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  1. Ah Yes, Chris Hill that myopic cas follower Sure I heard somebody on the WIgan coaching team, Matty something, saying it was never a sin bin - how do you feel about having a myopic cas follower as your head coach?
  2. But this shift in adapting will just lead to canny half backs running at the line and eith milking a penalty or scoring a thousand tries a season as the defence are afraid to commit
  3. Kendall clearly sent him to the sinbin as it was "late" - no mention whatsoever of head on head
  4. I'm not going to lie - I turned it off with 10 mins to go - genuinely I feared we would get walloped tonight with the amount of injuries we had but was really pleased with how we played However, I will not spend my time getting more and more wound up by a game being ruined by discussing controversial moments 80% of the time. We even had 2 minutes of discussing whether Eden should have picked it up or fallen on it. The players who take to the filed are incredibly skillful, strong and entertaining and we seem to be doing everything possible to reign that in. The fact that JohnM seems to be the only person in the universe who agrees with the Fonua sin bin tells you all you need to know. I'm done
  5. Let's be honest, we only got back into it due to a ridiculous sin bin of McGillivray and a couple of soft pens - outside of 20 minutes we were simply woeful. We do need to see an end to this trend where a player feels a defender on his standing leg and automatically lifts his other to dive to the floor.
  6. Hmm that's not great, which media please? Any links as keen to see what they've been up to
  7. Boring, clueless, pathetic rugby. I care more about performances than results and the first 3 have been disgusting. Somehow McShane, Evalds, Watts have been turned into below average players - I would say the team do not buy into Radfords style/philosophy On a serious note, I do not remember 1 clean break all season #classycas
  8. I thought we were OK in the first 40 minutes and unlucky to be 12 down - second half was absolutely horrific and Millwardesque - Other than Westerman I don't see one signing that is an improvement on his predecessor which is a huge worry for me. As for the Radford interview I don't actually believe he was blaming the penalty count on the loss - he was asked a direct question specifically about the penalty count and said we would have to look closely at them - poor questioning and very little time in my view Within 8 days I've gone from "cannot wait for the season to start and reckon we can get into the playoffs" to "we're in a relegation battle aren't we?" Oh well......
  9. I certainly won't judge him on that performance alone but there was a period in the second half where we returned the kick from our half and every single play was as scoot or one man drive. The way we lost last week was awful with not onle line break that I can remember. 10.500 fans would have returned if we'd put in a good shift, sadly I think we can half that which is the biggest disappoment
  10. We were absolutely awful but Salfords half backs were superb and they were worthy winners - still can''t really believe it was 3 tries each
  11. Well it's nice to read a thread about stadium costs and how unrealistic they are without it being a Cas one. As you were......
  12. Before I read this thread I wanted Toulouse to win this weekend but having read the 5hite posted here I would love nothing more than for Fev to come up and wind up the snob that is the OP Bring back Super Leagues biggest Derby
  13. He's ###### anyway, always has been and always will be - absolutely stole a living at Cas* * This is all a lie and I wish him nothing but success, one of the most genuine blokes ever.
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