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  1. What do you think this is? Earl de Grey?
  2. You think that's bad? It's karaoke night tomorrow.
  3. What time does the cockle man usually come in?
  4. Sometimes I think me and you must have been separated at birth. My Mrs is a patient woman but she must be getting fed up of me singing 'My Corona' to the the tune of 'My Sharona' by now.
  5. Got to love the lady on the news just now who couldn't find toilet paper in the supermarket but had four bottles of Corona in her trolley.
  6. Your team are beginning to look like the other vehicle involved.
  7. I remember the dark days when it used to be 10:30 Monday-Saturday and 10pm on a Sunday.
  8. The Llanberis Lake Railway has got some cracking little Ivoresque locos. They were built in Hunslet.
  9. One team descending into a second half shambles looks awfully familiar though.
  10. As they used to say about the LMS railway, late, mucky and slow.
  11. Not great work from Cas to get caught out like that when they have the extra man but great finish from Makinson.
  12. Not to mention tactically outstanding from the home team.
  13. Great skill from Matautia to get that down. Good game so far, Cas playing at real tempo.
  14. All good points, mate and while I would agree that the majority of fans accept that the time for change had come it never manifested itself in any kind open hostility on match day. My point was in response to a suggestion that coaches get hounded out by the fans at Hull. Nothing could be further from the truth in Radford's case.
  15. Indeed, I think we all accept you can't live on past glories forever.
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