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  1. He will be a good signing for Salford, he has come in for some stick from many Fartown fans but in truth he has been no worse than most in a very very poor Fartown pack this last two years. I expect Watson to get him back to where he was pretty quickly, Good luck to him and Salford.
  2. I just wonder fairfolly if you were as positive about the last 4 new startups as you appear to be about this one. You can surely not knock Woolford or anyone else, for being sceptical after what they have been through in the last few years, after all they have seen it all before regularly. Myself i really miss Bradford in S league I wish none of this stuff had ever happened but i do think it is turning into a farce, but then Rugby league in general is something of a farce, trouble is i don't really like any other sport enough , Hope this time it works out.
  3. I don't really know how we won that game, it all seemed to turn on the breakaway try from Senior, I was amazed how quickly he left Sam for dead, that said i would have him at the Giants tomorrow he completely controlled the Catalan side. We live to fight another season, I'm not sure we deserve too but we have had the most horrendous time with injuries so maybe we can regroup over the winter, We are desperate for some quality forwards and even more so for another Nathan Brown, where's Shaun Waine ?, he will do us if he's available.
  4. London don't deserve to be relegated with the way they have tried, that said i don't see Wakey losing this.
  5. The whole of Rugby league needs investors that are in it for the long haul but they just don't come out of the woodwork do they. Look what Bradford could do with a big investor, and on that subject my own club have been incredibly lucky in that respect, They would almost certainly have been long gone now had he not stepped in when he did ( it's worth a mention he also saved Town from the same fate ). and yet there are plenty on here who claim the Giants bring nothing to the game along with their owner. Much as i enjoy reading these threads, i wonder if anyone ever gives any thought to the real reason League is in it's present state , My own opinion is It's quite simply not well enough liked by enough people to ever become popular enough to be taken seriously by the kind of people that it needs to invest in it, We on here think it is the greatest game , and i believe it is on the field , off the field in the general scheme of things it is a minority sport with little interest for the vast majority of people.. Back in the day ( as they say ) it was a big sport ( in the North ) because it had competition from nothing but football, Now people have far more money and choice on what to spend it. If it couldn't grow back in those days then it's going to be almost impossible now. Like most people i would love to see the game take off in NA although i don't see that ever being the saviour of the game over here , I think France has a bigger role to play in that regard . On the relegation thing i think there is not even enough money in league to run one elite league properly let alone fund the rest, If the game is going to survive at all it has to build a structure that channels the cream into the top elite league ( whoever those teams are ) TV is the only realistic way for League to get itself better known and the product for that reason has to be the best it possible can be. The rest for me amounts to nothing much more than dreams . When the S league takes over ( sort of ) ( is that still happening ) maybe we will get some sort of settled period , time will tell but i would prefer it to be without P & R, for me it does nothing to help the game
  6. Thanks for that, I'm not a great stats person. That is a very worrying thing then , far more so than the numbers on the terraces
  7. Don't get your reasoning here Jonoco, unless I have misunderstood your post. I recon League has around 60/70,000 " hardcore" fans attending a full league programme each week, If viewing figures don't top that then we are in far greater trouble than I thought.
  8. Union is a sport on the up with a true world wide game League is a sport in desperate decline and grasping at any kind of straw that floats by, Sad but that's the way it is.
  9. I get your point Meast but you want to stop worrying about crowds, they have been going steadily down hill for years and that IMO is going to continue. League is a minor sport that is just going to continue to lose ground to most other sports and in truth there are a few reasons for this, few of which can be remedied. the future of the sport lies in TV. The powers of SL know this and are taking steps to at least try to get into the real world , Crowds are a shrinking bonus for clubs and the ones who can hang on to more of theirs will always be the wealthier and in the long run will take the Lions share of the trophies. Don,t worry about it mate just enjoy it while you can. I enjoyed the game last night , i never took into account what the crowd was, It will be a good crowd, next week, and i hope to see the wolves put a new name on the Trophy, That would be one small boost for the game.
  10. I am hoping that by 2021 there will be some schemes in the pipeline for trying to take the game forward, A TV contract for the championship would be ideal, and i would have thought that SLE should be able to help with that, I don't think myself that there is going to be much money forthcoming from SL so it's vital for the lower leagues to get organised. I have the feeling myself that with the decline in what seems to be every aspect of the game, If SLE doesn't do the business for whatever reason, we may well be seeing the end of the game before too long, all our Eggs are in one basket, So as we see everything really is about SL.
  11. Mate I don't mean to belittle any club for trying to survive, I just want them to go out and find a way to do it , and i'm sure come 2021 they will try. What gets up my nose is 70 odd pages of fans whinging about "greedy SL owners", " Pigs at the trough " who are only grabbing for themselves, These are men who have invested Millions and are never going to get it back. I fully expected the response i got and the tripe about the Giants, I don't quite know who K Davy owes the 14 million too, As he owns the Giants i assume It's to himself. I do know what it's like to watch a team who are at the very bottom, I had decades of it until Mr Davy came along and he is rightly very highly regarded by Giants fans because they know full well where they would be without him. As i have said this is not about the Giants or any individual club It's about survival for as many as possible and come 2021 that's going to be less than there is now if some clubs don't get their act together , That's reality, that's what people need to grasp, It's not about whether 1 club get promoted or 2 or if we have 12 Sl teams or 14, It's about survival of the game, In fact exactly what Padge said it's all about money and if you have none at either game level or club you are stuffed.
  12. Which all just proves my point. It's not about individual clubs, It's about a game that has been going down the tubes for years, It's getting left behind by just about every other sport. Regards the Giants, I don't care how much they are in debt, I'm told it's hundreds of millions at Man U and they seem to be scraping by, Apart from that when the time comes that they can't hack it, then they have to go like any other club , If you read many of my posts you would know my thoughts on the Giants, I'll find a game to watch somewhere. For me as far as any club goes, it doesn't matter where you get the money, they important bit is having it.
  13. Think your wasting your time mate, People are obsessed with formats and their own clubs survival, They don't get yet, that the collapse or failure of SL to deliver improvements will mean the end of their clubs faster than anything else. Just now it's all conspiracy theories, A week ago it was all about how the lower league clubs were going to stick together and put SL in their place and the likes of Scotchy were going to go into meltdown, Wev'e seen how that went. There's plenty who can't wait for it to go wrong but if it goes right it will be because SL has done it by robbing the championship, This is the Championship that has nothing and survives on SL's earnings. They need to find ways to earn some money themselves but they won't because it's easier to blame SL. Some people will never get into the real world
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