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  1. Warwick has some belting pubs with Titlted Wig being right up there - glad you enjoyed it
  2. I was actually joking as you mention it all the time!
  3. all banter and I'm sure there were many Cas fans wanting Leigh to win as they just can't support Fev whatever - I like to think I'm a bit more fair minded than that! Yorkshire > Lancashire at the end of the day!
  4. Absolutely loved this game yesterday and thought Fev were superb. May seem odd for me to have been supporting them but really wanted them to win after Duffy leaving and Beaumont being an absolute tool. Well done Fev
  5. I think you've been incredibly generous in your appraisal of our second half performance!!
  6. the ability to defend the indefensible from Wigan fans (fanatic: a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme cause) is apparent every single week to the point that it's highly amusing. Every single cas fan I have spoken to or read social media from have said Jesse was stupid an deserved to be sent off. If just one Wigan fan could ever do the same thing by admitting that every now and again Wigan players are not in line to be the next Pope we'd be on to something And all because we wouldn't let them have Mitch Clark early
  7. once again - sensationalism - foaming at the mouth!!! You just can't help yourself can you?
  8. where has anybody said that Watts and Co were wound up by him? People are merely stating that his antics are pretty much pathetic and you know for a fact that if he wore anything other than a wigan shirt you would be saying exactly the same That's biased old men for you
  9. We are absolutely clueless. Actually hoping Sneyd has his kicking boots on tomorrow and wins it for Hull as I cant gonthriugh another performance like this. Truly shambolic
  10. the fact that Cas refused to let hm go early because we don't like Wigan? I would have thought it was more to do with no giving an advantage to a team so close to us on the league ladder
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