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  1. First name on the team sheet: Paul Woods: 'Hardest man in rugby league'
  2. Really sorry to hear that. Hope things take a turn for the better.
  3. Granted. Anything's possible at the moment.
  4. Spot on, mate, and if people want an example of whether he has the ability to turn a game around they need look no further than the game in which he won the first of those Lance Todd Trophies. Warrington had it in the bag until his 40-20 turned it on its head.
  5. His debut at Salford was the most accomplished I've seen since Shaul himself at Wakefield in 2013.
  6. It doesn't make sense for lots of reasons. Shaul himself has never expressed any desire to leave that we know of and he is only a couple of years away from qualifying for a testimonial season.
  7. I could scarcely disagree more with your assessment of Shaul's worth to the team but I could live with that if there's any truth in the rumour that Shaul is on his way out. Wynne looked an outstanding talent when he stepped in during Shaul's lengthy absence with concussion last year.
  8. Well chuffed to see a pair of yellow wagtails and a little egret near Faxfleet this morning.
  9. Seem to remember he was a decent larker. All seems a long time ago now.
  10. Superb piece of work. You been taking tips from Old Frightful?
  11. In the spirit of solidarity with one of Hull's fellow Hanseatic cities I would go for Hamburg's Sankt Pauli.
  12. Remember seeing The Club (an Aussie rules football club in this case) many years ago and thinking it was a very good film. It was that long ago I can barely remember a thing about it though.
  13. Saw my first housemartins of the year today at Kilham (near the wonderfully named Kilham Hall).
  14. No wonder I couldn't think of any. Same as OF, I already knew about Brian Lockwood but that was it.
  15. Agree. You're original question had me stumped though. Nearest I could get was Clive Sullivan winning it with Hull KR in '80 and with Hull in '82.
  16. There was a party in our house when it was first shown.
  17. My son had several of the symptoms of Covid 19 a few weeks back. Complete loss of sense of taste and smell being one of them. His girlfriend thought it would be a great test if he ate a teaspoon of Colman's English Mustard in one go. It never touched him. In his case it was definitely temporary and his sense of taste and smell returned to normal fairly quickly.
  18. Looking forward to seeing how this change works in practice. One the face of it I like the idea.
  19. The sad news about Little Richard brought this one to mind:
  20. Loved that jangling guitar sound they had.
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