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  1. Absolutely beautiful city, would be near the top of my list of favourite places. Tuscany in general is a great base. Staying with Italy I also think Turin is a much underrated city. As befits the first capital city of a united Italy the place is absolutely full of outstanding architecture and you've got the breathtaking beauty of the Alps just down the road. Goes without saying the food is great too, it's Italy.
  2. I liked Reykjavik but it took a while to get there from Hull at 15 knots. For a short break you might want to fly from Manchester instead although you would miss out on the thrill of riding the mountainous seas of the North Atlantic. Less chance of seeing the Northern Lights too.
  3. My immediate thought was that we're bringing Gale in short term to assist with the development of Hookem. Like a lot of Hull fans I never bought into the hype around Lee but Hookem looks the real deal to me.
  4. Sneyd is an absolute club legend who has left us with bags of memories that I will cherish forever. All of the ones in your list sprang to mind and then some, including this much more recent one captured superbly by the Hull Daily Mail photographer:
  5. Decided to give this a go, partly because Christopher Walken is in it and partly because of your enthusiastic comments. Glad I did. I think it's a superb piece of TV, well written with an outstanding cast. Some of the footage of Bristol is great too, especially if you like the city, which I do.
  6. Pleased to see Humberside Police have nabbed this "career criminal with an appalling record". https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/boris-johnson-lookalike-actually-career-6151797
  7. Love the fact there's a chough on the badge. Looks great.
  8. “Once all the financial details are resolved, we’ll start thinking about the opposition but it won’t be Toulouse. We will play them in Perpignan.” https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/live-rugby-league-transfer-news-6140581
  9. Less than two weeks after winning the British individual time trial championship in Lincolnshire. What a year he's having. His younger brother Leo looks like he might be one to watch too. He won the under 23 ITT on the same day as Ethan won the elite title.
  10. I can't remember so many quality young players ever in the French national side. Thought it was going to be a horror show but turned out to be a decent contest.
  11. The Leeds left edge is starting to look a real threat. Some really nice passing movements.
  12. Just turned the TV on and was struck by how good a turn out it is. And we've even had the old crowd pleaser of the ref falling over.
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