. and Sheffield as its where I live and grew up, always used to be that it would be Sheffield ahead of Warrington (not something that has been put to the test that much lately) but the Warrington support grew a fair bit when the whole Shuddersfield debacle happened.
  16. I see your "company owned by owner" and raise you just putting the owners name on the shirt or the owner starting a company that doesnt actually do any business just to put the name on the shirt!
  17. As a large number of clubs turn to you and shout "hold my beer" While its slightly ironic with wigan, as you point out, thanks to what has been said in the past by Lenagan I expect there are any number of cases in all sports at all levels of shirt sponsorships going a bit wrong. Companies dont payup, they go bust, they do something a bit silly or vice versa..
  18. that is very true.. however, i'm not entirely sure the body shape you would need to be to fit into some of this stuff... and I've seen, been and experienced many body shapes!
  19. you do know that companies have to negotiate this sort of thing and it doesnt always work out don't you?... should i fall out with Channel 4 because my LG TV doesn't have it as they fell out with each other for a while and so the LG I have (well one of them the other has it due to the time it was made) wont support 4OD? no i just beam it from my phone to the chromecast.. IMHO If you want to watch it you will, if you dont want to then fine but dont make some dumb excuse..
  20. be careful with VX3.. my sons Rugby Union club use them, they've not been good.. sizing has been weird, we had some samples and ordered off the back of those and the shorts were all over the place came much bigger but also (especially the kids sizing) really really wide legs, made them look like skirts. Shirts werent as bad but socks were big too.. the adults team bought loads of the 7-11 socks as spares off parents who were mightily annoyed (understatement).. hoodies etc which are meant to be off the shelf are often on long lead times.. (apparently the club was under the impression they were UK made and therefore on a better turnaround... they are not.. they were also expecting larger stock holdings the two put together are causing real issues and its a bad look for the club and lots of lost revenue) they really struggled to set the website properly for kits which were a pre order.. they kept going "out of stock" in sizes even though it was a pre order they just couldnt get the site to be set up with limitless stock (or frankly put a limit on of 9999999 if need be surely!! even our free work retail site can do this ffs!). I have ordered things off the site for my son and myself (as a coach) twice and both times there has been an issue and I have had to chase on both occasions, they're not great at getting back to you either. I know people have an issue with Oxen but I would not recommend this lot to anyone!
  21. Me and my son (13) were watching something the other day, cannot remember what it was, and the song came on and he instantly said "isnt that the super league music?".. change for changes sake can be quite dangerous.
  22. Jeez... all my tv is watched through either Chromecast of Apps on the tv.. Its literally the easiest thing to do, all of our tvs have a chromecast plugged into them so any app that i cannot download onto the tv is played from our phones/tablets.. no fannying about at all, in fact sometimes its faster than accessing the app on the tv!
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