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  1. Which shows exactly the problem with diluting the Challenge Cup final.
  2. 24 week sentence and 10 year football banning order. CCTV and he admitted guilt so fast track justice.
  3. You don't think rugby league in the UK has any strengths? For a sport played seriously in only a few pockets of the country, it does remarkably well whenever reports like this roll round: https://harris-interactive.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2019/10/Sports-Participation-Viewing-and-Fandom-in-the-UK-A-Harris-Interactive-Report.pdf Obviously, we could be stronger. Obviously, there are things we've done wrong. But, equally obviously, we're still standing and there are plenty of other sports/clubs that would kill to be in our position.
  4. Given all that has gone wrong with that third series - two year delay, major character being unavailable for large chunks of filming, injury to another, covid restrictions - it is remarkable just how good it was. Yes, some major flaws in the storytelling when set against previous series but the standard was ludicrously good throughout. And that final section was something else - in amongst all the laughs, possibly Liam Neeson's finest acting performance and all he did, objectively, was look at a piece of paper and take his hat off.
  5. Christ. A song that owed its entire success to its opening 20 seconds being used as the soundtrack to an attractive young woman selling jeans ... which meant that nobody who bought it had heard the dirge that followed.
  6. I think what the Eagles could do without for the foreseeable future is anyone projecting anything onto them that goes beyond them existing and developing as a club for themselves. The Eagles' only responsibility is to themselves. If 'rugby league' wants more than that then it can cough up for it.
  7. Yes, on checking, it looks like you're right. Doncaster Rovers tookover the RL side in 2013.
  8. Assuming that Wikipedia(*) and its attendant links are correct then, in League 1, it appears to be one: Keighley. Championship, it's Barrow, Batley, Dewsbury, Fev, Whitehaven and Workington. (* factual corrections welcome)
  9. They are tweaked every so often. The current details are here: https://www.ecb.co.uk/news/846404/how-does-the-county-championship-scoring-system-work
  10. As I said before just say LONDON DONS out loud to know why that should never be the name.
  11. I've not come across anyone finding the concept particularly challenging TBH. This could be because, being entirely southern based these days, people tend to come across the play offs and the Grand Final and just assume that's how things are.
  12. "The Grand Final is like the Super Bowl" tends to sort that quite quickly. And there is nothing more complicated in sport than the Cymru Premier splitting into two groups of six and then having the bottom three teams from the top six and the top team from the bottom six play off so they can decided who is going to play in the Scottish Challenge Cup next year.
  13. I can't remember the details but weren't they included in the number of Championship games that Sky committed to showing?
  14. Just say it out loud, "The London Dons" and you'll work out why it will never happen. You stand more chance of getting Wimbledon Broncos. But that will only happen in the season we move to Sutton.
  15. Sky buy a certain number of games. There is a massive negative for Sky if a sizeable number of them aren't that interesting. Incidentally, I don't actually believe the value is dependent on the structure but a mish mash of what the general rights market is doing (going down/getting tougher for everything but some football), a guarantee of compelling fixtures and being able to deliver an audience. The problem the 8s have always had for me is that it was the laser eyed focus on relegation/the mediocre clubs that those in charge had that was quite revealing about their priorities and monumental shortcomings.
  16. Oddly, if you create a season which has precious little drama and then a post season whose focus is on making the middle bit (not the top bit) the most interesting then you will be rewarded accordingly.
  17. The white ball head coach announcement is interesting. This ... I mean ... ho hum ...
  18. It starts with properly investing in stewarding and stadium security. There is precious little of that going on.
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