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  1. ANother one who has read twitter and presumed Cas are voting against - show me your evidence that Cas oppose
  2. KR to win by plenty Cas to score a maximum of 2 tries and I will be bored by minute 28
  3. AS crazy as this may seem I take no pleasure in seeing these results at Wakey and certainly not going to crow about it based on my teams current predicament. I can't say that I hope they turn it around as that would almost certainly condemn my team to relegation but I do hope that, if they do go down, they see it as an opportunity to rebuild and not a disaster.
  4. 2 worst games of the season have involved Cas -tells you all you need to know. And to think we were once known as Classy Cas - total shambles of a club
  5. I missed the game - is there any footage of the Knowles incident?
  6. God awful game and wakey better team in second half I would say. If Kevin Procter is on more than £10k a year then Wakey have been done.
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