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  1. The game turned on its head when Hardman dropped the high bomb and Branighan scored from it, i saw the energy drain out of the players and the heads go down, there was only going to be one winner from there on in. Not that its Hardmans fault we lost before anyone starts...... i don't think one game in over 2 weeks before the final, in a passage of one game in 7 weeks helped either but what can you do?
  2. again.... i'm not going into details of the incident but during this vcious and cowardly attack which you didn't happen to see there were around 30 jubilant (and quite right) fax fans jumping around taunting a single rovers fan...... not being aggressive towards him just giving him a bit of stick for supporting the losing side........everyone would do the same.................... no other rovers fan was within 50 yards So was the incident you didn't see, really a cowardly and vicious attack?? Again, i'm not saying on here whether i witnessed an assault or not, what i will say is that too many people are quick to jump on a bandwagon where only a few know what actually happened. and none of them are the posters This thread should not be open any longer until after the Police have said what evidence backs up or dismsses the possibility of a crime taking place to stop people tarring the name of featherstone Rovers, once an official crime is being investigated then and only then can a perpatrator be spoken of
  3. the fire.... from the horses mouth as i was in the tunnel away from the fax fans, i was standing with the Stadium managerwho was speaking to fire officer it was a lit cig butt thrown over a door in the public toilets which was locked but had a gap top and bottom, the cubicle however was being used as a storeroom with boxes in it...... so who was the firestarter??????
  4. i was very close to the alleged incident, i have been in touch with cheshire police regarding what i personally saw and feel this thread should now be closed until the facts of what actually occur materialise. I'm not saying on here who may or may not have been involved but it appears from the general tone of the thread that Rovers fans have been villified without anyone even being spoken to about an assault
  5. I've just picked up tickets for our lass, they are in the east stand....... looks like we'll be spread all over
  6. when i watched the fax match last week i noticed they nicked our get in to em song from the week before, at least they can add that to the only other one they have
  7. he'd a blinder fFOR fax the other night, they were undoubtably the best team but there were 4 shocking decisions all in fax favour and all which cost eagles some points Having said that there are much worse refs around and i've been more impressed with him this season, it's not like he doesn't warn players before he penalises them, trying not to stop the game unlike some who think we pay just to watch them
  8. i think you should interview bluebeard again ;-)
  9. We used to sing marching on together over 20 years ago in the biullock shed, it sounded great in the confined space......... way before the whinos sang it
  10. yes they do.... they sing stand up if you hate man U
  11. Phil. no clubs get any gate money from the final so everyone can tell the truth Bluebeard is going.... possible plus 2
  12. top man is your rob and an excellent groundsman, count me in for a tenner, it will be in the office tomorrow morning , can't get any earlier
  13. i don't mind who we play Both teams will have had some tough games leading up to it fax against us then sheff with a huge injury list, sheffield having to play at Leigh Barrow and Halifax in consecutive weeks...... both teams will be out of puff and we'll be fresh We have more than enough in us to beat either of them.... lets let them worry about who they will be facing in the final
  14. there were no post match comments on sky due to the time taken by the injury to the fax player...... the dvd should have an interview with bluebeard on it so it must be worth a fiver of anyones money
  15. I remember bluebeard following him off the pitch after the sheffield game telling him what a stinker he had
  16. anyone know how to work this thing, i can't see myself on the screen just a load of flat cappers
  17. lager for me mate please, will it be the lagoon at HT??........ if your going in the clubhouse after it'll be my round....... Can't wait for this match seems to be taking ages to come round
  18. haha suggy i thought you of all folk would have recognised my pins from playing rugby together.... mind they moved a lot faster then lol...... i'll do better than wave at yer mate get a pint in at half time and i'll help you sup it ;-)
  19. To be honest as much as the kids love bluebeard there are people working harder than i do at the club, I'm gonna be doing it for a fair while yet even if i do have to see the match properly on dvd in the week after lol. And Mr Fowler i'll get some poundage on the pins if you promise to get down more next season to be able to tell i have.... is it a deal??
  20. Its an absolute pleasure mate, when i first started being bluebeard i was amazed at how the children actually believe i am bluebeard and not a person in a suit, your little girl along is one of those along with many other children and it makes me happy knowing that at least for 2 hours or so i can make people happy, either kiddies who's eyes light up when they see bluebeard or parents who can enjoy the game without having to keep the kids entertained constantly....... i remember signing her shirt cos i asked if her parents said it was allowed first but you'll have to forgive the writing as i can't get my hand high enough to be able to see what i'm doing lol........ I enjoy being bluebeard but i was debating with myself whether to do it all next season............ i think your post just made up my mind, it's definately worth losing 3 pints of sweat every week lol
  21. Chris I'll purchaes 3 copies of the one with me and my girls mate, i'll see you at the fax match to sort out sizes and stuff and i'll pay you then too
  22. haha i'd have loved that..... maybe in the grand final
  23. I was standing next to him on "that catch" and heard him say he didn't even know the ball was in touch as he never saw it for the sun. As for his tiredness he's probably upto match fitness now, the run outs against the reserves will help maintain it
  24. i agree robin thats why ki'm to say the least baffled how doran could get in there instead of him
  25. Doran over Catic who appears as a centre insread ??? Rooney over Briggs??? Nanyn ffs the are taking the rise They have obviously not watched any championship rugby this season
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