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  1. Imagine if someone pretended they could run a Europe-wide competition using park clubs and a twitter account. But, anyway, do tell me more about the Bahamas. I may need to go on a factfinding mission.
  2. Yes, that's why I was careful to try and make it clear that I was meaning additional barriers. Geography, the past, weather are barriers that rugby league didn't create and can't do much about. Additional barriers that I am thinking of are the equivalent to the RFL asking for additional bonds from clubs it doesn't like to enter the Challenge Cup - even though the ultimate impact (low crowds for the final) could equally happen from clubs it hasn't asked the bond from.
  3. I said elsewhere that we have a very, very shallow player pool. It's a deep, vast ocean compared to our journalism and commentariat pool.
  4. It is bizarre and it is wrong. The extreme counter narrative that unless you were born in, and of, a rugby league town you must act like a supplicant to the true keepers of the game at all times, is also wrong. But we are where we are. The truth, as I see it, is that Toronto is not a gateway to any significant increased income for the game as a whole. Toronto should also honour all their commitments to their players before any expectation of a return to Super League. But, beyond that, there is no need to put any barriers to their participation that aren't there for other teams.
  5. It's a reflection of how shallow our playing pool is.
  6. I think, personally, in terms of visibility I think would be in a good place. Red button coverage is normally decent and it's well listed (if not promoted) on the BBC Sport website and on the app. It's a major step up from anything to do with Our League or the blink-and-you'll-miss-it outings on Sky. Money-wise … well, no better or worse off than now, in a broad sense.
  7. So, we are all arguing the toss but seem to broadly believe that, whether they pair fairly or not, that internationals, the Challenge Cup and (probably) Championship will go to the BBC, and Super League will remain on Sky?
  8. Yes, you're right on that. I was referring specifically to the Six Nations contract. I personally don't see a difference between BBC1,2 and 4 but lots of people still seem to. I don't know why but they do.
  9. I believe the most recent agreement - which doesn't give the BBC exclusive rights - does specify that all games have to be shown on BBC One? I can find England Women in football on both BBC Two and BBC Four for qualifiers, friendlies and tournaments not the World Cup but I think Mr T is right that they are always on BBC One for the World Cup itself.
  10. There was a huge, and I do mean, huge push for the 2000 RLWC. I remember there were dedicated programmes outside normal programming on both Sky and the BBC. It's one of the reasons why it's abject failure was so damaging. It's not an excuse for 20 years later but that thing did burn us for such a long time. I also, but this could be because I watch very little TV beyond sport in real time now, don't remember much out of the ordinary in terms of promotion for the women's World Cup in football. We're never getting 11.7m though. It outdrew the cricket World Cup final.
  11. 11.7m watched England go out to the USA in last year's women's football World Cup. It would be beyond surprising if any rugby league match in this country ever drew that many. And still, I think it's the case that the BBC only show cups live on the main channel and league matches are either on the red button or in highlights packages. Which, by an amazing coincidence, is exactly what I think they will end up doing for rugby league.
  12. David Willey tests positive for covid.
  13. 78kg for me this week. No idea if that's up, down or the same ...
  14. I would have thought especially now that England and Wales have entirely different rules thanks to Covid about what is and is not allowed.
  15. We literally have a partnership with State of Mind to tackle mental health and suicide issues, particularly in men. As for the media, if you haven't seen anything about suicide - for example the fact that it's biggest killer of men under 45 and is rising - then you presumably haven't logged onto a news website at any point in the past month.
  16. Plenty of people having completely normal reactions to The Sun putting out that Alex Scott is the replacement.
  17. Browns, Bears, Rams, Cowboys, Panthers, 49ers, Steelers, Titans, Packers, Bills, Colts, Washington, Ravens, Chiefs, Patriots, Saints
  18. Some baffling captaincy from Morgan who normally seems so in control. No need to have Rashid bowl the last and some very passive play when England really needed to take wickets. Overall, though, losing isn't a disaster and may focus a few minds of fixing some of the issues we have. Decent summer of cricket. Just time for the women to be rained off against the Windies five times now.
  19. Macclesfield Town was the first non league game I went to. They beat Newport County 3-0 in a game that didn't officially happen because Newport went bust before the end of the season.
  20. If you know to the penny how much is being spent in this way then you can bet HMRC know too.
  21. I have my memories. And, unlike some posters it seems, my marbles.
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