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  1. Just been flicking through the Media Petition book and in particular the first basic edition of Open Rugby. One article suggested Tours should stay. Here is the first part of Harry's piece that he kindly penned for the book. It is over a quarter of a century that the first issue of 'Open Rugby' magazine was born out of the same feelings and frustration that I'm sure compelled Ray Gent to undertake his petition. In that first edition - in the very first paragraph ever written in the magazine - I made the comment, that whilst rugby league couldn't be beaten as a sport on the field, off the field "it has suffered from such an appalling lack of good publicity it is still a minority sport in most parts of the world - it has suffered from a smear campaign by a few sick-minded patrons of a rival code, and has suffered from its own inability to promote its own assets."
  2. Grocery store magnate Sir Thomas Lipton sponsored as well as provided a trophy for an international football competition in 1909 and played for again in 1911. West Auckland won the four-team tournament both times, with the last one by defeating Juventus 6-1 in the final. It said that the villagers needed to auction personal possessions in order to pay for first trip to Italy. The FA were approached initially to submit a team but declined. West Auckland kindly allowed me to reproduce a team photo displaying the cup for my football book.
  3. I'm currently writing a piece for my website about discrimination relating to women's football and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experience on the subject? Their sport has made giant strides since being banned from FA affiliated grounds in 1921 but still faces prejudice today. Tam Cowan from the Daily Record took a huge swipe at their participation in an article written last September. As for junior football in Lancashire, the Lancashire FA are experimenting by asking supporters to remain silent during a match. This decision is to see if youngsters enjoy the game more without distraction.
  4. Watched World's Weirdest Events and truly amazing. Lost on its migration, a walrus managed to get to a town centre where it attacked vehicles. How about a freshwater lake near to a golf course in Brisbane having a dozen Bull sharks in it! It seems they somehow arrived from the sea and then along a river, which may have been flooded because the lake is landlocked. And before you ask, they can survive in both freshwater as well as salt water. Fish were seen wriggling along roads and houses engulfed in ice that had been blown in from a lake. One guy was inside his house filming the mounting ice. One fish could raise its poisoned bones out of its back in order to protect itself.
  5. I agree, but it did receive quite a lot of comment over scenes on the underground that were inaccurate.
  6. There is a nice circular walk at Dunham Massey which takes you past a tearoom and then canal.
  7. Watched Morecambe and Wise part way through and found the 'clips' still hilarious. How some guests kept a straight face heaven knows?
  8. Shed some tears watching Garry Barlow in Afghanistan - and what a fantastic concert everyone enjoyed. The soldiers taking part will certainly have some great memories to tell in future years. One guy was very emotional after Garry presented him with a guitar. I'll be watching it again that's for sure.
  9. Watched the new series on gardening which featured topiary and roof gardens: the one on the Birmingham library was amazing. As for the guy who shapes bushes, the herd of elephants that he'd done for a neighbour is quite a talking point and amusing for anyone passing by.
  10. Just heard that football has now dropped down to fourth spot in terms of participation.
  11. I've enjoyed watching George Clarke's Amazing Spaces.
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