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  1. Well the J S stadium doesn't look good on telly with only 6,000 in it. Big soulless place, whats up with people in Huddersfield, they don't deserve a team, Kick em out , they bring nothing. and look out Wigan the same bunch are starting to throw similar comments your wayi notice.
  2. Wakey will be confident after the win against Wolves, Hopefully they can do it again, But Cas don't show them much mercy as a rule so a tough one , still going for Wakey to break the run.
  3. Well done Wakey, They do have a habit of surprising the heavyweights.
  4. Should be a good one despite the weather, Come on Hull
  5. Yes both defenses were very good. It was obvious what sort of game Giants were going to play when you saw the bench, I don't know why that is but i hope they are not going to keep it up all season, Gaskel's kicking was abysmal tonight, straight to Evalds every single kick and he didn't even have to move, Salfords kicks were very good , every one of them gave their chasers a chance. Nothing to choose between them for me, If the drop had gone over it was game over more than likely but Kev treat us for old times sake " bless him " Pauli Pauli is as awkward as ever the Giants have never ever been able to handle him and he nearly won it for them in the last minute, Macintosh is deceptively quick. Very happy to get the points, onward and upward.
  6. I don't know why everyone has Toronto as relegated, I thought they did ok last night and i believe they will get better plus they will have all their games in Canada to come, It's a bit early to be writing them off for me. On the funding thing i find Dave T's views hard to disagree with , I'm not anti Toronto but i hold the view that there are other S league owners plowing a lot of money into the game besides Toronto and their views count for a lot more than ever gets even mentioned, It's very easy to come on here and call them greedy and short sighted and only wanting whats best for their club when all you are contributing in most cases is the price of a season ticket. Toronto have lost 3 games in S league and already all the posts from their fans have gone from, We will win it all, we will show you how to play the game, we will show you how to run the game , we have so much money we will own the game to It's not a level playing field, they are filching our money, we should have extra this, that or something else. For heavens sake give the club a chance, if things get desperate then do something, it won't be the first time the goalposts have been moved, I don't want to see them fail, we have had far to much failure. In a sort of answer to one of your earlier posts , If you were suddenly to become a Millionaire and wanted to fund Bradford, I would let you into S league immediately, That would result in benefit to every club money wise and if i was pumping money in as some people are, that would probably be important to me.
  7. He never looked the same to me when he came back from the NRL but that might just be because he looked so good before he went, He has that ground eating stride though and i would have him in my team any time, I have a feeling he would have made a very very good Three quarter in the unmentionable game.
  8. Tough to call for me but i'll go for KR, they didn't look bad against Hull on the whole.
  9. Wigan have not been firing yet but they will, they are not a club to be happy until they are. There obviously are some teams that are ging to beat them sometimes but Toronto are not one of them at the moment for me, Were i a Wolfpack fan i would be happy to see a decent effort, I don't give them any chance in this but you never know, It would be a huge boost if they can just stay with Wigan.
  10. Difficult to see Wakey getting anything out of this sadly , Difficult to see many sides getting anything out of Wolves if they keep playing like last week, Still Wakey are a side that always spring some surprises , this might be one of them hopefully.
  11. Salford generally do very well against us, but then so do most clubs this last few seasons. That said Salford look weaker than last season ( at the moment ) while the giants look much improved, Time to start to perform this season. Hopefully us for this one but they have been a real bogie team for us.
  12. Got to fancy Hull for this but it should be another stonker.
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