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  1. Strange how many of these are euphemisms for "We lost."
  2. Biggest hope is that the World Cup organisers have a contingency plan just in case the Aussies pull the same stunt again.
  3. I'd suggest Stoke Potters but I think that's the name of the speedway team.
  4. Usually a Premier League game on BT Sport and a Championship game on Sky Sports.
  5. It would be the sort of foresight not normally seen in RL circles!
  6. Up for a Magic weekend in Leipzig or Salzburg! Or New York even!
  7. Based on League position. The derbies are just a coincidence.
  8. Presumably as no longer half term week. For selfish reasons, does mean I only need to book one night in Newcastle and only need to book half a day off on the Monday
  9. You missed out someone suggesting a 9s tournament!
  10. Well. I did once see Wire lose to Hull KR despite being 16 points ahead with 5 minutes to play...but...
  11. I imagine the match schedule will be the same albeit some of the venues will need to be confirmed.
  12. Need a mortgage for that! Booked myself 20 tickets (including 8 double headers so 28 games) grand total about £350. Cost me at least that for 9 games at Euro 2020. (Although getting a lot of that back!)
  13. Honestly? They all seemed quite reasonably priced to me. Not many World Cups where you can get a ticket for a pony.
  14. Really? In the football World Cup it's often a much more entertaining game than the final!
  15. I agree. If you're going to have GP then it should be for a bonus point, with 1 each for the draw after 80 minutes. I'd also have a rule that any points gained in GP extra time don't count towards overall points difference.
  16. With this game being shown on 2 channels you'd think one of them would give the option of watching without the awful fake crowd noise.
  17. Put me in the home advantage camp. Should be s genuine advantage (and therefore incentive) to finishing higher up the table. Cup finals should always be played at neutral grounds. Playoffs should be weighted in favour of those more successful.
  18. Presumably your complaint was that they didn't miss it all!
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