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  1. 1 Eng v NZ World cup semi final 2013 2 Gb v Aus (1987?) 3rd test at Central Park 3 Catalans v Cas 2018 down to 11 men and pulled off a brilliant win 4 Wigan v Cas Challenge cup qtr final 1986 5 Lees v Cas - play off eliminator semi final at Headingley 1999 - That Dale Fritz try~!
  2. Really enjoyed the game and couldn't help wondering how dangerous Wigan would be with Hastings in that team Hull offered more than I expected after the cup defeat but don;t think there was any doubt who deserved the win Sneyd's theatrics in trying to get Isa punished were embarrassing at best
  3. bless you - heartbreaking stuff for you and al concerned. Your sensitivity has not gone unnoticed, thank you
  4. Sadly, after being in an induced coma for 3 1/2 weeks today, my cousin, sadly passed away. They still do not know what caused this and say there only around 2 to 3 cases like this a year in the UK. We got to say goodbye and she died peacefully - the heartbreak is that she never got to say goodbye to her children and vice versa The care she got from St Thomas College hospital was faultless but ultimately there was nothing they could do. I shall be holding my family closer tonight - do the same please if you can
  5. As a former player it's Bears all the way
  6. Well the posts on here from Coventry fans shows they are far from embarrassed. Full of praise for the Raiders while offering a bit of mitigation and taking nothing away from west Wales. you should be embarrassed by your post
  7. Not relating to me directly but my cousin… 43 yrs old, had some friends over for a takeaway and told them that she nearly cancelled the evening because she had been feeling unwell in the week. She had felt much better on Saturday so kept the date in the diary - She is a single mother of 2 children (10 and 7 I think) with no underlying health issues whatsoever. During the night she started talking nonsense and commenting on things that were not relevant so her friends got worried about her and got her a glass of water. Within seconds she stood up, started talking words with no meaning and fell to the floor, fitting. To cut a long story short, she is into her 10th day of being in an induced coma with almost certain brain damage and is currently fighting off an infection that means the next 48 hrs are critical. The ambulance arrived at her house 6 minutes after being called, had her into the hospital and on ventilator within 40 mins. She is now in the critical care unit at Kings College Hospital which I visited this weekend – wow!!! There are about 15 beds in the ward, all being expertly monitored by about 5 staff per bed, not one of the patients is conscious. The way these medical professionals go about their business is unbelievable – no sign of rushing, no sign of panic, just experts doing there job as best they can. My eyes were opened massively after that visit on Saturday and I know that she is in the safest possible place she can be – it’s 50/50 whether she ever wakes up and if she does it will be with some degree of brain damage. Live every single day folks, you really don’t know what is round the corner and to all of the “immigrants” who are looking after my cousin and other patients – Thank you
  8. It's still not wheldon Road though is it?
  9. we were absolutely awful - had enough pressure to win 4 games last night yet were clueless in attack. Leeds defended very well in fairness and looked hungrier from the off Eden? Well what can I say
  10. really well thought out, intelligent post. well done
  11. Signed on a 3yr deal from next season - back line could now look like Eden Shenton Blair Feki Mata'autia Definite improvement on this year
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