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  1. Superb piece of work. You been taking tips from Old Frightful?
  2. In the spirit of solidarity with one of Hull's fellow Hanseatic cities I would go for Hamburg's Sankt Pauli.
  3. Remember seeing The Club (an Aussie rules football club in this case) many years ago and thinking it was a very good film. It was that long ago I can barely remember a thing about it though.
  4. Saw my first housemartins of the year today at Kilham (near the wonderfully named Kilham Hall).
  5. No wonder I couldn't think of any. Same as OF, I already knew about Brian Lockwood but that was it.
  6. Agree. You're original question had me stumped though. Nearest I could get was Clive Sullivan winning it with Hull KR in '80 and with Hull in '82.
  7. There was a party in our house when it was first shown.
  8. My son had several of the symptoms of Covid 19 a few weeks back. Complete loss of sense of taste and smell being one of them. His girlfriend thought it would be a great test if he ate a teaspoon of Colman's English Mustard in one go. It never touched him. In his case it was definitely temporary and his sense of taste and smell returned to normal fairly quickly.
  9. Looking forward to seeing how this change works in practice. One the face of it I like the idea.
  10. The sad news about Little Richard brought this one to mind:
  11. Loved that jangling guitar sound they had.
  12. I couldn't tell you without comparing the two lists side by side. The stats that caught my eye were the great Mick Crane's. If you include his spell at Leeds he must have played a colossal number of games in his career.
  13. He's first on the amended list. He wasn't on the original list. Somebody must have read Lowdesert's post.
  14. Heart is still in my mouth when Leeds set for the drop goal. What a fantastic day it was. Enjoyed seeing all the games again. Well done the beeb.
  15. Nor me but when you look at the numbers of appearances some of them are so low they'll have been forgotten about.
  16. I know most of those places very well but have probably never been at the right time. The only jars I can recall in Cropton were in the New Inn. There were loads of swifts though. I've cycled across Hatfield Moors many times but you wouldn't catch me out there when it's getting dark. Skipwith Common is well worth a visit for anybody ever in the area.
  17. Crows are always up for a fight. I regularly see them in aerial combat with the buzzards over a nearby field.
  18. If that knowledge is off the top of your head and not googled, I'll be very impressed.
  19. On the same site as the old Hull and ER RU ground. The opposite side is where Hull RU play.
  20. Aye but I suppose it's such a great name that they didn't want to change it once they had a home of their own.
  21. Correct mate, just round the corner from us at Hull & East Riding Sports Club on Chants Ave North.
  22. I always loved them, right from the Autobahn days. They created some fantastic melodies. Another sad loss to the world of music.
  23. Saw them only a couple of years ago. They were a still a fine live band and a great reminder of what an outstanding back catalogue they have. Really sad to hear he's gone.
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