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  1. There are IMO 2 big reasons why the Giants get poor crowds, 1 Huddersfield is a Football town by and large and 2 there have been far to many performances like last night over a long period of time.
  2. The Giants were lucky to get nil. Toronto have looked like a team playing in second gear all season, last night they went up to third and it was more that good enough to beat Huddersfield, hopefully they will find a fourth and fifth now and register some SL wins. Well done to them, keep it going and good luck.
  3. Some of us on here actually lived through it all. and in the end it didn't stop Hitler wanting to visit Yorkshire, I saw the film of it on Youtube ?, He didn't want to visit Canada did he?
  4. It didn't go over my head mate, I was alluding to the fact that you are very good in holes, or at least digging them.
  5. Glad to hear it mate, it was a very unhealthy job. Regards the Giants merger, The fans had no more say in what went on that the Bulls fans had in the way their club was run . We like you were not asked for our input.
  6. You weren't a minor by any chance were you, iv'e read your posts on here for years but i have to say you have been digging a big hole on this one ,and for no reason really, you cant force people to hold views you would like them too. I'm sure Toronto will get better and win more friends as they do but most people will always call a s*** game what it is whoever the clubs may be. doesn't make them all Wolfpack haters, and that's not perhaps, that's a fact.
  7. Don't think it's that easy to call but ill be rooting for Wakey, If they have another Warrington type game of a Cas first half game i think they will be too strong for Salford, not that Salford are a poor side i just don't think they have gelled yet
  8. Kayakman If the S league clubs don't want you , then you wont last long. I don't know if they do or not but there have been some on here telling you for some time that it will be them that you have to deal with rather than the RFL.
  9. To be honest Daz i have found Wigan fans to be as fair minded as any in the game and better than many, but whatever the club in general It's always them that have been bad and never the other side that was good, and that includes the Giants. Pinch of snuff mate , this is Rugby league.
  10. Looking forward to this one, a home game at last and a proper gauge of where we are in the general scheme of things, We don't have a great record against Wigan this last few seasons but then that applies to most clubs this last few seasons, before that we didn't do all that bad. I don't expect to win but i do expect us to give them a game and it could be a good one, We might just surprise them, That would be good.
  11. There is truth in your post regarding a lot of fans views, but the teams try hard enough to get there,. Who wouldn't want to turn out at Wembley representing their club and Town/ city/ village?. That aside most of the Wolfpack fans keep telling us how they will never be allowed to go down, so why are they worrying . Personally i think they will survive under their own steam anyway.
  12. What a strange post, you have no interest in a comp that was going a hundred years before S league was dreamed up and culminates at the national stadium on terrestrial, TV What better place to showcase the Wolfpack, besides which it is your best chance to win anything.
  13. Well the J S stadium doesn't look good on telly with only 6,000 in it. Big soulless place, whats up with people in Huddersfield, they don't deserve a team, Kick em out , they bring nothing. and look out Wigan the same bunch are starting to throw similar comments your wayi notice.
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