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  1. To make 3% interest the account would have to be in my wife's name as I'm a tax payer. As it stands. it's a none starter because I wouldn't be able to access the account if anything happened to her.
  2. With interest rates very poor, I was looking at the Santander current account offering 3% interest on balances of up to £20,000. Who do you use and why?
  3. As a youngster, our family stayed at Towyn, North Wales. For us, this really was the other side of the world. I recall the excitement of picking cockles in the evenings and enjoying the tasty treat later. We would cycle to Rhyl on one of those four-wheeled quad bikes and luxury at the time. :-). Eating out was always at a chippie for a tasty treat. On one rainy soaked night we heard a curse from a dolled up women passing our caravan. As it turned out, we found a pair of high heels stuck in the mud next morning. Never did like that pink fluffy stuff on a stick or treacle toffee. My brother Ron took us one year and got a car puncture in the Mersey Tunnel. He made sure he got out as it would have cost him a fine to be towed. Talking of cars, the traffic on the old road to Wales was always stop/start. Mind you, there seems to be endless road works nowadays on the A55. I was always fascinated when passing St Asaph church but have never fulfilled by intrigue to go inside. One day I just might do so. Happy days!
  4. A crushing defeat for the Saints from a clinical side and congrats. I did find the on-field coaching from the Aussies infuriating. Two guys were constantly giving instructions.
  5. Much food for thought and thanks. I had my last boiler for 15 years and without a service contract and worked fine, apart from a few blips which my mate (gas engineer) fixed for little cost. I was just wondering having called at a friends who was having a boiler service done. I did have teething problems on my new boiler regarding losing pressure (possibly a tiny water leak) and took ages to sort. In the end, a new pressure gauge was added to control the gauge on the boiler and it's been fine since.
  6. A stark warning on the back of a bus featuring a picture of an eye states that benefit cheats are being targeted vigorously. Now I'm all for such cheats to be caught but what about the wealthy tax dodgers? Where would you place such posters to warn them? As for Ed Balls on the Andrew Marr show and just like other Members of Parliament, he is clearly a 'questions dodger'!
  7. Not too sure if my post complies with the thread so deleted it?
  8. Looking back to winter rugby, I have endured colder days watching the Saints. That said, I came away from the match feeling extremely cold and put it down to age.
  9. Tradition pubs are closing at an alarming rate and yet we still see new ones opening!
  10. Although David Dimbleby says the panel don't know the questions to be asked, they come across well informed and I'm sure Iv'e seen some with notes to hand?
  11. Our Stu has taken some decent photos of the garden including a fantastic sunset over the fields.
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