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  1. I think that's a fair assumption. Hull's fishing industry and commercial docks expanded so rapidly at the end of the 19th century that the city's population increased from just over 30,000 to just under 300,000 in the space of eighty years. At the time, the vast majority of the people working in the fishing industry were migrants from other British coastal towns. Given the population growth the same would almost certainly be true of the commercial docks. The majority of the population at one time would have been born outside the city.
  2. Another owl sighting this morning. A barn owl at Low Hunsley this time.
  3. Sorry, might not have made it clear. The "Series 1" of Das Boot I was referring to was shown on Sky and, as Exiled Townie's post explains, picks up several months after the original film left off. Sky are now showing a second series. You're quite right about there being a long version of the original film being shown as a TV miniseries back in the 80s. I seem to remember the BBC showing it over several successive evenings.
  4. Series 1 was a worthy successor to one of the greatest films ever made. Looking forward to watching series 2.
  5. Blimey, that time already. I've only just caught up with the last round of fixtures.
  6. Saw a Little Owl this morning just sitting in the sun above a barn door.
  7. I can think of a difference between the two cities. In Bristol they erected statues to slave traders. In Hull we erected them to abolitionists.
  8. An absolutely brilliant bit of TV that would have completely passed me by had I not seen your your post. Many thanks.
  9. That was my reaction. Never heard of him.
  10. Crazy game, both sides doing their best to lose it at times but I agree, great entertainment.
  11. Fine looking brown trout in the crystal clear waters of the River Hull at Wansford this morning.
  12. I liked the idea and at first sight I thought it worked really well in practice as it is. IMO there are too many infringements under the laws of the game where kicking for goal is an option. Big thumbs up from me for the whole thing. As good as could be expected in the circumstances.
  13. My perception of it was that Bailey stayed down because he was too scared to stand up and fight (knowing full well he would have got a pasting) but Radford wasn't going to let chivalry stand in the way of his exacting retribution. I think your last sentence hits the nail on the head. People enjoyed it precisely because it was Bailey receiving his comeuppance. As it happened Bailey came out on top. It left Hull a man down and no way back into the game. Job done.
  14. I remember those enjoyable Wednesday nights watching the 'A' team games at The Boulevard just after the switch to summer rugby. Bell was usually the star of the show. What a player he could have been.
  15. I think that's what Phil Hogan felt like when he tried to stop Woodsy in full flight in the BBC2 Floodlit Final. Looked like he'd been hit by a bus when Rovers' physio Cliff Wallis eventually helped him off the field.
  16. Bailey's face was a picture. If ever a bloke realised he'd picked on the wrong man.
  17. You don't mess with the Wezzie Mafia
  18. I'm struggling with that one TBH and I've watched the game many times over (admittedly with my black and white specs on).
  19. They were both outstanding that day. That's for sure.
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