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  1. Do Sky have the rights to Championship games as well? Could BT Sport or Channel 4 or Channel 5 show RL? If you look at the Rugby Union when they do their TV deals they get coverage on all possible channels.
  2. Thank you totalrl.com for this page on your forum. As a member of the old Record Keepers Club, it is great to see its re-emergence. I'm currently typing up the Huyton games, team and scorers and would love to hear stories from Huytons era in Rugby League. Photos would be great to see? Finally, if you love stats, RL stats, this club is for you.
  3. Think the 4 mentioned are on the way down - yes capable of some big performances but not consistent over season. And think need to shake up creativity department - Maguire seems to have had an excellent season not sure abbout Sinny and Burrows. Promote some kids - look foward to seeing Watkins, Bishop, McShane
  4. Sorry to see Kev go. Really exciting player. Yes gaffs but some fantastic tries. Disappointed witth Smith and especially Lowes (when in charge)for their apparent attitude towards his defensive problems. Lowes dropped several people seemingly for poor defence and in their absence it just got worse. Right to blame the player or the coach? Good luck at Wakey
  5. fast, very fast and seems good player as well
  6. When I went to Bayhorse tonight someone was telling me who was on the disciplinary committee. Do we actually know this info in the public domain?
  7. Think Tomkins played very well tonight. Would be interested to see if Wigan players vote (if as suggested they cant vote for their own).
  8. Sorry but that is a dreadful slur "Which team B Hodgson will be playing for on Satturday". From what Ive seen he is totally professional guy who will give his all VERSUS Warrington on Saturday.
  9. hkr for mine - just the way pies are rocking " a bit" and the very efficient kr win at Hull
  10. Mine is a David Lloyd experience as well. Looked good when teaching squash! Absolutely awesome on the cross trainer in front of me. He was cruel, so cruel to the poor machine!!! Devastating.
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