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  1. Can't disagree with much of that.

    I have also been a touch disappointed with some of Smith's tinkering at the back end, but then shouldn't coaches always be learning as well as the players? Maybe he will learn from this, or maybe he will still be happy that the right choice was made.

    Personally our big issue in attack for me was Monas. His passing was back to it's worst and he broke up our momentum on numerous occasions, and this kept us under pressure in defence in that first half. The bloke is not a scrum half, was dire there in his first year, and needs to get back to 9.

    the cup win, fantastic and professional as it was, caused problems in subsequent games. we went from a fluent "we'll score more points than you" team to a "lets try not to lose" team. monaghan has to be at 9, which means higham or clarke have decisions to make, for me clarke should move to 2nd row.

    as for the rest morley, westwood, wood, hicks, king and briers were stand outs. carvell needs to step up a bit next season, it's a surprise to see him in the england squad, i'd have picked wood before him.

    still, 2 trophies in 2 years isn't that bad!

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