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  1. It's awesome. Took this this evening ... Nikon D40X ISO 800 1/160; f/2.8; 200mm
  2. It has - and that shot was taken with it - as was this one ...
  3. James May's plasticine garden, now at the Royal Festival Hall Large here Large here Large here Large here Large here
  4. Thanks to those lovely fellows at HMRC giving me a rebate this beauty is now on order Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EX DG MACRO HSM II
  5. If I were starting out with a DSLR now I'd be looking at Sony - unless you already have Canon lenses. Anyway, shot with a Nikon ...
  6. Thankfully as a non Greek I avoided a night in the cells ...
  7. Had a go at cricket on Saturday. This is Chesham's pro putting the Thatcham attack to the sword. He made 125 of Chesham's 243.
  8. You realise that you're not actually in the army any more?
  9. That's what ties are for. And that's what jackets are for.
  10. How many days are there in your week? Nobody need ever iron more than 5 shirts at a time.
  11. <pretension> It's the balance between foreground and background - the movement follows a line from back to front - the rugby balls and the two people are on the same diagonal, and you have the contrast between older/younger and male/female (and active/audience). Plus it's a spot on b/w converstion. </pretension> Anyway, enough with this metrosexualism - here's some rugby from today.
  12. I tried that and they never used them - either because they didn't cover the game at all or because their own tog had been there. Now they've made half their staff redundant and are running the paper from Uxbridge they don't really have any local coverage apart from what's contributed. It was the Bucks Shield Final which Amersham won - and it's an Amersham paper so they had to have something. They must have googled or something because they asked me -- and then, as said, I did it for a credit because they really weren't going to pay for a first-time contribution. They chose about the worst photo I processed. It's here.
  13. After a year of trying to convince them that it'd be a good thing to do, the Bucks Examiner have finally printed one of my photies. With a credit too (but no fee). I'd put a link to it but it's of some local rugby union.
  14. Your camera may have a BW mode. The problem is that it will probably just desaturate the image and make a washed out grey without much contrast. The link that I think Townie is meaning is this little blighter which is a top plug-in for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. It can produce some excellent results. However I hardly use it for conversion now because once you get used to PS Elements you can do it all in there by just arsing with the levels, contrast and gradient map. Et voila - one from Soho last week
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