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  1. Yes Giants were best on the night which doesn't happen a lot against Wigan and we should have had more points, It's worth mentioning though that although both sides had plenty of first choices out , Fartown had their first choice halves and fullback on the field and we also have some decent looking youngsters Glad to get the points of course and would love to do it again in London but i fancy it will be tougher for both sides . Well done to the Wigan fans that came a long way to watch a depleted team.
  2. Giants played well right enough, but there's such a thing as winning gracefully and without starting to slag off opposition players and it's worth mentioning that Rovers had a fair amount of poor luck. As well as we played we will have to step up from that in the final, Wigan showed what they can do , when you consider they were on the back foot for most of that game it was a great effort to come away with the win, They will certainly be a different proposition to an under strength HKR. All that said i'm delighted we got to the final, I've been to each final we have got too starting with 1953 and a few we didn't get too, we were the underdogs that year as well so you never know ,we do beat Wigan every now and then, ( we shall use this Thursday to practice on them ) I'd love Ken Davy to get a top trophy the man deserves something for all his efforts and money. I thought the Giants were not much behind HKR fanswise but i'm not one to bother overmuch about numbers , we've had poor crowds since the Devery, Valentine days ended but we are still here. Well done to HKR fans they stayed and clapped their team off when they must have felt really disappointed , I thought they were a credit to the club.
  3. Kayakman If the S league clubs don't want you , then you wont last long. I don't know if they do or not but there have been some on here telling you for some time that it will be them that you have to deal with rather than the RFL.
  4. I don't know why everyone has Toronto as relegated, I thought they did ok last night and i believe they will get better plus they will have all their games in Canada to come, It's a bit early to be writing them off for me. On the funding thing i find Dave T's views hard to disagree with , I'm not anti Toronto but i hold the view that there are other S league owners plowing a lot of money into the game besides Toronto and their views count for a lot more than ever gets even mentioned, It's very easy to come on here and call them greedy and short sighted and only wanting whats best for their club when all you are contributing in most cases is the price of a season ticket. Toronto have lost 3 games in S league and already all the posts from their fans have gone from, We will win it all, we will show you how to play the game, we will show you how to run the game , we have so much money we will own the game to It's not a level playing field, they are filching our money, we should have extra this, that or something else. For heavens sake give the club a chance, if things get desperate then do something, it won't be the first time the goalposts have been moved, I don't want to see them fail, we have had far to much failure. In a sort of answer to one of your earlier posts , If you were suddenly to become a Millionaire and wanted to fund Bradford, I would let you into S league immediately, That would result in benefit to every club money wise and if i was pumping money in as some people are, that would probably be important to me.
  5. And yet despite all this misery and unfairness being heaped upon them they still want to be a part of the club, The guy must really like League.
  6. So it's basically a money making venture then, I wish him luck with that. If clubs like Wigan Leeds and the like who have been going well over 100 years cant make money it's difficult to see Toronto doing it with all the added cost that they will have.
  7. The amazing thing to me is, why would Toronto even want to get involved with such a small time sport as League in the first place, Absolutely nothing seems as though it will run smooth, Everyone is hoping it can push the game onward ( including me )but on here it seems to have caused nothing but division, I get the feeling that it's not going to be a lot smoother anywhere else. It's easy enough to come on here and say what needs to be done and what has to be done but i recon there are a few people in the game who are pumping money in besides Toronto, and they might want a say in how things are done.
  8. No i'm sure we haven't met, I was just trying a joke. I wish you and your team the best of luck friend, League needs all the clubs it can get. I would caution against too much boasting and running down of small town clubs over here though, you have to remember that their clubs are just as important to them as yours is to you and i don't think you will have realized the achievements some of them have had and they live with the dream of future success, much like me. I think most fans will be behind your club, they are just hoping it is not at the expense of everything they know, With a bit of luck it may all work out.
  9. It's even harder when your in your Eighties friend, Although it's true what they say It's easier to remember things from way back than yesterday, Who are you by the way ?
  10. Yeah seem to remember it being a Lancashire club, I think it was around the time that shot putter fella gave it a go, forgot his name but i think he played a bit for Oldham.
  11. Does anyone remember A grid iron player coming over and playing in the Sixties sometime, I 'm sure i do but when you get to my age your never quite sure if you've imagined the odd thing.
  12. You can't teach Rugby league skills in a couple of seasons either.
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