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  1. In Ipswich, we've had a very light dusting of snow but it's very cold. Every morning in the frosty weather I defrost the bird bath, I now have three bird bath shaped blocks of ice in my garden where I've knocked out the ice before refilling the thing with warm water. Three days in a row where it's not been warm enough to melt the ice.

    stick some stuff that floats in the birdbath, ping pong balls etc...

  2. The field at the back of my house is being converted from a general council-owned walking field into a mini nature reserve. The main idea behind it all is a continuing pressure by developers on the council to sign it over for building new houses; by making it into a nature reserve and providing a habitat that may allow some rare beasties to expand into it it'll be almost impossible for developers ever to get planning permission for development.

    In a second area of this Parish, a bit of controversial land that had secured planning permission from developers has suddenly been found to have a rare type of mice living there. Never been seen here before and it's amazing how it has suddenly migrated to that area just in time to stop development.

    If I were the cynical type, I'd say that the countryside lot around here were NIMBYs of the highest order :P

    there was a major new motorway extension taking place near our offices. part way through someone discovered a rare species of newt.

    chaos ensued.

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