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  1. The EXACT same offence was committed the week before by Mossop on Danny Richardson with no ban whatsoever. I say EXACT same offence when actually Mossop swung his arm with intent to cause serious harm, missing Richardson's head by luck rather than judgement I think it's fair to understand why Wattsy felt the need to appeal.
  2. I agree about the ball steal being a harsh call but if the above is what you've taken from watching the game then there's no hope
  3. As a Cas fan I can tell you that this is the most incorrect post I've ever seen on this forum
  4. You've judged Leigh after 3 games
  5. Perhaps Salford, Wigan, Huddersfield or Hull could tell Cas exactly what to do in order to raise funds and get a shiny new stadium like they did
  6. You know what I bet nobody's thought of that - I'll suggest a new stadium to the club
  7. I'll see what I can find out from his brother- that's very kind
  8. Brilliant post - had a beer with him in Perpignan and if I'd have known that was the last time I'd see him I'd have held him tight. One of the good guys who will be missed by many
  9. All, I have seen posts all over facebook announcing the death of Paul Durant (Cas Vegas) due to a Heart attack after organ failure. He was an incredibly well liked member of this forum and will be sadly missed
  10. This forum is like Rugby Union for me - for some reason I keep giving it a go again in the hope it becomes quite entertaining- how wrong could I be
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