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  1. John Joyner, Tawerea Nikau, Harry Pinner, to name 3 others - Knocker was different gravy though, I'll give you that one
  2. I was literally going to post about that try in the cup final - he never got it down in my opinion. I'd forgotten about the try in the semi but 100% agree with you - he was over the line when he touched it down
  3. Tell me more...not heard about this which is odd considering I follow pretty much every Cas offical/fan site on social media. you might have a real scoop here....by the way he signed a 4 year contract last year
  4. what does this have to do with my view of Michael Gove?
  5. Where did I mention the Conservatives? Have a great day xx
  6. That bloke could single handedly be the biggest backer RL the world has ever seen, single handedly build a new stadium in Cas and I still wouldn't give him the steam off my urine
  7. I joined on Apr 20th 2004 - that's one day after my first wedding anniversary, not sure what that tells me but I was obviously seeking solace somewhere!!
  8. a bit I suppose, although I miss rhubarbtriangulist more
  9. COstco will have some amazing OLED offers offers on Black Friday - I know as I'm supplying them!
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