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  1. I was trying to explain to someone the other day how terrified I was as a little boy of Ron Mael. This however is wonderful.
  2. If you save up and go for your brunch at Bents just off the East Lancs Road you can hear just about every different local accent among the young women working there. The Newton accent is very different to the Leigh, to the St Helens, Warrington, to the various Wigans, and along to the West side of Salford. I find it fascinating while picking over my unfeasibly expensive plate of processed pork products.
  3. I discovered yesterday that one of my longest standing (suffering?) customers is the mother in law of Radio 4 Today stalwart, Sarah Montague.
  4. To drive home to the UK from near Carcassonne / Perpignan costs me about 60 euros in tolls on the French side. There is one stretch if I go visiting my chum Oiseau in St Junien and take the Tour / Le Mans peage it costs nearly 30 euros for a 2 hour journey - strangely enough you have the motorway to yourself.
  5. I had a tour of the BBC Breakfast set earlier this year. Must confess to a little Naga and Steph dream sequence.
  6. Not a pop at all - we had a wonderful time (apart from the cold). A good few junior teams now tour in the UK, along with some of the senior lot for end of season do's. Our very own Barnyia goes over each year in a mad Monday style with his mob.
  7. While doing my delivery round today I was mostly listening to New Order. They go from the sublime to the absolutely bloomin awful.
  8. ...and reading through the stuff, he spent one winter in Ille sur Tet. Wonder if he bumped into Jean Galia?
  9. Charles Rennie Mackintosh lived out his last years in the area around Perpignan. http://www.crmackintoshfrance.com/index.html
  10. I was on Radcliffe & Maconie's the Chain today with this....
  11. Thanks Meast for posting. Interesting indeed. I'm afraid the Catalans figures are understated by a factor of at least ten. I remember the game well as I was so cold I stood behind big Eorl Crabtree to try and use him as a windbreak. A delightful chap. I led a group of 30 who were attending the match as part of the France U16s tour. There was another group of over 30 from Tonneins, and a third group of a similar number from another French club. I was also sat with a group of another c20 from the FFR, the Limoux club and sundry UK based supporters. To my knowledge they all paid full whack for the tickets and my group gave the club shop a mild spanking as well. The following weekend there were the same French groups plus another junior club in attendance at Leeds Rhinos.
  12. At the moment, stags bellowing in the fields around here. Quite powerful nature stuff at work. On 6 music, bizarre sundays with a John Peel retrospective followed by Annie Nightingale. I'm transported back to Newcastle in 1982. On the new stuff, the new National album. I should have been in Manchester on Friday night to see 'em. A bit broke right now but have bought tickets to see them in Sydney next February.
  13. Can we get rid of this canard once and for all please? Which English based players would have made a difference for the Catalan Dragons this year? Pellisier if everyone is fit is third / fourth choice hooker at Leigh. Maria is getting game time at Leigh because of injuries to other players. Ditto Springer at Cas. Larroyer bless him is getting a gig where he can. Escare left the Dragons for entirely un rugby related issues and if he can sort those out would be welcomed back in an instant. Jullien has carved a great niche at Warrington as a solid performer. Fages? Yes I'd love him at the Dragons. Have I missed anyone? The biggest "miss" at the Dragons this year has been Bird either unfit or suspended. And of the French players, Greg Mounis who retired at the end of last year. Never missed a tackle, did all the unseen, unflashy work around the ruck area.
  14. I'm going... And my job is on the line if Catalans lose. I'm taking extra aspirin to keep the blood thin, water tablets to keep the blood pressure low, and beer on the day to fug the whole experience.
  15. Mister Saucisse made London sausages sizzling in the pan. Shoulder of pork, no added fat, rusk, water (that'll be the profit thank you very much), cracked black pepper, sea salt and sage. I was always told not to trust a landlord who doesn't drink in his own boozer. Never trust a food producer who doesn't gorge themselves on their own products !
  16. I never forgave them for the celery ice cream finisher. Just utterly vile and ruined the meal.
  17. Mike Neville. Geordie anchorman and a part of my youth in Newcastle. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/sep/13/mike-neville-obituary
  18. When I was a 16 year old schoolboy we were tasked with reviewing a novel which we had recently read. I reviewed the Gingerman. I was given detention for a month. RIP JPD.
  19. Nay lad, nay. Former Salford player of the early nineties, Arthur Bradshaw. Johnny Lawless
  20. I can't believe I've missed this thread. Shiphams crab spread in one of those teeny tiny jars. With a white sliced, served a family of nine. Just a gentle hint of the coast. Corned beef hash, served with mustard and brown sauce. Yum. Boeuf Bourgignon made from tinned foods. Emergency fodder here when I'm snowed in. Maccas cheeseburgers. But only when they are on spesh at 1 euro a go. Four for me, one for the dog.
  21. Today I have wormed my dog. He is now breaking wind like thunder.
  22. A couple of years ago I spent most of the day at my stall at a market resplendent in my slippers.
  23. I put up what is hopefully the last string of fly paper of the summer earlier on today.
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