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  1. The Fourth Reich started in an unexpected way and with an unexpected group of leaders:
  2. Yes, the remake. Had worries they'd try to make it more serious, but no, cheese all the way through and so it bloody well should have.
  3. Pop-up alert just now. The new season of The New Legends of Monkey is on Netflix. The first season had close to the right levels of cheese that the original Monkey had. Good hopes the second will build on that.
  4. I haven't been into our town centre bank for many years. I deposited one cheque in through the local Post Office last year and that was an exception. Not sure of their purpose for personal banking these days given the branches seem to have almost have no local authority. As long as there's somewhere for exceptions, e.g. our Post Office payment in then that's fine for personal banking.
  5. This one, then go to the top post in the Twitter thread and see all the other companies joining in
  6. Last week I had a dream that our two main vaccinating sites were under attack from zombie anti-vaxxers. In the dream, I sacrificed the smaller and least defensible one to concentrate on the other that has large grassy areas around it that allowed clear lines of fire. I had been listening to World War Z on audiobook on the way home and that tied in with relentless long days on the vacc campaign seems to have created a dream narrative for me.
  7. First one was Dick Van Dyke Show, they apparently even brought him in to consult on setup.
  8. A few unexpected hours off so we watched this a couple of nights ago. Strange, confusing, disjointed... and hurry up with more episodes!
  9. Test... (for the rest of you, ignore, just trying to sort a settings issue with Harry)
  10. 8 posts deleted. If you're a new member, try not to jump in with both feet making both accusations. Not a great start to forum membership.
  11. Well, don't. There's plenty of other forums out there where you can express your depravities.
  12. Which channel/platform is showing the new version of The Stand?
  13. One post removed, from a one post member who was banned and account flagged appropriately.
  14. Rosetta Stone courses are very good, solidly recommend them, but they're a bit pricey these days with their online "subscription" options. If you can get the one-off purchases then that'll do better as you can keep dipping in and out as you see fit over years. On German though, I spent six months in Dortmund and the extent of my German when I left was "zwei bier bitte" and "es tut mir leid, er ist ein britischer soldat"
  15. I see it like my car clock. If I leave it alone for long enough it’ll sort itself Failure of humour check: I am joking...
  16. 15 posts removed, probably missed some, no time for more. One poster banned on his 4th strike.
  17. Good luck! Try to get those points out and you’ll hopefully have a decent chance given those are core interviewer skills to pick through.
  18. That's really sad. I had plenty of banter with him over the years on here but never met him in real life. Another one of the family here gone.
  19. You're looking for these in your interview questions: Skills, (Can they demonstrate they can do the job?) Knowledge, (Can they demonstrate they've got the required learning and training for the job (different to skills!)) Experience, (Have they relevant experience that matches the spec? Or experience that's transferable?) Attitude, (Would they fit into your workplace? Do they have the sort of attitude you're looking for?) Character. (Do they have the right character for the job? For a fairly junior person, you're not that fussed about a messy past, but do you need to know more?) Make sure your list of questions covers all those. Remember that it's perfectly fine to have big gaps if you're looking for someone coming in at the bottom of a grade. If you're after top of a grade then you're going to want all the boxes ticked. A nice-to-have set of questions comes around potential. Are you looking for someone with the nouse to stay and develop them into higher skill roles? If so, no point hiring someone who wants a set job for life. But... if you're after that set-for-life type then remember that when asking questions! An example, we brought in a woman past retirement age who just wanted company and to do basic admin stuff, absolutely perfect for us and suits her perfectly. But we also have apprentices who are chafing at the bit to get onto bigger and better stuff.
  20. Scotchy1 is back on express license, similar to yours. Be mindful of that please. Just as we've backed people off grumbling at your return, we're asking you to do the same.
  21. You really are wasting your typing, I am deleting every single discussion/joke/commentary now on Maradona. Go create another thread if it really means that much to you.
  22. A no-tolerance reminder here. Feel free to discuss RUGBY LEAGUE impacts, if you want to discuss political or other non-rugby stuff then there are threads on other bits of the forum that may suit your particular needs to rant. I will just remove posts that go off that track.
  23. One post removed and a depressed sigh that people think that going on about nazis, fascists and so on is fair game on these rugby forums.
  24. Come on. I’ve asked nicely, I’ll just start deleting posts now. Go start another thread if you want to discuss him.
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