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  1. COstco will have some amazing OLED offers offers on Black Friday - I know as I'm supplying them!
  2. I'm doing the Coventry half marathon in april so will find a suitable post race watering hole!! Hope you're well mate
  3. I've spent so many years defending International RL, almost blindly to be honest at some points but today is the straw that broke the camels back for me. I can't defend that any more and was pretty embarrassed Bennett doesn't give 2 hoots about England or GB and the sooner he is gone the better. So totally and utterly deflated - pathetic
  4. Totally and utterly deflated and disinterested in this match tomorrow now and I never EVER thought I would say that about international RL. Thanks Wayne, what a total shambles - and he had the audacity to say we're getting better based on last weeks performance
  5. ALtuveeeeeeeeeee see ya later!! Astros back in the world series and thoroughly deserved.....
  6. The timing Gods were on my side last night meaning I could watch the whole of the Astros v Yankees game - good tough win for the Astros with Cole having one of his poor games of 8 inning with no runs, 7K's and the win!!
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